Warframe Best Dagger For Covert Lethality, Ash, Stances & More

Looking to get a dagger for this mod but since i launched them all into darkness for being so weak… I need to know which one is the best for stealth finisher.

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Since attack speed is pretty much the only thing that matters for Covert Lethality, the Ceramic Dagger is probably best for Covert Lethality alone since it has the highest base attack speed. For a dagger that”s still useful in the event you break stealth and/or can”t cast the skill you”re using to open up finishers, I”d recommend the Dark Dagger, Heat Dagger, and Karyst.





I”m assuming you”re asking about stealth kills, rather than as a autoattack weapon.

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If you”re using a squishy invis frame, not the Dark Dagger + augment. (Rad procs will draw fire, which will squish you.)

Otherwise? Ceramic for fastest animation, DD+aug for RV proc (Viral + energy), or Karyst for damn good pure toxin damage.

Was going to ask the same question because im just enjoying playing solo with CL lately.I can tell ceramic dagger is good enough, decent reach and fastest speed. didnt even bother potato it, just slapped on a primed reach, CL, fury and berserker (even if i cant keep it up all the time its still a buff)Not sure the finisher animation is the fastest, just the base speed of the weapon is fast. I would also take any recommendation on other daggers and stances.I didnt try many other daggers because most were built long ago as mastery fodders and now deleted, but if some has faster finisher animation i can rebuild any, including sheev.

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