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Top 6 Best cc champions in League of Legends 2021

CC is a very important part of the game, but it’s also hard to master.

Most players are either too scared or don’t have enough time to learn how to play support champions well. This results in bad games and frustrated teammates.

The League of Legends community has created this list of 6 best cc champions for beginners that will help you dominate your lane!

Top 6 Best cc champions in League of Legends 2021
Top 6 Best cc champions in League of Legends 2021

What is Crowd Control?

CC stands for “Crowd Control”. A champion with good CC abilities is able to apply significant debuffs on their opponents. The most popular of these are snares, stuns, and silences. These abilities allow the team to pick off an enemy one-by-one while setting up favourable team fights.

Crowd Control is a way of stun, blind, slow down or impair the movements of an opponent. It stops them from running away or chasing you for a short time.

A champion can have more than one on their kit at once! So make sure you pick one with lots of crowd control to help out your team.

Forms of Crowd Control

Champions with CC are some times known as “peelers” because they can hold off enemies while allies escape. This class includes Alistar , Annie , Ashe , Blitzcrank , Leona, Lulu , Lux , Morgana, Thresh .

Champions with hard crowd control are sometimes referred to as “team fight changers”, because they can turn the tide of a team fight, often by stunning several opponents at once. This class includes Amumu , Annie, Ashe, Blitzcrank , Gragas , Hecarim , Leona, Lulu , Lux Morgana .

Champions with soft crowd control are useful when trying to catch someone out of place or in a team fight. This class includes Alistar, Anivia , Ashe , Caitlyn, Fiddlesticks , Karma, Kayle, Leona , Nocturne, Nunu & Willump .

Champions with both hard and soft crowd control have abilities that allow them to peel or cause a massive disruption to an enemy team fight. This class includes Alistar , Annie Ashe, Blitzcrank , Lulu , Lux Nami .

Champions with both peeling and disrupting abilities are the most popular as they have the ability to be useful in both offensive and defensive situations.

The list below ranks each champion from best peeling/disrupting abilities (at maximum rank) to worst. The rankings were determined by taking into account how easily crowd controls can shut down or disrupt enemy champions’ combat capabilities, the number of target’s it can effect, its Cooldown at max level (CD), AoE, how quickly it can apply said CC, Duration of CC applied & whether or not it scales with AP, AD or both.

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The Best Crowd Control Champions in League of Legends



Thresh has a myriad of abilities that peel and disrupt the enemy team, which makes him a very strong support champion.

His Q is a lantern on a long CD that can either save an ally or pull in enemies to set up his other abilities.

His W executes minions for you, meaning it will give your ADC even more gold & experience.

His E root causes displacement and offers some nice damage mitigation for the target hit by it’s projectile as well as giving him an easy way of setting up his Q & R.

Lastly, he has what I consider one of if not the best passives/trinket in the game with its 1 second ward timer.



Everyone knows the ability power (AP) support champion to counter Mordekaiser. While she has always been known for this reason I feel like it goes under-looked how useful her kit can be when trying to peel or disrupt an enemy team.

Her Q root is extremely useful for setting up ganks or catching out of position enemies. Her W gives the target a shield that scales with her AP and if hit by an enemy will slow their movement speed.

Lastly, her E offers a really strong AoE stun & damage mitigation to the first ally it hits that can be used either offensively or defensively depending on your team composition.



She has the ability to CC the entire enemy team at once by casting her bubble on them as well as some mild utility such as Healing/Damage mitigation & Movement Speed buff’s.

While she does lack any forms of hard crowd control (CC) she more than makes up for this with long range AoE damage reduction along with powerful peel potential.



His kit allows him to set up easy ganks with his strong slow/knock-up as well as peel himself off of any target he focuses with his R.

The only problem with picking Nautilus support is that Nami’s Bubble sort of out-classes his R in the sense that it gives an ally extra movement speed, however he makes up for this with reliable hard crowd control (CC) and a stronger slow/knock-up.



The only reason I have Ashe at the #2 spot is because while she has a lot of peeling ability, her single target CC is less reliable than Thresh’s & also lacks an execute to use with her W.

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However, she makes up for this with several AoE forms of CC that can be used to peel or disrupt the enemy team in any given situation.

Her Hawkshot allows her to scout out areas and if placed correctly can do so without being seen by enemies upon activation (similar to Pink wards).

Her E root will slow all enemies hit & applies Frost Shot’s passive if she did not hit an ally. Lastly, her ultimate can stop enmeies from recieving healing by stunning the target for 2 seconds by any means of hard crowd control.



Karma is a CC monster who brings various tools that can be used to peel or disrupt the enemy team.

Her Q & E both have similar use’s as they are AoE slowing abilities, however her E does more damage and has a lower cooldown at max rank along with its root which allows for some potent follow up damage from your allies.

Lastly, her shield will also slow any enemie’s hit by it allowing you to further kite them down.



The reason Zyra is so high on this list is because of her monstrous pick-potential as well as crowd control/utility she provides for not only herself but her entire team. ‘

With her Q & W she can suppress enemies or root them in place allowing for her allies to catch up and follow up on the CC. Her ultimate is by far one of the best AoE forms of CC available as it will knock-up all targets facing away from her.

Lastly, her E gives a movement speed buff & damage mitigation to herself and its projectile applies Grievous Wounds (reduces healing received) if hit an enemy champion.

What Makes a Good CC Champion?

To be a good CC champion it’s also important that they have multiple CC skills available to them, rather than just one or two.

Having several options opens up your possibilities when playing against different champions in lane or teamfights.

Additionally, there needs to be some sort of synergy between the chosen skills so that the opponent doesn’t completely negate your efforts by choosing one skill over another (i.e Janna’s Q and W could be entirely useless against an Annie if she selects her stun).

Having a good CC skill set makes it easier to land your damage abilities by ensuring that the opponent is unable to escape or retaliate.

Additionally, having high burst damage ensures that you can kill someone who’s caught out of place without too much hassle (i.e Amumu Q + Annie ult combination).

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Of course, you don’t always need a champion with great CC abilities to win (see: Janna), but it definitely helps and usually marks them as a higher tier pick in ranked games. So let us take a look at some champions which excel in this department!


What’s the best champion in lol?

The answer for this question is different from player to player. It is because the most important thing in League Of Legends is how good a champion does against other champions and how it affects the team as a whole.

What are the best carry champions?

The best carry champions are champions that do the most damage out of all champions. If you want to play a champion that is going to be able to get the most kills and bring your team to victory then you need a champion that can dish out massive amounts of damage in short periods of time.

Who has the most stuns in lol?

The champion have some form of crowd control , ezreal, nidalee and gangplank having a net while riven,vayne,caitlyn(trap) and caitlyn(harpoon) that can be used to catch a target in place.

The rest of the champions that have a stun is sion with his shield popping ability while jayce using his hammer to bring an enemy towards him before stunning them.

Who is the strongest champion level 1?

The strongest champion level 1 goes to Yi, Master Yi or a Xin Zhao. If you have a jungler that will camp your lane then this is going to be an easy win for you.

Once their jungler comes up top just all in him and zone him out of the creep wave. Try not to get poked down so much by Xin’s Q or Master Yis double strike. Generally if they are playing aggressive with these two champions it means you have a big advantage on them early so keep it up!


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best CC champions in League of Legends. Let us know which ones are your favorites, and if there are any that we may have missed! If you’re looking for help deciding on a champion to play, use our guide as an introduction to each role.

You can also read up more about how they work with enemies or other teammates by checking out their info page here. Which champion do you think is the most underrated?

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