Best Dragon Age Origins Builds, Best Class Ranked Dragon Age Origins (Dao)

I'm planning to play origins again with different builds and wondering what skills and talents I should use:

Human Rogue.

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Human Warrior.

Human Damage Mage.

Elf Healing Mage.

Elf Rogue x2.

Dwarf Warrior .

Dwarf Rouge.

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Human Rogue/ Dwarf rogue/ Elf Rogue (build them the same really):

Skills: All coercion and combat training, the rest can go anywhere you want really as you have other party members (zevran and morrigan) who can make potions and poisons.

Talents: depends archer or dw dagger rogue, if archer get aim and scattershot asap along with bard (song of courage) and ranger for the summons. If dw rogue get momentum and dw finesse asap and go for lethality and exploit weakness and pump cunning (for both builds), and for second spec go for duelist or bard (duelist more defense and attack, with bar you get a little bit more damage for less defense, your choice).

Human and Dwarf Warrior: This really depends on your build 2h, DW or Sword and Shield, the best skills again would be coercion and combat training, as for talents and specs, depends on what weapon(s) you choose to use., tank or damage dealer.

Human Damage Mage:

Skills: All Coersion, min 2 in combat training (for mana regen) and the rest wherever you want.

Talents: My choice is always walking bomb tree (up to virulent) and the mind blast tree (up to force field at least), when you use walking bomb and virulent ealing bomb on a mob and use force field on yourself, it makes the game way too easy even on nightmare, as enemies die and explode killing all around them lol. The hexes would be a good coice too as enemies get tougher as you level, you can do more damage to them using hexes. Mana clash will make all mage encounters trivial. As for specs i would go with Arcane warrior first then blood magic as the best spell (blood wound) is not unlocked till level 14.

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Elf Healer:

Skills: Same as above

Talents: The heal tree (obviously), glyphs will realy help (till repulsion, using repulsion and paralysis together will cause paralysis explosion good for immobilizing large mobs, but stay out of its range as it can paralyze you too!), rock armour ( your choice if you want to grab the rest i would avoid earthquake however), Arcane tree (all of it), cold tree (up till cone of cold, blizzard is your choice but it takes time to cast) good for stopping mobs getting close. Mana clash, again same reason as above. Hexes would also be useful, misdirection hex to stop enemies hurting you, death hex so your rogues and warriors can pick them off. As for specs I would go with arcane warrior first then spirit healer, in that order and get both lines.

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