Best Calibration Settings For Vizio M Series Quantum 2019 Calibration Settings

Vizio is one of the smart television manufacturing brands that aims to provide the best of home entertainment. It lets you experience the award-winning picture quality. So, you will get more detail, color, and contrast every time you watch TV. There may be times your TV has come with default picture settings or store settings. As a result, the image on the Vizio TV will not look good as you have expected. In such a scenario, you should make changes to the picture settings to optimize it based on your environment. The section will guide you on how to get the best Picture Settings for Vizio TV. In addition to this, you will also get to know some important picture settings options.

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Best Picture Settings for Vizio TV

You can set your Vizio TV to the best picture settings to get the best of streaming.

Get Started

If in case of experiencing a problem with the picture quality, you are requested to look at the following things on Vizio TV.

Check if all the connections on the TV are properly connected.You may try to view programs from different sources like the game console.Turn off the Vizio TV, unplug it, and press the power button for 5 seconds. Now, plug the TV back in and power on.

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A Quick Look at How to Adjust or Set Best Picture Settings on Vizio TV?

Whether you want to set your preferred picture setting or adjust it, you should carry out the steps given below on Vizio TV.

(1). To begin with, press the Menu button on the Vizio TV remote to get the on-screen menu.(2). Highlight the Picture option using the arrow button and press OK.

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(3). On the Picture menu, highlight Picture Mode using the arrow button on the remote.(4). Use the Left or Right arrow button to change the Picture mode, Brightness, Back-light, Contrast, Color, Tint, etc.

Note: Get back to the Picture Settings menu by pressing the Back button on the remote twice.

If you don’t want to go with the Factory Set Picture mode, then set it to Custom to adjust the settings as you need. If you have set it to Custom, then proceed with the steps below to get the best of Picture Setting on Vizio TV.

Know the Picture Settings Options

Let us know what does these individual settings mean on a Vizio TV.

Picture Modes


Vizio TV Picture Modes

Standard mode – It sets the various picture settings to meet Energy Star requirementCalibrated mode – Perfect for watching Vizio TV in a brightly-lit roomCalibrated Dark mode – Suitable for watching TV in a dark roomVivid mode – It sets the picture setting values for a bright and more vivid pictureGame mode – This delays and optimizes the picture settings to display game console outputComputer mode – It optimizes the picture settings for displaying the computer output

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More Other Picture Settings

The following options are available under Picture Settings screen.


Vizio Picture Settings

Auto Brightness Control – Detects the light level and adjust the backlightBacklight – Adjust the LED brightnessBrightness – It adjusts the black level of the pictureContrast – Used to adjust the white level of the pictureTint – It adjusts the hue of the pictureSharpness – Adjusts edge sharpness and sharpen non-HD content

Advanced Picture Settings Options

Under Advanced Picture Setting option, you will find the following settings.


Advanced Picture Settings on Vizio TV

Color Temperature – Used to adjust the warmness and coolnessBlack Detail – Change the average brightness of the pictureActive LED Zones – To improve the contrast ratioOther than this, you will find options like Smooth Motion Effect, Motion Blur Reduction, Reduce Signal Noise, Reduce Black Noise, Picture Size, Picture Position, and Wide.

Recommended Picture Settings for Different Vizio TV Models

Vizio is currently manufacturing TV models for the P series, M series, V series, and D series.

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Vizio P Series Models

For SDR Contents:

Picture Mode: Calibrated DarkBacklight: 50Brightness: 50Contrast: 50Color: 50Tint: 0Sharpness: 0Color Temperature: NormalReduce Signal Noise: OffReduce Block Noise: OffColor Space: AutoGamma: 2.2

For HDR Contents

Full UHD Color: OnChrome: 4:4:4

Vizio M Series Models

For SDR Contents

Picture Mode: Calibrated DarkContrast: 50Black Level: 50Color Temperature: Normal

For HDR Contents

Picture Mode: Calibrated DarkFull UHD Color: On

Vizio V Series Models

For SDR content under Advanced Picture Mode

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Picture Mode: Calibrate modeAuto Brightness Control: MediumBacklight: 50Brightness: 50Contrast: 50Color: 50Tint: 0Sharpness: 0

For SDR Contents Under Advanced Picture Menu

Color Temperature: NormalBlack Detail: OffSmooth Motion Effect:Backlight Control: OffFilm Mode: On

For HDR Contents

Backlight: 50Full UHD Color: OnGamma: 1.8

Vizio D Series Models

General Settings

Picture Mode: Calibrated DarkBacklight: 22Brightness: 50Contrast: 50Color: 50Tint: 0Sharpness: 0Temperature: NormalBlack Detail: OffReduce Noise: OffColor Space: AutoGamma: 2.2

Our Opinion

For any reason, if you are dissatisfied with the default picture settings of Vizio TV, you can change it accordingly. We have suggested to the optimal Picture Settings for different Vizio TV series. If you aren’t satisfied still then, you can still change the settings on your own. With this, you will get the best of what you need.

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