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Trying to get your range level up can be slow sometimes.

Thankfully we have cannons that can really give us that much needed extra boost in experience.

Cannons can be used once the quest “Dwarf Cannon” has been completed, after which you can purchase one for 750k – or cheaper on the GE if you’re not an ironman.

However, using a cannon is expensive. And nobody wants to waste their money on cannonballs.

So where should you cannon? Here’s my favorite spots you can check out to use a cannon efficiently for maximum experience.

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5. Hill Giants (Zeah)


This area is surprisingly unknown, but I believe it to be one of the best locations to set up your cannon for some real XP gains.

There are about 6-7 Hill Giants near the Shayzien Graveyard on Zeah. And the area has plenty of safe spot areas.

This means if you’re a pure, you can setup your cannon and avoid all damage.

There are also a variety of benefits to using a cannon on Hill Giants. First, you have a chance at obtaining Giants Keys, which you can use to fight Obor pretty much whenever you want.

Second, you have a chance at getting a Giant Champion Scroll, which is a very rare drop.

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And third, Hill Giants have quite low defense – meaning on average your cannonballs are going to hit more often than not.

Be sure to check out this spot while it’s still relatively undiscovered.

4. Rock Crabs (Rellekka)


Unlike the previous spot, Rock Crabs are well documented as being a very popular spot to use your cannon.

Especially at lower range levels of about 1-40.

On the Northern beaches of Rellekka you’ll find dozens of Rock Crabs which have a high hitpoint level, and low defense.

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So these are the ideal for low level characters to train on.

If you want to maximize your experience, I would recommend combining a cannon with knives. All the XP you gain should go up dramatically there.

Your only struggle will be finding an open world.

Some players might get offended if you crash them with your cannon.

3. Scabarites (Sophanem Dungeon)


I personally love this option, as Scabarites can actually be consistently profitable to cannon – unlike most of the other entries on this list.

This is because many of them drop rune items and other stackable items, like noted addy ore and blood runes fairly often.

I recommend taking high alch runes to take advantage of any rune drops.

The only downside is you’ll need to at least start the quest “Contact”, which is a fairy high level master quest.

You’ll also want some prayer potions and some high healing food if you plan to last in this area, since it’s a multi-combat area and all of the enemies will be on you constantly.

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I would also advise wearing melee gear here. Just to minimize potential damage and pray against missiles.

2. Castle Wars Ogres


Now this is another very popular spot, especially amongst pures.

This is actually so popular that it’s often difficult to find an open world at the Castle Wars Ogres not occupied by a pure already!

Why is it so popular?

Because you can use the low wall near the ogres to safe spot, while the cannon hits all of the ogres in the area. This provides some decent experience, and there’s also the off chance you may get some Ranarr seeds – which will save you some money on the grind.

The fastest way to get to this area is by teleporting to Castle Wars and running east towards Yanille. Alternatively you can run west from the Yanille house portal.

1. Lighthouse Dagannoths


I really like this spot for cannons, since it’s easy to get to (by fairy ring) and has literally dozens of Dagannoths in a multi-combat area.

With some decent melee gear you also won’t take too much damage here. And can always bring some food, such as monkfish, to last your entire trip.

Alternatively if you bring a Guthan’s set, you can camp here as long as you like.

Because with that set, you’ll be able to out-heal the Dagannoths consistently.

You won’t be able to safe spot these like some of the other options mentioned earlier. But the experience you can get here is just crazy high.

And if you manage to get a Dagannoth Slayer task, the experience will be even higher!

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Expect to use almost 1000 cannonballs an hour here, though.

Your cannon will be firing non-stop!

Dagannoths will also on occasion drop some decent loot, such as high level seeds like Snapdragon and Torstol seeds.

You may also get medium clue scrolls fairly often, which are a nice treat.

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The only prerequisite to enter this area is that you’ll need to complete “Horror from the Deep”, which is an intermediate level quest.

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