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A Letter from Our Owner Regarding Current Food Pricing

We would like to thank our customers for their patience and understanding during this unprecedented time of inflation. Monthly and sometimes weekly, we have quite literally received price increase notices on all products including paper products, dairy, and especially meat. Meat prices have risen for 8 consecutive months due to many factors but not limited to:

-Covid shut down and depletion of stock piles

-A surge in restocking since the country has opened up

-Exploding demand from consumers to wholesale trade

-High feed costs

-Higher transportation costs

-Labor shortages slowing the restocking levels

-Strong domestic product exporting

Daily, we track every commodity market to movements and trends. We truly make an effort to try to anticipate trends and purchase in an effort to keep your costs the lowest possible. . We are suffering the same sticker shock that you are.

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The good news beef prices seem to have hit a plateau for now. Unfortunately I don’t believe there will be any major relief in any commodity item until Fall 2021.

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I can tell you that we will shop diligently and buy in bulk when necessary to keep prices as low as we can for you!

Thank you for your understanding,

Doug Helnore

Owner Best Bargains Inc.

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Best Bargains, Inc. has been serving local and national companies since 1972. In 1972, Tony Marino felt there was a need to offer local residents and local restaurants the best food at discount prices. He decided to expand the company into a small cash-and-carry store, where local residents and businesses could receive the same restaurant quality foods with the same discounts he received. In 1990, the company moved to their current location off the corners of County Highway KD and Highway 50 in New Munster, WI. In 2019, Doug Helnore purchased the entire company. Doug has been a valuable asset to the company since he joined it in 1992. In the time that he’s spent at Best Bargains, Inc., Doug has worked in all facets of the company, including, working in the warehouse, driving the company vehicles, becoming a partner of the company, and most recently becoming the sole owner of the company. He is excited to continue the same great values Best Bargains, Inc. has become known for and to take the company to the next level.

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