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Now that Anna has been out in the States for a while now, what is deemed the best class (including all DLC classes because I have access to them) for Anna? Some people are suggesting staying some sort of bow class and just using the shining bow, but it”s hard to forge a +7 one, and it cannot trigger offensive skills or crit. I have actually been considering about Witch, but what do you guys think is the best option and why?



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I”d just stick with her being an adventurer. She isn”t the best but she is fine in that class. I don”t think she”d be bad either as a witch but I think you should stay with anything bow related like the sniper or merchant classes.

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I”ve been having some success with Anna as a Maid, but only to get Tomebreaker, because she has similar defense to Felicia in this class.


Gameplay: Adventurer/Strategist/Witch/Whatever you want.

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Does anybody know what her luck maxes out to be with all Lv. 3 Luck statues in the My Castle with her class as Merchant by chance?

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XD If only Anna could marry Kaze XD Midori would have best luck. I could be totally wrong on this XD I have no idea what Anna”s luck mod is.

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She”s a DLC character. I don”t think there”s too many options for her besides S Supporting an Avatar with a secondary class or evolving her naturally. I”d say just go with Adventurer, but if you”re feeling frisky go with Master Ninja or Kinshi Knight. After you get the abilities of her natural classes, of course.

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