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Most of the packs I've played have had Iguana Tweaks, so I could level up my bow and it would become insanely powerful no matter what I made it from, lol. But this time I have to look more closely at the materials themselves. Any advise?


For infinity evolved, the common wisdom seems to be a crossbow made with a signalum limb, thaumium body, flame string, and paper or magical wood binding.

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I put flux on mine, because none of these materials are fantastic for durability.

For arrows, pokefennium tool rod with enderium tips and slime leaf fletching. You can stack quartz to make them even more ridiculous, or do a diamond then emerald to get more max ammo. Moss is good too, so you don't have to spend materials to repair them.

yes, this. just made one (crossbow) in IE:E myself. the bolts i make are blue slime crystal rod + slime leaf fletching

add moss and quartz to the bolts for added damage.. add moss and lapis to the crossbow (if you want) for looting III

I love how everyone lists ExtraTiC crossbows as opposed to TiC bows.

If I recall, IE:E/IE:S removes ExtraTiC and so Signalum/Enderium are non-options.

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Signalum and Enderium are options, right now I'm using an Enderium long bow. I've noticed a lot of people using crossbows, but haven't used one myself. I'm a fan of the bows because you can dump redstone on it and turn the damn thing into an uzi, lol. But I'll look into the crossbow idea too.

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Yeah I'm actually a fan of that decision. I know some people like their OP stuff but for me I don't like that it disregards the balance of other mods. There's no point in trying out other mods' equipment when you can easily make a crossbow that does 99 hearts of damage or a pickaxe with a mining speed of 23…

Look more closely at the materials themselves. If I remember, signalum limbs, fiery bowstring, thaumium/paper everything else on the bow/crossbow. For the arrow/bolt, enderium tip, slime leaf fletching. If you can't get slime leaf, then blue slime fletching. If enderium/signalum doesn't exist/was nerfed, use plastic for the bow, manyullyn for the tip.

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