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If it were approximately me, D/STs wouldn"t exist in fantasy football. As painful as this is to say, I prefer kickers more than D/STs. Why? Since it"s incredibly rare for a kicker to score negative points or score 25-plus points -- something defenses can do on a weekly basis. Sure, any type of player have the right to have an excellent or bad week, however it appears harder -- if not impossible -- to predict through D/STs. But, we"re nopoint if not thounstable below, so we went ahead and put together some 2016 fantasy footsphere defense ranemperors for you to add to your cwarmth sheets.

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Normally, our draft strategy when it pertains to D/STs is to wait till the late-middle rounds (or later) and try to stop busts, discovering complete well that we"ll have to play matchups at some point during the seachild anymethod. That"s what makes finding a true D/ST "sleeper" so difficult -- also some of the top-10 defenses will likely have numerous weeks where you can"t/don"t want to use them. 

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Eventually, though, someone hregarding be the first perchild to draft a defense, and if you"re going to execute it, you obviously want the ideal of the ideal. Here"s that we prefer heading right into the seaboy.

2016 fantasy footround rankings: Defense/one-of-a-kind teams

1. Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals were one of the top fantasy D/STs last year, and they"ve added LB Chandler Jones, DB Tyvon Branch, and first-round DE Robert Nkemdiche this offseason. The primary knock on the Cardinals the past few seasons has been so-so sack totals -- and losing Dwight Freeney this offseachild doesn"t number to help that -- however via some of the new additions, plus Year 2 from talented pass-rusher Markus Golden, this unit have to put up an acceptable variety of QB takedowns to go in addition to a bunch of takeameans and several touchdowns.

2. Denver Broncos. Denver shed DE Malik Jackchild in the offseachild, however this group, which was initially among D/STs in fantasy points last year, is still absolutely loaded. If anypoint, the Broncos can actually be much better this year, as they just had actually 14 INTs last seaboy. Either means, they"re conveniently a top-3 defense on draft day.

3. Seattle Seahawks. The loss of LB Bruce Irvin could hurt Seattle"s pass rush, yet we all know what the Seahawks bring to the table defensively. The Legion of Boom is still intact (and also actually brings ago former member Brandon Browner...whatever that"s worth), and also there are still playmakers at all 3 levels.

4. Carolina Panthers. How a lot did Josh Norman issue to this defense last year? Clearly on, the Panthers second will certainly be worse without him, however the front salso is still a terror and also should administer sufficient push to limit opponents" passing games. If Carolina have the right to clamp dvery own late in games -- a trouble last seaboy -- it will certainly enable also fewer points and also as soon as again be in the discussion for the top fantasy defense.

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5. Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs did it all last season, and also despite some losses to their second, Marcus Peters and his eight INTs rerotate. This defense is still loaded up front and have to difficulty for the many sacks in the league, which helps it be continual week-in and also week-out.

6. Houston Texans. "If Jadeveon Clowney deserve to figure it out this year ..." Yeah, we shelp that last year and also it didn"t work out, so you shouldn"t draft the Texans expecting Clowney to be a large contributor. It can quickly occur, which would certainly make this currently dangerous unit arguably the finest in the league, however till it does, emphasis instead on what you know: J.J. Watt and Co. wreaking havoc everywhere the field. Of course, via Watt"s ago injury, it"s unclear as soon as specifically he"ll be wreaking sassist havoc. For now, we"re still giving Houston the advantage of the doubt after it ranked 6th in D/ST fantasy points last year despite a modest INT full (14). As we gain closer to the seakid and also recognize more around Watt"s timeline, we"ll adjust this ranking.

7. Los Angeles Rams. The Rams shed several famous defensive players this offseason (DE Chris Long, LB James Laurinaitis, CB Janoris Jenkins), yet they"re still stacked in the front salso and also have actually Trumaine Johnson (seven INTs) roaming the protective backarea. The talent is tright here for fantasy success.

8. Minnesota Viqueens. Minnesota retransforms basically everyone from last year"s No. 8 fantasy D/ST and No. 5 scoring defense. Solid at eextremely level, the Viqueens should administer continual manufacturing all seaboy. Moving indoors in front of bigger crowds will most likely give the defense a little more home-field benefit, also.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers. Like Minnesota, Pittsburgh racked up great stats across the board last year and also rerevolve nearly all of their crucial contributors. And, in true Steelers" fashion, they used their initially 3 draft picks this year on defensive players. Between talent and also depth, Pittsburgh is loaded for another solid fantasy seakid.

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10. New England also Patriots. Somejust how, the Pats constantly seem to wind up in the peak 10 among fantasy D/STs at the end of the year. Was gaining rid of Chandler Jones a mistake? Maybe, however the Pats will certainly view if they deserve to reignite Chris Long"s career. Chances are, they"ll be simply fine.

11. New York Jets. The Jets are a timeless "good-but-not-great" fantasy defense, but through one or two protective TDs (they were one of 2 teams through zero last season), unexpectedly they look a lot better. Last seakid, they stuffed the run and did a great project limiting points, so the structure is plainly there for a starting-caliber fantasy unit.

12. Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals shelp good-bye to a number of renowned protective players (S Reggie Nelboy, CB Leon Hall, LB A.J. Hawk), but their leading front-4 is earlier, in addition to several playmakers in the additional. One thing to note is that LB Vontaze Burfict is suspended for the initially three games of the season for player security violations.

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13. Eco-friendly Bay Packers. The Packers are usually a borderline top-12 unit most years, mainly bereason of constant sack totals, and also this year will certainly likely be no different. Week-to-week consistency is an worry, however as lengthy as Clay Matthews and the stellar second are healthy, this unit will certainly be worth owning all seachild.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars. Here"s this year"s sleeper pick. The Jags have actually revamped their defense via several potential influence players (DE Malik Jackson, DE Dante Fowler Jr., LB Myles Jack, CB Jalen Ramsey, S Tashaun Gipson) and also have actually the potential to make huge strides in sacks (wright here they were already middle of the pack) and takeamethods. It doesn"t hurt that they play 6 games (five that count for fantasy purposes, via the second Colts game in Week 17) against possibly lackluster/turnover-prone offenses. 

15. New York Giants. The Giants added DE Olivier Vernon and CB Janoris Jenkins this offseachild, however maybe just as huge, they"ll be hoping for 16 games from DE Jakid Pierre-Paul. That"s 2.5 affect players (not a Pierre-Paul hand also joke -- he just played eight games last year) to assist rack up sacks, INTs and protective TDs. Tbelow are still holes on this defense, however fantasy owners deserve to live via a team giving up yards and even some TDs if they gain substantial plays.

16. Oakland Raiders. Fantasy owners do not generally think of the Raiders for defense, however this can be the year. Oakland also added LB Bruce Irvin, CB Sean Smith and also S Reggie Nelboy, and first-round S Karl Joseph. That influx of talent roughly All-World LB Khalil Mack will allow him to cause even even more difficulties for opposing offenses. 

17. Washington Redskins. Last year, the Redskins quietly finished 15th among fantasy D/STs, and they included CB Josh Normale this offseachild. Washington had actually a fluky number of fumble recoveries (15) and defensive TDs (5) last year, however via DeAngelo Hall at safety permanent and Norguy on board to theoretically lock down one side of the field, the "Skins must have the ability to acquire more than 11 INTs.

18. Detroit Lions. The Lions seem to be incontinual from year-to-year, yet it"s important to remember that they were without LB DeAndre Levy (hip) for virtually all of last seachild. Despite shedding LB Stephen Tulloch, Detroit will certainly watch an overall bump from Levy"s rerevolve, and the improved pass defense will certainly also advantage. Detroit"s greatest strength is up front, wright here DEs Ziggy Ansah (14.5 sacks last year) and Devin Taylor (7) will pressure quarterbacks. Like most defenses found in the 13-20 selection, consistency will be an problem, but the Lions have plenty of talent.

19. Baltieven more Ravens. It"s virtually exceptional the Ravens regulated just 6 INTs and also eight fumble recoveries while giving up simply over 25 points per game last seaboy. Those numbers, at least the latter, does not jibe with the Ravens ranking eighth in yards allowed per game. These could not be the Ravens of old, yet there"s still a lot of talent -- especially pass-rushing and also secondary talent -- anywhere the field for Baltieven more.

20. Buffalo Bills.

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 Buffalo was a significant fantasy disappointment last year, however it"s cleared out some of the biggest underachievers and is hoping that making use of its height three draft picks on defense will certainly assist Rex Ryan"s defensive vision come to be fact. Unfortunately, first-round pick Shaq Lawson (shoulder) will miss a good percentage of the seachild, so you can just expect so much of an increase. Still, there"s talent right here, and also Ryan is well-known as someone who can maximize his defensive assets. It"s hard to count on the Bills as an every-week beginning unit at the start of the seakid, but the potential is there.

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21. Dolphins22. Chargers23. Eagles24. Bears25. Buccaneers26. Colts27. Falcons28. Cowboys29. Titans30. 49ers31. Saints32. Browns

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