Best Double Prince Deck 2021, Giant Double Prince Deck 2021

Hey guys Sale07 here, I got really good with this Giant Double Prince Deck 2021 so I decided to write a guide on this Giant Double Prince Deck 2021. There are many variations of Giant Prince, including but not limited to classic triple spell, triple spell drag, giant double prince bait, so why use this version over the other ones?

The simplest answer is cycling. Most of the other versions have 3 spells which can easily lead to bad card rotation that will force you to play cards you don’t want, while the other versions, like bait, aren’t as good in the meta. This deck, on the other hand, has a small number of bad cycles and a decent matchup versus the majority of the meta decks. But is it good in classic and grand challenges? Yes, definitely


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1 Giant Double Prince Deck 2021 Card Role:
1.1 Giant Double Prince Deck 2021 Strategy and matchups:
Giant Double Prince Deck 2021 Card Role:

1.) Giant – This one is a brainer considering the whole deck is centered around this card. Its your main win condition and primary source of damage, you will usually have a prince pushing giant or trying to punish an opponent with a giant mega minion on the bridge

2.) Prince – Dps of the deck and integral part of main push of this deck, while it can be replaced with mini pekka or lumberjack, i prefer prince since its tankier and deals better with pekka than the other two even though the other two are better at punishing the opponent. Unless you are really good at keeping the track of both your opponents elixir and cycle, i strongly advise not trying to punish your opponent with prince on the bridge, but this is also what separates good players from great ones

3.) Dark prince – everything i said about prince is also true for this card. Replacements are lj and royal ghost, while lj synergises with deck quite well on offense and is also good at defense, it is fairly similar to prince and isnt nearly as valuable as dark prince when versing bait decks, on the other hand is royal ghost who is also a splash unit, but is also quite slower(attack speed) than dark prince, doesnt deal with skarmy, which is usually a huge problem, quickly enough and is overall mediocre card. It also allows you to push with giant when prince is out of cycle when you need to quickly punish.

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4.) Mega Minion – High dps, spell resistant, good cycle card, good at both offense and defense, can punish, one shots minions, key card against lava decks, counters baby dragon which is omnipresent… Overall a great card. Can be replaced with minions for higher dps and inferno tower distraction, but minions arent spell resistant, so choose the card which suits your playstyle better.

5.) Electro wizard – your main counter to hog rider, which is the bane existence of most other versions, alongside prince. It can replaced with musketeer for higher dps and longer range, but ewizes drop is really important when playing against minions, minion horde, bats and even goblin barrel as it deals with them quicker. The reseting ability is also important when versing inferno dragon and to slow pekka. Musketeer on the other hand has higher dps like i mentioned and moves slower which makes it a better card to cycle as it gives you more time to develop a push and protects lane for longer

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6.) Zap – can be replaced with snowball or arrows, but they arent cast instantly and cant reset inferno/princess tower so i would use them only in conjunction with minions. Reseting tower onto miner or simply zaping ewiz or bandit so miner can kill them might be a game changer, so be sure to use it whenever you see value.

7.) Fireball – can be replaced with poison if its what you prefer. Fireball provides insta damage which is useful when playing against something like minion horde, can knockback which is important against hog and balloon, while poison provides area of denial for 8s which is helpful when playing against bait decks or graveyard, it also fully counter ewiz, musk and furnace, its better when playing against lava hound, golem nw and graveyard. Also if you are usually in low ladder(5-6k) where witch is everywhere, poison is probably better

8.) Miner – Star of this deck and jack of all trades. This is the most important card and success with this deck will be based on how well you can utilise this card. I would say this deck is easy to pickup, but mastering it is hard because of miner. Its hard to explain how to use miner as its something you learn as you continue playing this card, and almost impossible to cover all of its uses, but to cover few basic uses:

Pulling troops behind the tower to allow princes to connect

Predicting bandit/ewiz to allow counter attacking prince to connect(extremely important against pekka)

Taking out troops like musketeer, executioner, ewiz, wizard… before they destroy your push

Faking the move above so opponent protects his unit which in turn gives you more spell value

Pulling pekka to the opposite lane so your giant push doesnt get stopped

Cycling on defense (I see many players with this deck not using it on defense and instead using it just to chip)

Miner is in my opinion the best card in the game and just discussing this card would take a really long post so i will move on to the matchups and general strategy.

Giant Double Prince Deck 2021 Strategy and matchups:

Usually, you don’t want to start first so you should wait a few seconds at 10 elixir and respond appropriately if opponent doesnt play a card by 2:42 this usually rules out cycle decks so you can cycle something.

Good opening cards are mega minion, dark prince and miner, but i dont like starting with miner on the off chance the opponent has pump, but if you do, play him in the safe space until you are certain opponent has no tornado.

I usually cycle mega minion, and if i dont have mm then dark prince. Never cycle prince, giant or fireball as its too risky, whats more opening with giant guarantees that the opponent plays pekka in my experience.

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Also never play the giant if you dont know what your opponent is running. This is not a miner cycle deck so dont use it too much for chip.

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VS Hog cycle

As with most cycle decks, you want to take it slowly, you wont be able to mount a push till the double elixir, so just focus on surviving, ewiz and prince will allow hog, while dark prince and mega minion will allow 2, also dont be afraid to fireball hog to deny all hits(dont do this if it will leave at a huge deficit). Double elixir is your time to shine, you can start push with giant in the back, opponent will most likely try to punish you with hog, but you shouldnt have problem defending, but dont overcommit, remember this is beatdown deck, taking damage in exchange for elixir isnt necessarily bad. support giant with prince/dark prince and megaminion and take out support with miner.

VS log bait

In this matchup its important to see your opponents habits and to predict him every time, predict goblin barrel with dark prince to splash all the goblins and play mega minion on bridge to predict princess. Like against hog, you have to defend until double elixir, ewiz dark prince and fireball are your barrel counters. ewiz can splash all 3 goblins if he is deployed little after the shadow of barrel crosses the river, but if you cant get the timing right its better to just splash 2 of them rather than missing all 3. Dont play prince behind tower as they will just rocket. If princess is played on the bridge one tile to the center, ewiz can splash onto her from the opposite lane. When the double elixir begins you can start the giant in the back and push it with dark prince, opponent will probably try to bait zap with goblin gang/barrel, but save it for inferno tower, use miner to take out princess, inferno tower or chip the tower, depends on your opponents playstyle, or fireball inferno tower and princess.

VS golem

unfortunately this one is completely luck dependent, if they start with golem in the back first play, which shouldnt be viable play but is btw, if you dont have giant in rotation, its most likely over, but you either try rushing the other lane with prince to try and bait lumberjack or nightwitch, or cycling ewiz/miner and using dark prince to splash onto everything. If you have a giant in rotation, put him opposite lane behind king and support with prince, it can become tower rush situation or tower trade situation based on whether you decide to defend or not, depending on variation of the golem deck and their cycle you have 50/50 of choosing correctly hence why its luck dependent, although poison makes it much easier to defend. If they play normally(no golem first play) you will try to bait lj and nw with prince/dark prince so you can punish with giant mega minion.

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vs xbow

Remember how i said that this is not a miner cycle deck? ignore that, you will pretty much only get damage with spell and miner(and mainly in double elixir time), while giant tanks for xbow, dark prince that you use to cycle will basically be a tank for miner. Xbow will of course try to outcycle you so keep their cycle in mind and try to get to double elixir time with as little damage as possible, you can play giant in 2 locations, in front of the tower and on the bridge. You play giant in front of the tower when you want to gain elixir for fireball or when there is a tesla on the field. If opponent plays defensive xbow, you can play giant in the back(only in this situation its okay to play giant behind tower in this mu)

vs lava hound

go opposite of hound with giant and support it with prince, and mega minion if opponent tries to defend, but that will leave lava hound unsupported which wont do much solo. if they support hound with minions/ mega minion, defend with your own mm, if they support with balloon, allow the loon to connect, then play mega minion on it, you will tower trade at this point. Fireball the tombstone as it can be really annoying with hound on the field.

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vs loon cycle

defend until double elixir time, dont cycle mega minion unless you have ewiz and fireball in hand. if opponent tries to rush you with lj loon on the bridge when you cycle prince/giant in the back, you have to quickly estimate whether you can defend without taking too much damage. If you cant, ignore it and use as little elixir as you can just so you dont get 3 crowned, you will have to tower trade at this point. Also fireball the balloon if it will help you defend.

vs pekka

Most likely what people struggle the most with, but imo its not that difficult of a matchup. Miner is key in this mu. You have to defend until double elixir time, miner can defend bandit/royal ghost/dark prince and get some chip, prince for battle ram, dark prince for dark prince/royal ghost/bandit. After defending ram with prince, you can predict bandit/ewiz with your miner, this is a risky move, but can singlehandedly win you a game. Kite pekka with giant if opponent plays her in single elixir, and use mega minion and charging prince to kill her. if pekka is played in the back in single elixir, play giant in the back in the same lane then support with appropriate troops to defend. In double elixir time you can play giant in the back then support with prince mega minion ewiz. Miner can be used in 3 ways now, to kill ewiz, to pull pekka back, to pull pekka to the opposite side if she is placed behind the king(good players might predict this, but this play can win you the game)

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