Best Early Game Junglers – 5 Best Junglers In Lol Patch 11

In the upcoming patch 11.2 update, many junglers will be seeing some of their power decreased. So go out and play these champions in the current patch to start your elo climb and hopefully get some honour as well.

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5. Elise (Win Rate: 52.8%)


Elise is one of the champions getting nerfed in Patch 11.2. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Elise is set to get nerfed on the upcoming patch 11.2. She is a very good early game jungler with various abilities. She can easily get out of bad situations thanks to her repel which is great for any ganks that might have gone wrong. Her spider form also gives her good sustain and lets her take jungle animals quite easily. Though you might need to be careful as well since she is a bit squishy in the beginning.

4. Rammus (Win Rate: 52.7%)


Rammus is one of the best low-elo junglers. (Image Credit: Riot games)

Rammus is a great jungler for low-elo players. He isn’t too difficult and his speed and clear is also amazing. He has some great cc in his kit which makes him very reliable and once he’s got an item or two he also does decent amounts of damage. For anyone who wants to start climbing the elo ladder early, try out Rammus to get out of Silver!

3. Hecarim (Win Rate: 52.2%)


Hecarim will speed across summoner”s Rift. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Hecarim is still a really great jungler even after multiple nerfs to his kit. He is a quick ganking-jungler who can easily snowball the smallest lead into a victory. His movement speed is key and he can zoom from one side of the map to the other in the blink of an eye.

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Pick up Ghost as a summoner spell to be even faster and the enemies won’t know what hit them when you go in for a gank.

2. Olaf (Win Rate: 52.3%)


Olaf has been running rampant this patch. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Olaf has just gone insane this patch. His lifesteal and self-healing is insane and he can out-survive just about anyone. Almost no other jungler has as good of a clear as him, power-jungling being Olaf’s forte.

He is probably the strongest early and mid-game jungler in the game with his ability to quickly clear camps and then make his way to a gank. He can take control of the jungle, steal camps from the opposition and choke out the enemies with his skill. There is a reason he is getting nerfed in Patch 11.2 so play OP Olaf before it’s too late!

1. Nunu & Willump (Win Rate: 53.2%)


Nunu can do everything on the rift. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Nunu is at the top of the jungle pool this patch. Nobody can secure neutral objectives as well as he can and Nunu shouldn’t lose a single smite fight when it comes down to the wire. His Q and Smite combo will win any objective for his team.

The ability to take objectives isn’t his only strong suit. He is also a great ganking jungler who can quickly make his way between lanes to put pressure on the opponents. Just roll out the biggest snowball possible, make your way down the river and you’ve probably got a 99% chance of a successful gank. This is why having scuttle control is key when playing Nunu.

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