The Best Dive Bars In Dallas, 5 Best Dive Bars With Cheap Drinks In Dallas has plenty of ritzy cocktail dens, but some of the city’s most beloved drinking establishments are its dive bars. From the famous Adair”s Saloon, a Deep Ellum spot to listen to local crooners, to Lakewood Landing, home of the city”s best late-night corn dogs, has a divey destination to fit any personality.

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Want to dress up and spend $15 on a cocktail? Look elsewhere. But if in search of a place to throw back some whiskey and several PBRs in jeans and a t-shirt, look no further than”s twelve best dive bars.

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Considering the neighborhood, Inwood Tavern definitely counts as a dive. As the oldest continually open bar in, this comfortable haunt is perfect for swigging cheap wells from red plastic cups, drunkenly belting Celine Dion on karaoke nights, and ice cold beer. Definitely plan to show up for Sunday Funday, when the wells are $2.50 and the mimosas are flowing all damn day.

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Milo”s has been a staple in repertoire of every SMU drinker since the 70s. Dingy, cheap, and welcoming, Milo”s is the antithesis of an SMU frat star (though the polo wearing man children do occasionally make an appearance). We both recommend and do not recommend getting pickle back shots and a pitcher of beer.

Feel like playing hooky from work? This Lakewood “neighborhood blues bar” opens at 7 a.m. The bar is partially held together with duct tape and the bathrooms are pretty sketchy, but you don”t come to The Goat for the atmosphere–you come for the amazing live blues and the friendly regulars. Sunday night karaoke is legendary.

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A slightly upscale dive (and by that, we mean they have Stella Artois), the Landing is dark, smoky, and did we mention dark? There”s a jukebox, a pool table, plenty of wood paneling and ripped vinyl booths. A late-night, hand-dipped corndog from the Landing is practically a rite of passage.

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This Lakewood stalwart has a great jukebox, a fireplace, kick-ass Vietnamese eats, and strangely enough, has a never-ending rotation of 80″s movies playing (on VHS, of course).


Where else besides The Grapevine can you play basketball with drag queens while drinking Everclear bellinis? This dark and slightly dingy Maple Avenue bar is known for its cheap drinks and diverse crowd, and the jukebox never disappoints.

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