The 13 Best Chicken Soup In Dallas, Best Chicken Noodle Soup In Dallas, Tx

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… We ve been here twice, I ve had the Yuzu Shyo (chicken broth) and it s tasty…. Kind of a japanese chicken noodle soup…. Very good broths and the noodles are thin.Read more
We had the beef noodle soup and chicken noodle soup with pork dumplings and … The noodles were pretty good though (I … The chicken soup was actually more flavorful and would have Read more
… Especially good was the chicken noodle soup, almost as good as my mom s…. They had a nice twist to the soup, instead of noodles, they used pasta shells.Read more
… recently for an early dinner with my family. We ordered the Reuben and the cups of the chicken noodle soup.Read more
… A friend got the Grilled Chicken Dinner with corn and cole slaw and the soup special of the day: chicken noodle soup.Read more

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… I was lactose intolerant and looking for something like chicken noodle soup…. he is, he hooked me up by swapping shrimp for chicken in a gumbo and upping the amount of broth for meRead more
… Today I ordered Pad thai with chicken, #3 spicy, and it was so delicious!… Last time, I had Laotian fried rice and Khao Piak Sen-Chicken Noodle Soup.Read more
… I got the Chicken Noodle Soup and Tulip Dumplings The CNS… a homemade broth and the very chicken in the soup was likely much of the cause noodles, celery and green onion for Read more
On Wednesdays their soup of the day is homemade chicken noodle– Absolutely the best chicken noodle soup I ve ever had!Read more
… The chicken noodle soup had a great broth, tons of fresh roasted chicken in the bowl, veggies still able to taste.Read more
Chicken Noodle soup was tasty, fried chicken and chopped steak with mashed potatoes and gravy was also great.Read more
… Lasagna comes with a side, so I had the Sicilian chicken noodle soup, a favorite of ours!Read more
… He also is a great salesman : I wasn t going to get soup but he convinced me in a friendly to do so and I … The chicken noodle soup was delicious.Read more

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… weather, substitute for chicken noodle soup during days of sickness… Hue (Hue-style Spicy Rice Noodle Soup): ADVANCED STYLE NOODLE SOUP The soup contains pork hock, congealed pork Read more

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