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Top 15 Best Assassin League of Legends

You can’t play League of Legends as a beginner.

I know it’s hard to get better at this game. And you’re not alone. There are millions of people just like you who want to be good at LoL but have no clue where or how to start their journey towards being an all-star player on the rift.

The best way for a newbie to improve is by watching and learning from experienced players, right? But there aren’t many places that teach beginners how they can become better without playing against other players in solo queue. That’s why we created Best Assassin league of legends, the best resource for beginner assassins out there!

Top 16 Best Assassin League of Legends
Top 16 Best Assassin League of Legends

Best assassin league of legends



Pyke is also one of the best assassins for large maps as he can quickly clear minion waves by himself and teleport to objectives with ease which allows him to pose a serious threat on split-pushing oriented compositions where he can use his abilities to escape difficult situations or simply go all out if chances arise.

One thing that Pyke needs before truly shining however are items, due to his squishiness without defensive items its usually better to stay away from direct confrontation so you gain an advantage over enemies by roaming around the map taking jungle camps and teleporting back into lane when required.

Your main goal for laning phase is not pushing your lane but rather freezing it at a certain spot which will allow you summoner spells to be up when an enemy champion wants to trade with you.

Pyke doesn’t have the highest DPS in the game, but his kit allows him to take advantage of mistakes quite easily and punish enemies heavily for them which makes him a very strong pick at the moment.



Kassadin is an assassin and will burst and destroy your opponents and become and unstoppable force.

Kassadin has a passive that allows him to more movement speed when not being targeted making it easy for him to flank opponents.

His Q which his the most used ability since it resets all auto attack timers allowing you to quickly autoattack then Q back out to safety, it also gives Kassadin a ton of magic resist making him very tanky.

His W is an AoE silence allowing him and his team to catch and kill opponents over walls and such, this ability also grants vision in fog of war or brush making it easy for you to see your prey before they know you’re there.

His E is a gap closer that stuns the opponent so you can quickly Q them to death.

His R is basically his ultimate, it makes him invulnerable for 2 seconds, allowing you to easily assassinate your opponents without any retaliation. Making Kassadin very dangerous.



Shaco is an assassin that can take out any opponent in a matter of seconds, using his stealth abilities to get behind enemy lines without being seen.

He possesses massive amounts of burst damage with his two offensive abilities combined with deceive makes him one of the most dangerous champions in the game.

Deceive is a passive that allows Shaco to become invisible for three seconds, or if activated again within that time frame, Shaco will blink forward and creates a clone of himself which deals half his damage.

This can be deadly when used effectively because it could make your enemy run away from the clone thinking its you, only to be stabbed in the back by you.

Shaco’s other offensive ability is his two-handed Jack In The Box which he can place almost anywhere within a certain radius, this box will fear any enemy who gets close to it and deals damage.

He also has a poison ability that does damage over time, and if an opponent is hit by both this ability and another enemy champion (within 2 seconds of each other), it will cause them to go into a frenzy. This is one killer clown.



Rengar is one of my favorite jungler as he brings something new to the league with his ultimate. His passive allows him to leap at his enemy and do damage to them, this helps him gank lanes more effectively.

His Q allows him to build up ferocity stacks that increases his AD and is very useful when roams around the jungle.

His W is a single target ability with true damage on it which scales off of AD making Rengar a strong assassin in duels and ganks.

His E is a gap closer that allows him to catch up and slow his target this makes it easy for Rengar to stick on his enemy like a shadow.

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His ultimate allows him to become completely invisible and fear all nearby enemies, this ability can be used as both an escape or an engage making rengar unpredictable which gives you a stronger chance in winning fights.

Rengar brings something new to the league with his ultimate making him even more fun to play. Rengar is great for players who like playing assassins because of his high burst damage and is very good in duels.

His ability to jump on enemies makes him a strong ganker when he plays smart and counter gank. Rengar is very fun to play and brings something fresh to the league that players won’t forget.



Kha’zix has evolved into one of my favorite assassins and is very strong in the current meta.

His passive allows him to evolve and become more powerful getting either range or damage depending on what he chooses, this makes Kha’zix a very deadly assassin as it’s strategic for you to choose whether you want your range or damage since most of kha’zixs abilities scales with AD.

His Q is an AOE ability that allows you to clear minion waves within seconds, it also slows the enemy so you can catch up and auto attack them then use your W for extra damage.

His W allows kha’zix to camouflage himself making him invisible to his prey, this can be used both offensively or defensively allowing Kha’zix to easily pick off enemies.

His E is a leap that allows him to jump to allies or minions, this can be used both offensively and defensively allowing Kha’zix multiple ways to catch his prey.

His R which is usually used for burst damage but can also be used as an escape if you evolve it for the range instead.

Kha’zix has evolved into one of the most versatile champions in the league of legends and is very fun to play.

His burst damage makes him an assassin but his ability to gank efficiently without falling off makes him a viable jungler. Kha’zixs abilities scales very well with items making it hard for your opponents to itemize against you.



Evelynn is a ranged assassin who uses her stealth and high burst to kill her opponents. She’s much more dangerous in the jungle than she is in lane, but that doesn’t mean she can’t lane well.

Her surprising amount of mobility makes it difficult for enemies to run away from her, and she hits hard with her Q and E.

As an assassin, Evelynn’s biggest weakness is her squishiness. With no real escape abilities, enemies can easily pop your health to 0 with their burst damage if you aren’t careful enough.

She does have a slow for this reason however, so always pay attention to the map in case you run into the enemy jungle or an enemy laner.



Nocturne has always been one of the most deadly champions in League of Legends. This is because he possesses many things that players need to be successful, even against a team with multiple tanks.

More than any other champion, Nocturne can simply ignore enemy frontline champions and still do damage.

He has high amounts of burst damage with his ultimate, which also provides him with an attack speed steroid for physical damage output.

He also often builds items like Youmuu’s Ghostblade or Duskblade of Draktharr for extra combat stats – giving him more killing potential than some pure assassin champions who just itemize raw damage numbers.



Katarina is currently one of the best assassins in League of Legends due mainly to her high mobility while also having heavy burst damage making her able to shred through anyone who dares come too close.

With Katarina it’s all about outplaying your opponent, if you make even one mistake you will most likely die straight away as your only means of survival are Shunpo’ing (E) or waiting for your ultimate to come off cooldown.

When playing Katarina you want to roam around the map looking for easy kills or pressuring your lane opponent, but when playing against a smart enemy this is nearly impossible to accomplish due to their summoner spells being up more often than yours.

In teamfights its best to stay in the backline and wait for good opportunities to go all in on enemies as waiting until a fight starts might be too late if you get cc’d right after going in.

Your main weakness however is champion that can disengage easily due to having powerful hard crowd-control abilities such as Malphite’s (R) Unstoppable Force which has a long knockup time, champions with low cooldown mobility skills such as Twisted Fate (R) Gate which can easily make you waste your ultimate, and champions with high mobility such as Talon (R) Shadow Assault which makes it extremely hard to land your abilities.



Zed is one of the most popular champions in the league and for a good reason. Zed has amazing burst damage making him an assassin that can carry games very hard.

He also synergizes well with items such as blade of the ruined king or black clever giving him strong mid game presence to help him carry.

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He has a passive which allows him to deal bonus magic damage to his opponent stacking up to 3 times, this allows zed’s Q and W to have great synergy.

His Q is an ability that deals bonus damage depending on how many stacks you have of your passive allowing you stack up the damage before using other abilities like your E for max damage.

His W allows him to deal bonus magic damage and apply a mark of the shadow to his opponent, this will allow your E and Q to do maximum damage giving you great burst potential.

His E is an ability that deals its damage in a line allowing zed to catch up to fleeing enemies or run away from tough situations.

Zed’s R is an ability that deals massive damage to all enemies caught in its line, this allows zed to deal massive amount of damage over time and 100% secure a kill.



Akali is considered by many players to be one of the best assassins in League of Legends.

She has very powerful abilities that deal damage, but her main drawback is that she needs to get into melee range before she can do any real damage. This allows teams with good mobility and crowd control to stand a chance against Akali.

Akali excels at killing enemy champions in lane so it is your goal to push for level 6 as early as possible without taking too much minion damage.

Once you have all 3 Shadow Dance charges available keeping your lane opponent close will ensure they die when you activate Twilight Shroud+mark them with your Q+dash to them with your E.

You can take tower aggro so long as you have Twilight Shroud available for when the enemy jungler comes to gank.



The fallout from assassins is a good assassin because you can go in a team fight,and if your team fight was going bad, you could always use your ult to get away and try again.

You should pick talon if the enemy has a lot of cc, so you could easily get away.

Talon is my favorite, because he can go through walls with his ult, so whenever or not there are any enemies around the map.

You should always try to do good combos on your enemy’s. If you have a full combo of your r ,w, and q and the enemy has already used his flash like half way through your combo, you should activate your w before you use other spells and put it where their flash will probably be positioned after they flashed.



Diana is a very difficult champion to learn and play, but once she is learned and mastered she can be one of the best assassin league of legends in the competetive scene.

Diana can do massive damage once you hit level 6 and as such it takes team effort to unleash her potential. Diana has immense crowd control abilities which makes her a powerful pick against many teams. A fed Diana will decimate your enemies.

The only real weakness with playing as Diana is that if she fails to get fed or positioned correctly she can become irrelevant and useless later on in the game.

It’s not easy getting caught out by the opponent either. This is why proper positioning and good team co-ordination is essential when playing Diana.

Shadow Assassin (Kayn)

Shadow Assassin (Kayn)
Shadow Assassin (Kayn)

Shadow Assassin (Kayn) has an intuitive understanding of physical laws that enables him to master various weapons quickly.

He can even weaponize his darkin form, which makes all attacks he lands on enemies deal extra damage. The ability takes some time to learn but once mastered the Shadow Assassin is sure to deliver incredible burst damage.

Besides, Shadow Assassin (Kayn)’s skills are perfect for dishing out high damage. Check out his combo: first use E and then W skill consecutively to move around a Circle of Shadows repeatedly, making it hard for enemies to target Kayn himself; finally cast Q skill before going in for the kill!



LeBlanc is an amazing champion if mastered properly.

Her skill set allows her to fly around the map causing mass confusion for her enemies while also giving them no time to recover from one engagement before having to face another one of her spells.

When built correctly (the items I will list further down) you are nearly unkillable through out the game due to having so much mobility and damage output “magic damage” as she is an assassin.



Fizz’​s kit gives you everything you need on an assassin. Burst damage, mobility, and survivability are all packed into Fizz’​s kit.

His Q, Urchin strike provides a large amount of burst damage due to it having a low cooldown after using an ability and on top of that it scales from bonus attack damage making him not only deal more damage from his passive but also deal more damage depending on which items you buy for him!

This will be your main source of damage throughout the game. With this one ability, Fizz can deal tons of damage very quickly.

How to counter a good assassin

In the current meta assassins are a huge threat to anyone who gets close. The early game has been changed so much since Rengar and Katarina have been released that it is very rare you see a bruiser-type top lane anymore.

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But how do we deal with these powerful champions? There are several ways to counter an assassin such as Rengar, Katarina or Akali.

The most reliable way to counter an assassin is through the use of crowd control. Crowd control such as stuns and knockups make it very difficult for an assassin to do their job effectively.

The more time you buy yourself from their burst combo, the better your chances will be to win the fight.

Crowd control is very important in team fights, if you are ever facing an assassin, stay grouped up so they cannot destroy your back line. You never want to be caught alone against these types of champions or else it’s all over.

Pros and cons for being an assassin player


  • You get to be part of the best performing class in League of Legends, no questions asked. In Season 2 alone, assassins have handily brought home 1 st place for the World Finals, 1 st place for both OGN Champions Spring and Summer tournaments, and 1 st place at All-stars Shanghai 2013. They hold 3/4 spots in the top 5 assassin appearances in competitive play.
  • Assassins are distinct to League of Legends because they can make a comeback from a lost battle, no questions asked. This is what makes assassins such a fun class to play.
  • The most mobile class in League of Legends, no questions asked.
  • Arguably 2nd best map control after teleport flashers like Twisted Fate and Pantheon (Twisted Fate does not count as he has low damage output, but gives good map control)


  • Assassins have a difficult time initiating team fights as this role is already occupied by tanks and bruisers. Assassins have been slowly losing their identity ever since the season 3 update because they can no longer play as an assassin perfectly.
  • Assassins are high risk, high reward kind of players, no questions asked. They need to be farmed well in order to be a big help for their team.
  • Assassins really need a lot of farm in order to do well, no questions asked, making them one of the most dependent classes in League of Legends.
  • Assassin is the class that benefits the least from levels and items compared to other roles because they can easily 1 vs 3 other players even if they are much lower level than their pursuers.
  • Assassins are very difficult to play because they can easily get countered by other players in the game.

Tips on how to become a better assassin player

As an assassin you will need to be able to dish out tons of damage while also being able to get away from sticky situations if needed. Read on to learn how to become a better assassin!

Typically, assassins have high mobility which allows them to quickly move around the map and engage combat when necessary. If your passive allows it then you should choose abilities that allow for more mobility.


Who is the best assassin in LOL wild rift?

f you don’t know who the best assassin in League of Legends is, we will tell you now. The best assassin for this season is Kha’Zix (Kha-Zix).

This character has a high level of damage and mobility. He can easily escape from his opponent after killing him. There are also some other good assassins such as Fizz and Rengar.

You can buy Kha’Zix in lol shop and you’ll see that he is the most powerful champion in LOL wild rift. Moreover, he can easily help your team to win a match and go to next rounds without any problems. Now we want to draw your attention on real battles of Kha’Zix.

Who is the hardest assassin in League of Legends?

While the answer to this question might seem easy for some, it’s actually quite complicated. Some champions are very hard to play at low Elo, where others only need mastering of certain mechanics to be effective.

Remember that there is no “best” champion in League of Legends or any other game for that matter. You can find one that fits better into your playstyle compared to others however.

Who is the easiest assassin in League of Legends?

This is a common question and there’s no correct answer. Every champion in the game has some deadly tricks up their sleeve, whether it be stealth, powerful ultimates or simply incredible burst damage.

However, we want to know which one you think is the absolute “safest” when it comes to picking an assassin in draft pick. Who are best players being forced to play against time after time, only to see themselves lose faster than they can say “bugs.”

So who do YOU think is the easiest assassin? Here are this week’s nominees:
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (10 Votes)

  • Diana (4 Votes)
  • Evelynn (5 Votes)
  • Fizz (4 Votes)
  • Katarina (11 Votes)
  • Kha’Zix (7 Votes)
  • LeBlanc (9 Votes)
  • Rengar (3 Votes)
  • Shaco (5 votes),



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