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What is Hevi-Metal?

Hevi-Metal is a duplex shotgun shell load produced by Hevi-Shot and used for waterfowl hunting. Hevi-Metal shotgun shells contain both steel shot and Hevi-Metal alloy. Hevi-Metal pellets are denser than steel shot which means smaller pellet sizes can be used to meet the equivalent ballistics of larger steel shot.

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Being a duplex load, a steel shot charge is placed on the bottomof the shot column, while smaller Hevi-Metal pellets are placed above. This reductionin pellet size using Hevi-Metal pellets means an increase in pellet count by up to 25% resulting in denser patternsand more knock down power.

Hevi-Metal ammunition is designed specifically for Hevi-shot Mid-Range and Extended Rangechoke tubes. It features biodegradable flax seed filler on top of the shotfor a tighter and deeper crimp. The combination of Hevi-shot choke tubes andHevi-Metal ammo takes a lot of the guess work out of finding a setup that worksright out of the packaging.

Tips for ShootingHevi-Metal Shells for Duck Hunting

Hevi-Metal shotgun shells are available in both Original and Fast Line. Original Hevi-Metal shells top out at 1500 fps, while Hevi-Metal Fast Line shells are slightly quicker with a reduced payload.Hevi-Metal is available for 10 gauge, 12 gauge, and 20 gauge shotguns.Pellet sizes for Hevi-Metal range from #6 shot up to BBB.Hevi-shot choke tubes were designed specifically for Hevi-Metal ammunition.When selecting Hevi-Metal shells, pick the steel shot size you would normally use.Hevi-Metal is available in 25 shells per box. 10 boxes per case.

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Hevi-Metal pellets are denser than steel shot.Smaller Hevi-Metal pellets offer the same ballistics as steel shot 1-2 sizes larger. This increases the pattern density of the load.Hevi-Metal shotgun shells are not waterproof, but pellets are designed with rust prevention under normal conditions.Environmetal uses flax seeds as gap fillers above the shot column to help produce tighter crimps.Hevi-Metal differs from Hevi-Steel in that Hevi-Steel is an all-steel load, while Hevi-Metal is a duplex load of steel and Hevi-Metal alloy.Hevi-Metal can be fired through any choke that is designed for steel shot.

Bottom Line

Hevi-Metal is a popular duplex waterfowl load that deliversdense patterns and more pellets on target than standard steel shotgun shells.In order to achieve this, Hevi-Metal stacks heavier than steel pellets on topof larger steel shot.

The best choke for Hevi-Metal is the Hevi-Shot extended range choke tube. It was designed specifically to be used with Hevi-shot ammunition and it does a good job of delivering tight patterns at up to 40 yards.

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The Patternmaster Code black choke is another option for consistent patterns with Hevi-Metal ammo and designed for even longer shots past 50 yards. Regardless of which choke tube you choose for Hevi-Metal ammunition, it’s always best to pattern it at the ranges you plan to hunt. For ducks, Hevi-Metal in #3 shot to works the best, while BB is the way to go for geese.

Wondering what diameter or choke constriction you need? Check out the table here.

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