The 30 Best Dubstep Remix Of Popular Songs Ever, The 30 Best Dubstep Songs Ever

The staff put our heads together and compiled a list of the 20 best dubstep songs released from 2010-2019.

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The staff put our heads together and compiled a list of the 20 best dubstep songs released from 2010-2019.

It's safe to say that this decade has been the biggest in the history of dubstep. While propelling to the top of the electronic world early in the decade and becoming one of the most popular subgenres for years afterwards, dubstep went beyond  the initial hype and became a driving force in the electronic music realm. 

In honor of the amazing decade of dubstep we've got to enjoy, here are the genre's 20 best tracks of the decade.

20. “Rail Breaker” – Riot Ten ft. Rico Act

An anthem dedicated to those who like to make venue security worry, “Rail Breaker” embodies the spirit of the headbangers in the front row. With a minimalistic introduction putting full emphasis on Rico Act's now-iconic vocals, hardcore fans of dubstep have found themselves embracing the idea of headbanging so hard their necks are sore. 

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19. “Experts” – SKisM

In 2012, the Never Say Die boss SKisM released “Experts,” his call to arms for his fellow dubstep superstar allies. His masterful production skills are on full display as he rips through the track giving listeners little time to breathe. Depicting Zomboy, Skrillex, Excision and himself battling an empowered internet troll, the music video accompanying the song remains one of the finest in the history of the genre.

18. “Gold (Stupid Love)” – Excision and Illenium ft. Shallows

One of the more unexpected collaborations in bass music, Excision recruited the help of the superstar future bass producer Illenium for their emotional track “Gold (Stupid Love)” featuring Shallows. While the first portion of the song is more reminiscent of Illenium’s signature sound, midway through it drops and ominous grumbling begins as raw power reminiscent of Excision’s originals erupts. The result is a seamless fusion of the duo’s talents, making it seem like they’ve been collaborating for decades. 

17. “Dead Presidents” – Zomboy and 12th Planet ft. Jay Fresh

A monumental collaboration that saw Zomboy join forces with one of the most important figures behind the American dubstep movement, 12th Planet, “Dead Presidents” sees the two bass heavyweights at their absolute best. With Jay Fresh's vocals and a clever take on Zomboy's signature catchphrase throughout, the duo created a pounding dubstep tune dripping with style like few others.

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Released in 2018 as a part of the first entry in his atmospheric VOYD-branded EPs, “Behemoth” by SVDDEN DEATH became an instant staple in nearly every bass artist’s set. Undeniably heavy in every sense of the definition, the grinding, pounding bass from the breakout bass producer helped “Behemoth” live up to its name. 

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15. “Like a Bitch” – Zomboy

Zomboy sent shockwaves through the festival circuit with the release of his explosive tune “Like a Bitch.” With one of the most memorable breakdowns in dubstep history, from the very second this track hit the airwaves, fans and DJs alike knew it would be a big deal. Inciting riots nearly every time it’s in the mix, “Like a Bitch” helped propel the already massive Zomboy to new heights.

14. “Paradise Circus” – Massive Attack (Zeds Dead Remix)

By 2010, it was no secret Zeds Dead would become one of bass music’s most appreciated acts. On the heels of their gargantuan remix of “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation, the Toronto duo would release an incredible rework of Massive Attack’s “Paradise Circus.” It’s interesting to look back at the growling bass and sawing synths to see how the duo were able to create such interesting sounds with technology well behind what we have today. 

When legends Skream, Benga, and Artwork unveiled their supergroup, Magnetic Man, the dubstep community knew something massive was coming. Helping critics truly realize the mainstream appeal dubstep has, “I Need Air” combined pop vocals with the sounds of the underground in a way that hadn’t quite been done much at the time. It laid the foundation for artists for the rest of the decade and beyond.

12. “Gold Dust” – DJ Fresh (Flux Pavilion Remix)

Released in the Spring of 2010, Flux Pavilion’s flip of “Gold Dust” by DJ Fresh became one of the most popular tracks online in the days where we found our favorite tracks via YouTube. Featuring his trademark high-pitched bass, the way he entwines the vocals with his empowering sound made the song one that immediately turns the crowd into a jumping, chaotic singalong. 

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11. “Bass Head” – Bassnectar

Released at the beginning of the decade, “Bass Head” is near and dear in the hearts of Bassnectar fans around the world. In addition to being one of the finest in the superstar bass artist’s repertoire, the song would inspire the name that fans adopted when referring to themselves. Throughout this track and many more, Bassnectar would go on to amass one of the largest followings in all of electronic music and sell out shows nearly everywhere.


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