What Is The Best Cpu For Gtx 750 Ti And Later On 980Ti? What Is The Best Cpu To Go With A Gtx 750 Ti

The GeForce GTX 750 Ti is a mid-range graphics card released by Nvidia. It is based on Nvidia Maxwell architecture. It supports PCI Express 3.0 and the GDDR5 memory interface. The maximum power requirement of this GPU is 300 W and it can easily run 1080p on medium settings. This one is good at handling games and it will run almost everything greatly you want but on low to medium settings. However, pairing with some compatible components makes any part perfect and much better. The GTX 750 ti works greatly with certain CPUs. You can particularly choose the best CPU for GTX 750 ti among them. The intel i5, i3, Pentium, and AMD processors are our top choices here.

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Most of the recommended CPUs in this list are budget CPUs for GTX 750 ti. The compatibility is great with each of them but only two or three you can find here to be the best.

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The 5 Best CPU for GTX 750 ti

ModelCores /ThreadsCore Clock /Boost ClockPrice


Intel Core i5 4440

4/4 3.10/3.30GHz Check Price


AMD FX-6300

3/6 3.5/3.8GHz Check Price


Intel Pentium Processor G3258

2/2 3.2/ -GHz Check Price


Ryzen 3 1200

4/4 3.1/3.4GHz Check Price


Intel Core i3 4130

2/4 3.4/ -GHz Check Price

Intel Core i5 4440

What Recent Buyers Report

Intel Core i5 4440, a cost-effective and powerful processor comes with a compact fan, fast delivery performance, and efficiency. It is simple yet sufficient enough to get the job done well. Its stock fans are quiet and competent in their job. It never seems to run hot even under load. The price is reasonable and the cost to performance ratio is also somewhat fine. It is recommended for heavy-duty applications or software and gaming as well.

Our Review

The Intel Core i5-4440 is an LGA 1150 socket processor. It is both quick and powerful. It is easy to install and has no issues with tweaking whatsoever. Moreover, its benchmarking does not get over 50% of the max temperature under load. With a good GPU and lots of airflows, you can label it as perfect. Even though it is more than 7 years old, it is not outdated and still good enough to carry heavy workloads. Its Graphics outputs are eDP, DP, HDMI, or VGA.

Who Will Use This Most

The Core i5 4440 performs flawlessly in any game and will also do the heavy workloads. Also, it is capable of running heavier applications.

Key Features & Downsides

Key Features: Intel Core i5 4440 comes with 4/4 core/threads. It features 3.10 GHz of Base frequency, 3.30 of max Turbo frequency, and 84 W of total TDP. The lithography manufacture is 22nm and the cache is 6MB. Along with 5 GT/s bus speed, it includes 32GB of a DDR3 memory channel of which frequency is 25.6 GB/s. Its integrated graphics is HD Graphics 4600 and it has a max of 16x PCI Express 3.0 lanes.

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Downsides: Its integrated graphics processor seems weaker than that of AMD.

What Recent Buyers Report

The AMD FX-6300, the best budget AMD CPU for GTX 750 Ti can run most games easily on high graphics along with maintaining 60 fps or even more. This processor as well as the fx series CPUs are not that compatible with the newest release of GPU. It pairs well with the GTX 750 ti or 960. It is a very cool-running chip even under load. The stock fan and heatsink can be a little loud at times but it is not that much compared to other fx-series processors. Even being outdated, it works miraculously. It is a bang even in 2021.

Our Review

The Benchmark is excellent for this CPU that makes its price reasonable and worthy. It is faster than any higher six-core processor. However, the single-thread performance is not whatsoever as good as the FX-8350. The impressive thing is its boost in gaming performance. You can push it to almost 5GHz according to benchmark scores. This processor would not disappoint you in any sect. With this price, you can’t find any processor that offers this much benefit and awesome performances. If you consider the FX 8 series, it is a beast. It can provide high-end performance and still can support any high-end external device. Pairing the GTX 750 ti with this CPU comes with impressive results. By saving a few bucks on this, you can just build a budget yet powerful PC system. It is powerful, blazing quick, stays, and runs cool and that’s what makes it amazing.

Who Will Use This Most

The AMD FX-6300 is an allrounder performing CPU. You can overclock it, play any games with it, work with any high-end periphery, or even throw any heavy workloads at it and it would still do the job well while keeping cool.

What makes it our “Choice”

The price to performance ratio of this processor is more than enough for being perfect. The benchmark scores are flames. It comes with a thermal paste and stock fans. It was released in 2012 but it still can outshine many of the newest releases in both price and performance.

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Key Features & Downsides

Key Features: The AMD FX 6300 comes with 6/6 core/threads. It features 3.50 GHz of Base frequency, 3.80 GHz of max Turbo frequency, and 95 W of total TDP. The CMOS SOI is 32nm and the cache is 6MB and 8MB. It includes DDR3 memory channels of which frequency is more than 1866 MHz. It is of AM3+ socket and locked.

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