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The team at Bodyboard Center tested some of the best bodyboarding fins & bodysurfing swimfins models on the market and we love it. They have used different criteria such as power, stiffness, foot pocket comfort, muscular demand and the most appropriate styles for each swim fin. Read the considerations on the 12 models tested.

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Stealth S1

A true classic in the industry. You don’t want to change if you’re used to it. Good power, stiffness and also a great foot pocket comfort. A model that can be used in every style of riding. 

Strong points: power and stiffness.


Stealth S2

Another classic from Stealth Fins introducing a straight cut. They’re slightly stiffer and also have an improved drainage system. Can be used in every style of riding but more appropriate to prone. 

Strong points: power and stiffness.


Stealth S3

Similar to the S1 model but comes with an improved foot pocket drainage system. Awesome power and stiffness, for every style of riding. 

Strong points: power and stiffness.


Stealth S4

A very appreciated remake from the old Redleys Fins offering amazing power and finesse. These are all around fins.

Strong points: power and stiffness.


Vulcan V1

The Vulcan Fins V1 are for prone riders and they provide the more comfortable and ergonomically designed swim fins (based on an original mould). They incorporate 40% of recycled rubber in order to reduce the impact on rainforests and biodiversity. 

Strong points: the foot pocket comfort with 10 out of 10 points.


Vulcan V2

The V2 are built with 3 different densities of rubbers which allow this model to be stiffer, more powerful while still being one of the most comfortable. 

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Strong points: the foot pocket comfort.


Vulcan V3 Black

The V3 model presents a straight cut. The black limited edition comes with a neoprene piece inserted in the foot pocket to provide the best comfort/power ratio on the market.

Strong points: the foot pocket comfort (10 out of 10 points).

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Vulcan V3 PLC

The V3 have been developed in order to fulfill PLC needs in big surf and other bodyboarders who surf regulary. 

Strong points: great stiffness and power.



These are used by Hawaiian lifeguards, most of water photographers and bodysurfers all over the World.

Strong points: power and the foot pocket comfort.


Kick Fins

A swim fin developed for Dropknee lovers with a unique style.

Strong points: the foot pocket comfort.


Orca Swimfins

Great for all styles, made with 40% of recycled rubber and presenting the best quality/price/power ration on the market. Their kick is amazing. 

Strong points: the power.


Hubboards Air Hubb

Designed & tested by Mr. Jeff Hubbard on the North Shore. This means high performance rubbers that feel lightweight on your feet and float well in the water.

Strong points: a perfect combination of comfort and power.

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