When the DJ is playing your favorite song, you have three options: You can sit in the corner because you"re too cool to dance, give a little two-step, or full-out drop it like it"s hot in the" />

The Best Booty Shaking Videos, Ten Songs That Will Inspire You To Shake Your Ass

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When the DJ is playing your favorite song, you have three options: You can sit in the corner because you”re too cool to dance, give a little two-step, or full-out drop it like it”s hot in the middle of the dance floor. If you ask us, we”re dropping it low. Regardless, if you have smooth moves or can manage only a two-step,the classic booty shake is a move that even someone with two left feet can’t screw up. Though we”re sure you can shake your ass to any song, here are ten classics and current favorites you should be poppin” it to right now: “Booty,” Blac Youngsta.

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At first, Blac Youngsta’s single was taken as a joke, but slowly and surely, the comical lyrics and catchy flow landed us on the dance floor. The song went viral, and social media was bombarded with choreographed memes. But you better believe if we hear this song at a party, we’re shaking our asses. “Round of Applause,” Waka Flocka Flame featuringDrake.Several songs are played in the strip club that make you want to throw your life savings at a single-mom stripper attempting to make it work, and this is one of them. Waka Flocka Flame’s “Round of Applause” is not only a stripper anthem but also a track that easily gets the dance floor moving. With lyrics like “Bounce that ass, shake that ass, like the twerk team,” this track makes it hard for you to sit. “Clappers,” Wale featuring Nicki Minaj and Juicy J. DMV rapper Wale calls all the clappers to the front with his collaborative single with Juicy J and Nicki Minaj, who is known for her set of clappers. The bouncy beat allows complete loss of control of your hips, making it perfect for every house party. Although Minaj doesn”t do much ass-shaking in the video for this track, you can make up for this lack by clapping your cheeks on beat. “Pull Over,” Trina & Trick Daddy.If you speed on I-95 with this song blasting, you’ll probably get ticketed for one of two things: reckless driving or that ass being too fat. Trina and Trick”s “Pull Over” is a Miami staple. It”s the single rose in the era of Miami bass music, but it still fits in perfectly with today’s throwback hip-hop and unwanted speeding tickets. “Dance (A$$) Remix,” Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj.This song has ass written all over it. The repetitive lyrics in Big Sean’s single with Nicki Minaj are a tribute to all the beautiful booties in the world. He instructs girls to drop that ass and make it boomerang. And, yeah, we can take direction. “Donk,” Soulja Boy. The 2000s were the best era for booty-shaking music.Soulja Boy, the king of dance crazes in the late “00s, contributed “Donk,” and to this day, we”re still shaking our asses. He kicks off the song by telling everyone to head to the dance floor so any girl with a “donk” can shake it all night long. We”re down.

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“Bootylicious,” Destiny”s Child.After a guest appearance by Destiny’s Child during Beyoncé’s recent Coachella performance, shaking your ass to this song is most appropriate. Snoop Dogg coined the term “bootylicious,” but the R&B girl group popularized the word, making it Webster”s dictionary-acceptable. Though the track is well over 10 years old, we are still not ready for this jelly. “My Humps,” the Black Eyed Peas.If you’re still not sure what to do with all that junk inside your truck, the best solution is to shake it. The Black Eyed Peas” classic hit “My Humps” is an anthem to all the ladies with lovely humps shaking them on the dance floor with their girlfriends. Guys, if this song is playing, don’t try to steal a dance. Look at but don’t touch the lady lumps. “It”s Your Birthday,” Luther Campbell.This list wouldn”t be complete without an Uncle Luke track. The king of Miami bass has given everyone a real reason to celebrate a birthday, even if it isn’t yours. “It”s Your Birthday” fuses the infamous Miami booty bass with a shout-out to every zodiac sign. Even if it isn’t your birthday, shake your ass.

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“Back That Azz Up,” Juvenile. By the time the beat drops to Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up,” your girlfriend is on the dance floor shaking her ass at a stranger. You have two options: Join her or lose her. Because the Cash Money Records single is undoubtedly catchy, we beg you to join in. “Back That Azz Up” has become a standard for any house party or cookout.
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