Top 10 Best Comb For Pomeranian S: 2021 Picks For Pomeranian Brushes

Most Pom owners have, at least once, tried grooming their dogs themselves. But it’s impossible to master the right technique of grooming without the proper grooming tools for Pomeranians.

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Any new, proud parent of an adorable little Pom is going to have to learn a few essential things about the needs of their furry friend. You have to realize that your Pomeranians need grooming regularly. In this article, let’s take a look at all the Pomeranian grooming tools to understand their use case.

Pomeranian Grooming

Grooming a Pomeranian isn’t just about brushing your pup’s fur every once in a while. You see, Poms are cutie pies that need a lot of attention and care. You have to be consistent about its grooming regime to maintain its health and to keep it looking as irresistibly appealing as possible.

Grooming would include daily cleaning around the eyes to wipe away any gooey discharge, brushing their fur every alternate day, weekly cleaning of the ears and nose, brushing their teeth, and giving baths, monthly. Along with this, you must make sure that there is no swelling around the anal glands. If the glands are swollen or red, then you have to get it ‘expressed’ or squeezed out. Then, there is the nail clipping and trimming of the fur.

The list that you have to follow religiously for the well-being of your Pom can be quite extensive. The first order of business is to acquaint yourself with the necessary grooming tasks. Then, memorize all the particulars that you have to follow to do the job correctly. And, be ready to get the tools for grooming Pomeranians, without which it’s hopeless for you to give your Pomeranian grooming skills a shot.

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Must-Have Grooming Tools for Pomeranians

The tools for grooming Pomeranians involve a lot more than a simple brush or comb. There are quite a few things that make up a Pomeranian grooming kit. If you’re interested in finding out what are the best grooming tools for Pomeranians, continue to read on.

Bristle Brush

Pomeranians have double coats, which consists of an undercoat and a topcoat. The American Kennel Club recognizes 19 different colors and 5 marking patterns of Pomeranian dogs.

Many professional groomers, as well as new pet parents, tend to have the bristle brushes as part of their grooming tool kit. When you use a bristle brush, you can remove debris, remove loose hair, and stimulate the skin.

It’s essential to remember that when it comes to brushing your Pom’s fur, you ought to spray in some leave-in conditioner so that you won’t hurt your dog while brushing. Not to mention, a good leave-in conditioner will make your Pom’s hair softer and fluffier.

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Find the best shampoo that suits your Pom!


Ideally, you should go for a toothbrush designed for dogs. But, if you’re fresh out of doggy toothbrushes, then you can make use of a human toothbrush with soft bristles. Pomeranians are small dogs with tiny teeth. But, if your Pom is an adult, you’ll know that the itsy-bitsy mouth is overcrowded with teeth, causing extra pressure upon the teeth and gums.

Here’s another not-so-fun fact – Pomeranians face multiple dental problems, including bad breath. So, what are your options when it comes to the best buccal care grooming tools for Pomeranians? The good news is, there are plenty of dental kits available specifically for Pomeranians.

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Dental kits with a regular brush, natural-ingredient based toothpaste, and a finger brush that has a small head and soft bristles for the hard-to-reach areas are your best bet for your dog. Remember, you can brush your Pom’s teeth every day for healthier teeth and gums. You can even try out dental sticks for smaller dogs if you can’t spare time for brushing your fluffball’s teeth, daily.

Nail Trimmer

In-house grooming of dogs is mostly uncomplicated. But, when it comes to nail trimming, things jump up at a higher energy level. Firstly, you can’t use a regular human nail-cutter for trimming your canine’s nails. For dogs, you get three different kinds of nail trimmers. There are pliers, scissors, and the guillotine. You have to choose the trimming equipment according to the type of nail your Pom has.

There are a couple of details that you have to remember when it comes to nail trimming. Nail trimming is essential for your pooch. If avoided, it may cause your dog considerable discomfort. Moreover, if you’re nervous or your Pom is getting jumpy with the idea of nail trimming, hand the task over to a vet.

Watching a professional do it, using the appropriate tools, will lead you to the correct way of nail trimming. Then, you have to understand that dog nails have to be trimmed at an angle. Cut at a 45-degree angle, away from the paw, and avoid cutting the quick. The quick is the blood vessel inside of a dog’s nail. You continue to trim until you can see a black dot in the center of the nail. At this point, you stop. Finally, you use a metal file to trim away the rough edges of the nail.

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Grooming Tools for Pomeranians – FAQs

It’s never an easy task to become a pet parent (for the first time). You are going to have tons of questions about everything, and it’s normal. So, let’s tackle some queries from the paw-rents of canines.

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