Best Bartending Youtube Channels, Top 40 Bartender Youtube Channels

Do you look at the bartenders at bars and pubs and imagine yourself being able to flip bottles and play with fire? If yes, you should subscribe to these 5 YouTube channels today itself.

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Learn to make basic and creative drinks, introduce yourself to flair bartending routines and ace at bar tricks and molecular mixology! 

1. Tipsy Bartender


If you want to learn to make creative cocktails and booze-infused treats, you should definitely subscribe to Tipsy Bartender. They have a huge playlist with almost 190 videos on shots. You can learn to make Peanut Butter Cup shots and Mac and Cheese shots along with every shot one can imagine there to exist. They also have playlists dedicated to 420-friendly drinks, jello shots and tipsy treats!

2. Quality Cocktails


If you have been trying to learn flair bartending routines from online platforms, Quality Cocktails is as good as it gets. Learn to flip and juggle bottles, bicep-pour drinks and change grips through the routines! They have over 29 videos to teach you all the basic and advanced techniques.

3. Bars and Bartending


Bars and Bartending is one of the best YouTube channels for learning bar tricks online. Learn to balance coins on bills, open bottles with a lighter and cut limes with a cigarette! All these bar tricks will impress your friends when having a house party, and will be helpful if you are looking to make a career in bartending.

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4. Bartending Pro


If you are a beginner, learn to make basic cocktails and shooters with elaborate recipes at Bartending Pro. Whether it’s a Mint Julep or a Flaming Dr. Pepper, ace all the recipes in a matter of a few days.

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Watch, practice, ace!

5. Small Screen Drinks


If you are fascinated by molecular mixology, subscribe to Small Screen Drinks ASAP! Learn to carbonate a drink, create cocktail foam, smoke a cocktail and barrel age a drink. These videos are three to six minutes long and show the mixology process in great detail without overwhelming the viewer.

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