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BREAKFAST. It’s my favorite meal to prepare, my favorite meal to eat out – honestly, it’s just my favorite meal. Of course, Portland, Maine being the foodie tvery own it is, has some absolutely delicious choices for breakfast/brunch. I personally tend to reap diner-style breakquick a small even more than the trendy and also “high-end” meals. For me and also breakrapid – the much easier, the better. You get even more bang for your buck, and also you certainly won’t leave the restaurant hungry!Thankcompletely tright here is no shortage of breakfast spots in Portland also.With that being said, here’s one guideline for every one of you: if you go out for breakquick in Portland, gain there EARLY. The hot and trendy brunch locations fill up practically as soon as they open. Even the not so warm restaurants will certainly have actually a long wait by 9:30am. My boyfriend and I attempt to make it to wherever before we’re eating breakquick within an hour of the time they open up.

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So without even more aperform, below is my list for the best breakfast in Portland also, Maine.Happy eating!

The 5 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Portland also, Maine:

1. Miss Portland also Diner

Miss Portland is your brand-new go-to for breakquick on the weekend (they’re open up weekdays as well, though!). They’ve earned the extremely competitive and coveted title of my boyfriend’s favorite biscuits and gravy. Look out for some exceptional specials that aren’t on their regular food selection, as well.

One time they had a breakfast flatbreview with caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes, bacon, cheese, and also 3 sunny-side up eggs. It was hands-dvery own the finest breakfast I’ve ever before consumed at a restaurant – a meal I will truly never forobtain. Not to point out, their bloody mary’s are uh-mazing. The food is fantastic, prices are unbeatable, company is top-notch, and it’s constantly fun to eat in a diner car! You will certainly not be disappointed.

Source: Facebook

2. Artemisia Cafe

This is the cutest little restaurant in Portland also. Tucked ameans just a couple of blocks from the bustling downtown area, Artemisia Cafe certainly flies under the radar. Their fresh ingredients are crafted into artisan dishes that showcase the simpler side of breakquick. Both the kielbasa and veggie hash are refreshingly different and delightful. Every dish comes through some exceptional breview toasted to perfection. They are open 9am-11am on weekdays for breakfast (plus 11am-2pm for lunch), and also 9am-2pm for brunch on the weekends.

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Salmon Hash With Toast! Source: Facebook

3. Hot Suppa

Okay, this is absolutely among those trendy “high-end” breakrapid spots I mentioned in the intro… however it totally resides approximately the hype. Hot Suppa, a southern-style restaurant and bar, offered me the ideal, the majority of fluffy and also creamy omelette I’ve ever consumed.

At arguably the busiest brunch spot in tvery own, you definitely pay even more for the top quality of food you’re gaining. My boyfrifinish ordered the chicken and also biscuits, which I never believed I’d be on board through, but male, they were scrumptious. Get tright here beforehand, as the restaurant is rather tiny.

The delicious French omelette I ordered at Hot Suppa and my boyfriend’s chicken and biscuits in the background.

4. Dutch’s

Dutch’s is a quirky breakrapid spot located a small off-the-bconsumed route from the busy Congress Street in Portland also. The imaginative dishes on their menu complement the amazing internal decor. Don’t let that fool you, though – the food is definitely delicious. Think grilled banana bread drizzled via wealthy, creamy caramel sauce. Think mamelted potatoes reshaped right into huge squares and fried as your side of hash-browns. Although prices have the right to be a small steep (in my mind), eextremely expedition to Dutch’s is a delightful treat.

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5. Bayside Amerihave the right to Cafe

I cannot stress this enough for breakrapid in Portland also – acquire tbelow early on. My boyfrifinish and I got a late start the morning we tired Bayside, and also it cost us a nearly 50 minute wait. Their food selection is quite varied, and anypoint you order will certainly be delicious. I acquired the bacon cheddar scallion pancakes with bourbon maple sauce. This was me venturing exterior of my usual breakquick favorites of hash and also scrambles. It was extremely yummy, however I’m excited to try something else following time!

Cinnamon roll pancakes at Amerideserve to Bayside Cafe. Source: Facebook

Places I’ve heard good things about, but haven’t had actually a possibility to try yet:

Ruski’s, 212 Danforth Street, Portland also, ME 04102

Side note: If you want breakquick pizza, go to a little convenience store in Scarboturbulent called 8 Corners Pizza – simply perform it.

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