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With plenty of cars to choose from, which should players pick from The Crew 2? Click here to see the best and worse cars available.

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Developed by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft, The Crew 2 garnered middling reviews upon launch, ultimately averaging Metacritic scores in the 60s. While critics lambasted the lack of noteworthy events and the ridiculous decision to ship without PvP, The Crew 2 has succeeded in fostering a somewhat steady player base since it first hit the scene on June 29, 2018.

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As far as arcade racers are concerned, The Crew 2“s vehicle list is slightly more varied than most. Along with cars, the open world title offers airplanes, powerboats, and motorcycles. Taking the DLC into account, players can pick and choose from around 150 vehicles. However, some cars are obviously superior to others. Here are the five best and worst cars available in The Crew 2.

The Crew 2 divides its vehicles into 10 distinct categories, depending on their specialty. Unsurprisingly, streetcars outnumber all the other varieties, although they are typically outperformed by hypercars. Nevertheless, a car adapt at street racing will be necessary, and there is no point looking any further than the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Looking at the price tag should be enough to determine the best cars in the game, as The Crew 2 holds little in the way of hidden gems. As the most expensive streetcar, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is above and beyond anything else in its bracket. Only a couple of motorcycles come close.

Although exceptions exist, arcade racers tend to be less concerned with nuance than sim racers. As such, few of The Crew 2“s vehicles are particularly unruly to drive. The 1957 Cadillac is quite a stunning piece of classic machinery; unfortunately, the ancient vehicle is too slow and clunky to stand much of a chance against even the poor Abarth 500 or the Cadillac”s own 2012 Escalade.

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The Cadillac Eldorado Brougham wins points for its stylish design, but this is one car that should be left for joy rides rather than street racing.

Considering we live in a world where everything is monetized, Ubisoft may have felt tempted to lock The Crew 2“s best hypercar behind a paywall. Gratefully, the Bugatti Chiron”s Carbon Edition is actually one of a handful of cars that simply cannot be purchased with in-game credit.

Once players reach an Icon level of 1,000, they are rewarded with this special version of an already fantastic car. Now, to be fair, the Carbon Edition has the same specs as the standard Chiron, but that black coat of paint is definitely worth the effort! The Koenigsegg Regera is also fantastic while being cheaper than the regular Chiron.

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Just to be clear, there is no such thing as a terrible hypercar. The Maserati MC12 is simply the worst of a fantastic bunch. In other words, it is still a pretty great car. Costing only 443,100 in-game bucks, the MC12 is likely to be most players” first hypercar. Viewed as a budget option, the two-door car is more than respectable.

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That said, there are streetcars capable of outmuscling the MC12; in fact, the smartest option is to wait a bit longer and then purchase the Pagani Zonda F.

Touring cars are basically sportscars designed specifically for the race track. In terms of performance, they sit somewhere in the middle between streetcars and hypercars. The Ferrari FXX K is the fastest touring car in the game, but the Saleen S7R almost matches the Ferrari”s stats while costing around half as much credits.

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Reaching a top speed of 248 mph and outperforming most of its contemporaries, the Saleen S7R is also one of the more affordable vehicles in its categories.

The Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé”s history is incredibly fascinating. Constructed in the mid-1950s, the 300 SLR coupe seemed set to take the world by storm in 1956. What happened? Well, the Le Mans 1955 disaster happened. Mercedes opted to stop competing in races, leading to only two models of the 300 SLR ever being created.

While everyone can dream of one day owning a Bugatti Chiron, The Crew 2 is about as close as anyone is likely to get to actually driving the 300 SLR. The car can be seen at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. History lesson aside, the 300 SLR is comfortably the worst touring car in the game.

4 Best RallyCross Vehicle: Ford Focus RS RX

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Rallycross races require a vehicle made of sturdier stuff than your typical hyper or streetcar. Sure, these cars may not be able to reach the same speeds, but they are designed to withstand the rough terrain associated with off-road racing.

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Out of the 17 rallycross cars available, the Ford Focus RS RX stands above the rest by a considerable margin. With 600 bhp at its disposal, the Ford Focus RS RX is only truly challenged by the Lancia Delta S4, which is also a decent option.

If there is a contender for the least impressive model available in multiple categories, the Mustang GT would definitely be a front runner. With the exception of the version designed for drag races, which is merely average rather than awful, the Mustang GT nearly always sits among a discipline”s worst vehicles.

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Out of all the categories in The Crew 2, the GT probably struggles the most in rally raids events. This is not even a particularly competitive category, but the Mustang GT still fails to leave much of an impression.

Rated at an impressive 160 out of 240, the highest among drift cars, the CTR-3 combines a respectable top speed with decent handling to—hopefully—leave the other competitors in the dust. The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 is almost as good, but the fact it costs nearly twice as much makes it hard to recommend.

Drifting takes a while to master; therefore, by the time the CTR-3 is obtained, the player should have a solid grasp of the basic mechanics.

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It”s hard to criticize the Shelby GT500 too much. Sure, its horsepower and top speed are rather unspectacular. While available in three versions, all versions rank among the worst in their respective fields. Despite leaving a lot to be desired in most areas, the GT500 gets by on charm alone.

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As a drift car, the Shelby GT500 is the perfect vehicle to learn the ropes. Once you feel ready to get competitive, upgrade to something with a touch more juice. The Challenger SRT-8 392 is a solid option.

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