The 10 Best Chinese Food Cambridge Ma, The 22 Best Chinese Restaurants In Boston

We”ve been going to Chinatown in Boston since we were little, and our love for Chinese food led us to various restaurants across Boston and beyond. Have you ever been to Chinatown Boston or tried dim sum? Have you ventured into the suburbs for authentic Chinese food in Boston? Read on.

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Other Restaurants


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Chili Garden, Medford

With a friendly atmosphere and traditional Szechuan cuisine, it’s worth a trip out to Medford to experience Chili Garden. The servings are large, and the restaurant is a neighborhood favorite.

WebsiteAddress: 41 Riverside Avenue, Medford, MAWhat to order: kung pao chicken, chili noodles, diced chicken with house made pickles, fish soup with mustard greens

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Chili Square, Quincy

Quincy is known for its asian food, and we really love Chili Square right in the downtown area. A bone fide hole in the wall Chinese restaurant in Boston, it’s definitely worth stopping in, and the authentic chinese noodles are a delight. Just remember it’s cash only!

WebsiteAddress: 666 Hancock Street, Quincy, MAWhat to order: mala soup bowls, spicy cumin lamb noodle, bao

On every Boston Food Tour and Chocolate Tour, we serve a variety of unique foods and treats to tickle your taste buds and indulge your senses and sweet tooths. Really, there is something for everyone on our unique experiences. So check our Tour Calendar and join us this week.

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