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Best Comfort Food In Paris

While it’s fun to enjoy a fancy dinner, sometimes you just want to eat something simple but don’t want to stoop so low as to eat fast food. Besides a savoury crepe or burger, we recommend trying regional French cuisine because it’s delicious yet very down to earth. This is some of the best comfort food you will ever have!

Besides offering good food, the restaurants below offer some great value meals which will please anyone who wants to eat out without having to spend big.

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In case you’re not familiar with the regions of France bear in mind every region is very much French but each has its own distinct culture and cuisine. France is the largest country in Western Europe and has a very diverse landscape and tapestry of ancient cultures. For instance you have Savoy region (French alps) with it’s Alpine culture and Brittany in the Northwest with its Celtic culture and climate similar to the British Isles. Meanwhile the sun drenched Provence region is very Mediterranean and so you will find food similar to other Mediterranean countries.

So here are the top 10 best comfort food in Paris.



A Southwestern Basque restaurant with good portions and affordable prices. Southwestern France is the home of French rugby where lads grow up big and strong thanks in part to a hearty diet. Potatoes, Ham, sausages, beef, and the Toulousain favourite, cassoulet, feature on the menu. Everything seems to have there famous Basque sauce on it as well. There are 3 Chez Gladines in Paris and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Price: Affordable

Chez Gladines menu (in French and English)


Set on 2 floors, this is a lively modern take on a traditional turn of the century (19th) canteen style restaurant when Parisians would drink and sing and be merry. While there is no singing, the staff like to announce birthdays and make things very lively with their antics. They do French country classics like Blanquette de Veau, Pork sausage with lentils, and other yummy meals at extremely affordable rates (considering the same at most places in Paris would be 5x the price. They don’t take reservations so while there can be a bit of wait to be seated, a 300 seat capacity means you will be able to be seated fairly quickly. Service is good but don’t expect high end or anything too fancy.

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Price: Affordable

Bouillon Pigalle menu (in English)

Bofinger is classic brasserie-bistro which has one Michelin star and serves delicious seafood and Alsatian (Eastern French) cuisine such as sausages, French style sauerkraut and potatoes. It’s over 100 years old and what’s great about Bofinger is that in spite of its fame and prestige, they offer a very reasonably priced set menu: starter + main + dessert all for 33 euros!!! The food is gooood and at this price point, very much worth it!

Price: Affordable to Mid-range

Bofinger menu (in English)

From the outside, you wouldn’t notice that this bistro has southern French twist, but once you’re inside you’ll clearly pick up on all the references. Just like other Mediterranean cuisine, Southern French cuisine is very light and is heavy on fresh ingredients like olives, tomatoes and seafood. Try the gambas sauteed in pastis (anisette liquor), risotto with scallops or sea bass with tapenade (olive spread). If you’re looking for meat go for the wild boar or rabbit which are excellent – there is something about game from the South that makes the meat incredibly tasty. Some say it’s because of all the wild herbs like thyme that the animals eat.

Price: Affordable to Mid-range

Chez Janou menu (in French)


This restaurant is another great option for Southwestern French food. Located in the trendy Canal St Martin area, Auberge des Pyrenees et Cevennes offers hearty dishes like cassoulet (stewed white beans with pork with duck). The best thing is about this restaurant is that portions are big so you can skip the appetizer and go for main course (around 20 to 28 euros). The second best thing is that it’s decorated like a traditional southern French tavern which makes for a very warm ambiance.

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Price: Affordable to Mid-range


Les Nicois serves French Mediterranean food, mainly specialties from Nice (hence the name). The atmosphere is very relaxed since it’s a bodega-bar-restaurant a la Provencal. You can order small bites (tapas) such as octopus, pissaladiere (a flatbread with carmelised onions and anchovies) and pan bagnat (a deliciously loaded ‘tuna sandwich’ ). They also do all kinds of cooked meals which vary but mainly things like roasted chicken, grilled fish and even pasta. Their cocktails are also solid and if you’re up for some fun, you can head downstairs for a game of boules (petanque) which is offered for free in their basement!

Brasserie Flo (Floderer) is an Alsatian style brasserie (gastro pub) that is one of the few 19th century taverns that has survived in Paris. While many of Anglos conflate Germanic with German, Alsatian food is as French as it comes, with a Germanic twist. Like other northern French regions, Alsace is big on beer and so you can find a good selection here. However, if you prefer wine, Alsace produces some excellent Riesling (white wine) which pairs well with hearty dishes like ‘choucroutte’ (saukerkraut based dishes which can come with various things) . They offer 5 choucrouttes including a few seafood varieties which are both excellent and reasonably priced around 20 euros. It’s a fairly big place with plenty of seating and charmingly decorated in the Alsatian fashion!

Price: Affordable t0 Mid-range

Brasserie Flo Yelp page


The Rotisserie d’Argent is the sister restaurant (and more affordable option) to the world famous Tour d’Argent restaurant. As in the name, they specialise in roasts and while a few things on the menu are expensive, they offer a few good options such as their home made duck confit for 20 euros or spit roasted chicken for 22 euros. The food is excellent and cooked to perfection so well worth it. Decor is lovely too with classic French bistro red and white table cloth

Price: Affordable to Mid Range

La Rotisserie d’Argent menu

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Lipp is an iconic Parisian brasserie which has been serving good food and drinks since 1880. Staff are very professional and while they have a full menu you can also enjoy small plates like sardines and Parisian ham. Their roasted chicken is delicious as is their lamb, beef and just about everything else you find on their menu. Simple but delectable.

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Price: Mid-range

Brasserie Lipp menu


Auvergne is a region in central France famous for rugby and volcanic mountains – the highlands of France- so naturally it’s cuisine is suitably hearty! Their sausage and aligot (French style cheesy mashed potatoes) dish is insanely good. So is their petit sale (little salty) which is essentially lentils and bacon that is so delicious you will never look at lentils the same way again!

Price: Mid-range

Ambassade d’Auvergne menu

You can also enjoy hearty, savoury crepes which makes for great comfort food. The crepes you find outside of France are often sweet but the savoury kind are like pizzas or omelets, you simply pick what you want inside and they can be very filling. And of course you can get a sweet crepe for desert!

And if you consider steak a comfort food, well then you’re in luck as France has some of the best steak in the world. All the beef in France are grass-fed and 100% natural, and France boasts some of the best beef in the world like Charolais, Limousin, Aubrac, or Blonde d’Aquitaine. The fact many Parisians eat ‘steak tartare’ is testament to it’s quality. While you can eat the steak alone or with a pinch of salt, in our humble opinion, the best part about eating steak in France is all the delicious home-made dipping sauces that are served!

While steak restaurants can get a bit pricey, there are a ton of excellent gourmet burger joints across Paris that serve the same quality beef for a fraction of the cost.

Finally, if you’re after vegetarian food, there are a handful of places in Paris worth checking out!

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