Who Do You Think Is The Best Death Metal Vocalists, 10 Best Death Metal Singers

As you probably know, death metal comes “in many shapes and sizes”, there are many sub genres to it, and on this blog i will write about the 10 best vocalists from them all according to my personal opinion.

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I”ve been listening to death metal for about a year and a half, it may not be alot but i have listened to many bands and heard many vocalists. Very quickly death metal became my favorite of the many subgenres metal has to offer, so i think i have enough experience to choose my favorites vocalists.

You will probably be surprised and maybe even upset, but again, this is my personal opinion, so if your personal favourite didn”t made the cut just comment who

It is.

So prepare yourself and open your ears and mind because here we start!

But! Before we begin, let me sure with you some vocalist who are amazing as well but didn”t made the cut.

Honorable mentions

Ruban rosas(devourment)

Karl willets(bolt thrower)

John tardy(obituary)

Barney greenway(napalm death)

Lord worm(ex cryptopsy)

Frank “killjoy” pucci(necrophagia) r.i.p

Piotr wiwczarek(vader)

Mikael akerfeldt(opeth)

Wayne knupp(ex devourment) r.i.p


Jeff walker(carcass)

John walker(cancer)

Ross dolan(immolation)

David vincent(ex morbid angel)

Steve tucker(morbid angel)

John Gallagher(dying fetus)

Travis ryan(cattle decapitation)

Demian laski(gorgasm)

Kam lee(massacre)

Will rahmer(mortician)

And many many more(these ones are the ones whos last name i can spell…)

This are all great vocalists, but now lets meet the best.

Numbar 10

Chuck schuldiner


I”m gonna get crucifyed for putting the legendary man at number 10, but again, my blog, my choice, my rules.

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He was the one that many praised as the best at everything he did, and they were probably right, being an inspiration for every vocalist in the history of death metal,with a few exeptions, chuck used a simple yet effective growl with frequent additions of high pitched screams, however on his last album, the sound of perseverance, he used the high pitched sounds as the main vocals, which is by my opinion his greatest vocal performance. A god he was and a god he is. R.i.p

Death-Scream Bloody Gore

Number 9

Chris reifert



Here we have a classic voice, underated for some reason, his growls are devastating, taking influence from both thrash and death metal he created a voice unmatched. Perheps he does not have as many albums as some of the others on the list but his few with malevolent creation are enough. except for his usual growl brett has another scream that he unleashes from time to time that sounds so harsh and pressure filled that it actually quite scary. His vocals remain the same even in recent years. sadly, he past away on july of this year, may he rest in peace.

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The one who started the use of two different growls, combining a low and gutteral voice and a high pitched screech unmatched. As the time moved on his low growl became better and better, but his high screech has disappeared entirly.

In his entire carrer up until the two last deicide album he was able to do the screech, a creepy scream that sounds like a demon. both his lows and highs sounded evil since the start.

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Perhaps he now do only lows, but we can”t forget the past, when he combined two of death metals best voices.

Here is where the controversy will come from… First of all let me say something, i love six feet under, they are one of my favorite death metal bands, also, i fucking love cannibal corpse. So… Barnes may have suffered a vocal change do to his affair with mary-jane, but still, he delivers the goods. Being the first vocalist to growl straight from his throat, he has changed death metal forever, doing some of the lowest and best gutterals since the early 90″s. Adding some high pitched awesomeness to the mix and you got yourself a killer vocal force. Perheps his voice is a little weaker now but lets take a trip down to memory lane to 1992, enjoy.

Also known as corpsegrinder, this man is the geekiest man in metal and the second greatest vocalist in death metal by my opinion. Similiar to benton, his high screams are almost entirely gone but his lows are still fantastic. Delivering vocals right from the guts, he has one of most known death growl in history. Such a wild voice from this neck of guy makes him memorable at any song he gives vocal duties on. From being the lead singer of monstrosity, paths of possession,serpentine dominion and of course cannibal corpse, and featured on songs by suffocation, ektomorf and suicide silence, this guy did it all, without cupping, and his vocals were and still are fantastic.

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“The human esophagus” – his nickname which he got because of his gutteral growls created by air swallowing. This guy is unbelievable he has the most brutal voice you will here, no one has ever came close to his growls. He may only have 5 albums and one appearance on a song by viogression but it”s enough for the ex broken hope vocalist to be my number 1. He use his vocals mostly in mid paced and somehow he can growl the same in fast paced songs. His voice his unmatched, fronting one of the heaviest bands in the genre his voice was just perfect for the job. Not just a magnificent voice but also a special one, no one has ever done anything even a bit similiar to joes voice. And to top it all, he was able to sound exactly the same live, he was a machine on stage and in the studio. Sadly, two weeks after discussing with guitarist jeremy wagner about reforming broken hope, joe took his own life with a bullet to the head, cutting short his creer as the greatest death metal vocalist of all time. Broken hope did reformed eventuqlly with damian laski from gorgasm on vocals, he his great as well, but he is just not joe,may he rest in peace.

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