Top Best Disgaea 5 Classes, Your Top Five Generic Classes

Disgaea 6: 10 Best Classes, Ranked Disgaea 6 provides plenty of options for classes to bring along in the player”s party. Of the ones available, which are the best picks?

Psychic and Ninja in Disgaea 6
Disgaea 6 once again combines skill and strategic prowess in a tactical RPG, set in Disgaea and its underworld. This time around, zombie Zed and his sister Bieko have to journey around the world to stop a God of Destruction and his threats. Thankfully, Zed can recruit a ton of allies to his cause — all of which belong to one of many Classes in the series.

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As with any RPG, Disgaea 6 Classes have a fair share of unique traits and abilities. However, for a tactical RPG that requires strategic placement and planning, certain Classes stand above the rest. Which Classes should players take along to best help Zed in his journey?

10 Mecha Girl

Mecha Girl - Disgaea 6 Best Classes
Who could refuse having a robot girl in their combat party? One of the new Classes in Disgaea 6, the Mecha Girl boasts a combination of magic and science, rocking powerful guns to obliterate foes. Combat-wise, the Mecha Girl utilizes a lot of area attacks to eliminate enemies. They also have decent maneuverability and defense, making Mecha Girls great staples anywhere in the battlefield.

The Mecha Girl serves as a great bridge between the standard nature of Generic Classes and the more complicated Monster Classes. Players not used to having monsters in their party won”t regret bringing the Mecha Girl along for practice.

9 Sea Angel

Sea Angel - Disgaea 6 Best Classes
The Sea Angel serves as one of the staple Monster Classes in Disgaea 6, and it”s a go-to companion for much-needed medical aid. The Sea Angel primarily serves as a healer-type monster, boasting not just healing Specials, but also buffs that improve their allies” natural stats.

Its natural durability also makes it a great asset in the frontlines, especially for teams without a dependable healer. After a few Super Reincarnations, a properly-kitted Sea Angel can become a sub-tank for parties taking on swaths of enemy forces.

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8 Warrior

Warrior - Disgaea 6 Best Classes
The ever-stalwart Warrior remains a starting Class in Disgaea 6 for a reason. Compared to other melee Classes, Warriors have a straightforward approach to melee, which makes them perfect aggressors without compromising their natural defenses.

Warriors make great base characters that expand into any variety of builds. They can add their healthy boost to attack, defense, and hit rate as they Reincarnate into almost any Class with offensive options. For instance, Warriors can boost the already-potent melee capabilities of the Armor Knight, Ninja, and Samurai. Likewise, the Warrior can add melee competency to the likes of the Archer, Clergy, Thief, and Witch.

7 Clergy

Clergy - Disgaea 6 Best Classes
Anyone who”s ever played an RPG knows how vital it is to have a healer. In Disgaea 6, the Clergy serves as the primary healing Class. They boast a nifty set of Specials that can cure and buff allies, while damaging enemies at the same time.

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Ideal builds for the Clergy involve incorporating its healing Specials across a Super Reincarnation path. Spellcasting Classes such as the Witch can benefit from a few healing Specials, to become the primary magic-user in any team. Tanks like the Armor Knight could use healing Specials via dipping into a Clergy playthrough as well.

6 Magic Knight

Albeit not as competent with magic compared to the Witch, the Magic Knight is the closest thing to a melee-magic balance. The classic Magic Knight returns to Disgaea 6 with the same aptitude for spells and swords. Magic Knights boast mastery over various elemental spells, as well as special elemental sword techniques. If players can get through the Magic Knight”s rough starting pace, they can devastate the battlefield in the endgame.

Magic Knight builds tend to work with this Class as the endgame of the Super Reincarnation cycle. Characters can start building magic proficiency with the Witch or even the Clergy to amp up their overall magic damage. Likewise, starting off with the Armor Knight or Warrior could build up base attack, defense, and HP. That way, the Magic Knight has high base stats to circumvent its rough beginnings.

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5 Ninja

Ninjas in the Disgaea series capitalize on immense speed and high evasion to avoid the fiercest of attacks, and Disgaea 6 will have the Ninja do the same. Its high evasion stat from the get-go will have the Ninja dominate the frontlines, as that one foe enemies won”t get to hit. And at higher levels, the Ninja”s immense speed can outmaneuver even the fiercest of foes. When equipped with Specials that debilitate enemies with debuffs, Ninjas can set up bosses for devastating effects.

Compared to other high-speed Classes, the Ninjas can become a great branching-off point for Super Reincarnations due to their evasive potential. Taking their speed and applying it to incarnations of a melee Armor Knight, Samurai, or Warrior can provide players with a a tank that provokes foes, but almost never gets hit.

4 Dragon

Dragons make a return in Disgaea 6, this time being one of the few Giant Units in the game. As a colossal monster, the Dragon not only takes up five squares but can also attack three spaces in front at the same time. These properties make Dragons a living barricade, as they can block crucial entrances in the field. Their attack power and area-based Specials make them devastating foes and dependable tanks for allies.

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These gargantuan creatures also possess a special trait that improves their attack rating based on the damage they take. This effect transforms Dragons into devastating counter-attackers, as the more damage they take, the stronger their final attacks get. Should enemies get past a Dragon and into the player”s frontlines, the Dragon”s attack boost can take care of a majority of them.

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3 Horseman

With its classic edgy look, the dutiful Horseman makes a return in Disgaea 6 as a Giant Unit. Like the Dragon, the Horseman also takes up five spaces and can attack three squares to its front. It also boasts natural defenses that make it a reliable tank against swaths of foes. The range of its lance allows the Horseman to excel in both offense and defense.

The Horseman”s Specials involve multi-target attacks and can eliminate foes quickly, making it an asset when facing more difficult foes and bosses. When Super Reincarnated, the Horseman can receive stat boosts that can amplify its contributions.

2 Psychic

True to their nature, Psychics have a wide range of unique Specials that devastate entire groups of opponents. Their specializations lie in detecting and capitalizing on enemy weaknesses — perfect for fighting stronger opponents.

A new addition to Disgaea 6, it”s almost obvious why the Psychic is a standout compared to its Class companions. Even at their base incarnation, Psychics already boast powerful Specials, and their proficiency with Guns and Staves always put them at a protective distance. Psychics are easily recommendable for boosts through Super Reincarnation, as they can boast high damage numbers much faster than their other counterparts.

1 Armor Knight

The Armor Knight remains the ever-reliable recurring Class in Disgaea 6, touting their impressive defense and resistance on top of their decent damage. Contrary to the frontline Warrior, the Armor Knight can easily rule the vanguard as a defending unit.

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While Armor Knights boast incredible defense by themselves, they”re ideal Super Reincarnations for any protective builds. Clergies and healing builds work great when Super Reincarnating into a Armor Knight for their natural defenses. Likewise, any ranged offensive Class can get into an Armor Knight to add a melee and defensive component to their build.

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