Best Clam Chowder In Los Angeles, Restaurants, Summer 2021

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Gulfstream10250 Santa Monica Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90067(310)

The clam chowder at the Gulfstream in Santa Monica is not always available, but when it is, get it even if you weren’t in the mood for it. Light and creamy, packed with clams and flavored with tender potatoes, celery and leeks and topped with crumbled bacon, your tastebuds will thank you for ordering it. Their seafood cocktail in a tomato base with plump shrimp and crab is a nice runner up, as well. Friendly staff is a bonus.

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Fish King722 N. Glendale Ave.Glendale, CA 91206(818)

Fish King is one of the best places in the valley to get fresh fish. This market/cafe has a wonderful selection of delicious things from the sea to take home to cook yourself or for a bite to eat right then and there. The clam chowder is strict traditional New England, but is still one of the best that side of the Hollywood sign. Enjoy a cup for $3.50, a bowl for $4.50 or bring home a quart for the family at a very reasonable $10.95. This is another place with courteous service.

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Fisherman’s Outlet529 S. Central Ave.Los Angeles, CA 90013(213)

With fresh fish of all kinds coming in everyday, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu at Fisherman’s Outlet. But if you’re in the mood for chowder you’re in for a special treat. The New England is thick and packed with clams and fresh herbs. If you’re looking for a fishier chowder the Fisherman’s Seafood Red Clam Chowder is Manhattan style, but has a nice assortment of fish in addition to clams.

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