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The Dragon Quest series is the best-selling RPG series in history. I have played many of these games, but my favorite is Dragon Quest IX. This game was released for Nintendo DS and featured a unique gameplay system that allowed you to recruit monsters into your party as well as battle them. It also had wireless multiplayer! It’s fun for both single player and multiplayer modes, so it’s great for gamers who love playing with friends. The graphics are also impressive considering the age of this game–the design team put a lot of work into making sure it looks good on the small screen too!

What is the best dragon hunting game?


I love seeing gamers’ reactions to Dragon Quest games for the first time. The second I mention that Akira Toriyama of “Dragon Ball” fame designed all of the monsters, characters and weapons in these titles, they’re blown away. It’s really interesting to see how surprised they are when you add that this is a turn-based role playing game from Japan. After being accustomed to action-oriented RPGs, many players have a hard time getting used to it. Nevertheless, Dragon Quest VIII deserves a spot on your shelf next to your PlayStation 3 or Vita.


Developer: Armor Project / Level-5

Publisher: Square Enix (2002), Nintendo (2016)

Originally released for PlayStation 2 in Japan in December 2001, the game didn’t see release outside of its home country until it landed on iOS and Android devices in August 2016. After this mobile re-release proved successful, publisher Square Enix gave players another chance to experience this engrossing adventure on the 3DS and PC. Since then, Dragon Quest VIII has been regarded as one of the best RPGs ever made. It’s a captivating journey about a prince who is forced into exile after his homeland is invaded by a mysterious army that can transform people into stone statues. With help from a sky pirate, a young woman and a mysterious man with a tail, the hero sets out on an epic journey across continents to defeat an evil king who holds the secret of this curse.

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What makes Dragon Quest VIII stand out from other games in the series is its visual style. Akira Toriyama’s characters, monsters and landscapes come to life thanks to masterfully created 3D models that blend perfectly with pre-rendered backdrops. Rather than being static backgrounds, these locations have been designed as if they were real places where you can interact with NPCs and explore every corner. This approach makes playing through this adventure feel like watching a high quality fantasy film. In addition, composer Koichi Sugiyama – known for creating memorable soundtracks for properties such as Dragon Ball Z – delivers a score that is a joy to listen. Between epic orchestral tunes and calming melodies, you can expect to hear music that matches perfectly with every moment in the story.

best dragon quest game reddit

In addition, replaying this title on 3DS made me appreciate how well-designed it is. After being away from console RPGs for a long time, I was surprised by just how much content has been added to its mobile version . In fact, this handheld release adds three new locations which include brand new quests and collectibles. All of these elements make this experience worth playing again even if you already spent dozens of hours saving the world on PlayStation 2 or PC. Square Enix also fixed a lot of bugs thanks to feedback from players who already completed this adventure on mobile. These changes make the game even more enjoyable for newcomers who are experiencing it for the first time.

What makes Dragon Quest VIII stand out from other games in the series is its visual style

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Fans of RPGs don’t have to wait until September to play as a legendary hero. Released on Nintendo 3DS and PC last December, Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below brings many elements that fans love about full-fledged titles into a more accessible experience . Thanks to fast-paced combat and two playable characters whom players can switch between on demand, this spinoff delivers an epic adventure with lots of depth and charm. It also offers multiplayer support for up to four players which is a great way to spend time with friends and fight against familiar foes.

It’s important to recognize that Dragon Quest Heroes is different from full-fledged JRPGs such as the upcoming Final Fantasy XV . While it explores similar themes such as friendship and teamwork, this spinoff focuses on cooperative gameplay while leaving out some of the exploration and character development that we often find in mainline entries. This isn’t a bad thing since you can complete this adventure in around 20 hours which gives you enough time to create powerful attacks and take down hordes of monsters who cross your path.

Why you should play dragon hunting games if you like RPG and adventure games.

Dragon hunting games are a type of roleplaying game. In those kinds of games you have to take on the roll as a dragon slayer and fight those huge dragons which look so cool in the movies, tv series or books. There are a lot of different dragon hunting games out there, but what makes them special? Quoting from my article about RPG – Role playing Games – A Definition by Game Reflections here it is:

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“Role-playing video games draw their inspiration from table-top role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. Like pen and paper RPGs, the player controls one character who specializes in certain aspects while choosing skills that are mostly complementary to his allies’ skills. The player gets to make decisions about the development of his or her character and is confronted with many challenging situations that demand action.”

The main difference between a roleplaying game and a dragon hunting game is the fact that in an RPG you are mostly taking on the roll as a solo player whereas in a dragon hunting game you are playing together with your team. A team could consist for example of two mages, one warrior and one healer. So it could be really helpful to have high-quality equipment . Good news everyone because now dragons drop epic gear which can’t be gotten anywhere else!


best dragon quest game reddit

The conclusion of this blog post is about which dragon quest game reddit. This article has looked at the best games in the series, and what makes them so great. It’s clear that these are some of the most important video games ever made, with each one having something to offer for everyone who plays it. Whether you want an old-school RPG experience or a more modern take on turn-based combat, there’s something here for you!

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