Best Archery Sight 2016 – The Perfect Western Hunting Bow Sight

This article recommends top 5 best bow sight for hunting that has been receiving numerous positive reviews on the markets. Opt for one that suits your skills and preference.

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Bow hunting has always been an activity that requires a lot of skills and practices. Besides the traditional bow, the bow sight these days have been much more developed to improve the accuracy, enhance the vision and ultimately upgrade the experience while bow hunting.

Bow sight is an application that is mounted on the modern bow’s riser that helps with aiming your arrow before taking the shot. It is somehow like the sight in the rifles and shotguns that make you shoot better. It shows you the pinpointed projectile position in which you are supposed to drive the arrows.

Bow SightPin TypePinsDiameterSight Light
IQ Pro 5 Pin Editors” Choice Fixed Five .019 Rheostat View on Amazon
Trophy Ridge React Fixed Five .019 Rheostat View on Amazon
HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite Adjustable Single .019 Rheostat View on Amazon
TRUGLO Range Rover Pro Adjustable Single 1/2″ circle Illuminated Green LED View on Amazon
TRUGLO Pendulum TG701 Adjustable Single .019 View on Amazon


Top 5 Bow Sight For The Money 20185 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Bow Sight

4 Types of Bow Sights

As you all may know, there are 4 major types of bow sights including:

Fixed pin sightsMoveable pin sightsPendulum sightsCompetition sights

This article, however, will not mention the competition sights as you do not need such an expensive and advanced type of bow sight for hunting. Instead, these recommendations are based on the need of the bow hunters in terms of specific preferences, skills, and locations.

Why You Need a Bow Sight?

Besides purchasing a good bow sight will give good value for your money and save your effort in bow hunting in the long term, there are 4 benefits of having a bow sight that people have been commonly talking about:
Aim and align your target better Extend the distance and range while hunting Improve the accuracy better than a peep sight Able to go hunting in the darkness

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View on Amazon
If you prefer treestand hunting, this bow sight should be considered. It’s adjustable and very quiet. You can shoot up to 35 yards, and you can lock the pendulum if you want to shoot on the ground. There is an adjustable bracket that helps you to focus on aiming with just one pin sight.

The bow sight is made of aluminum to give the sturdy feeling and to be rust-resistant. It is quite lightweight and newbie-friendly. Adding to that, the installment process is simple, and the fiber optic cable along with the removable rheostat light can help you in low light hunting.

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Bow Sight

It is always important to have the right bow sight if you are going to make great shots each time you take them. This is something that cannot miss today. Check out the tips for buying the best bow sight below.

Single Pins vs. Multiple Pins Bow Sights – What is Better?

This could be a strong debate among archers who are looking for the best bow sights. The multi-pin sight would come with three to five pins for the specific yardages that you can shoot with the sight. For a five-pin sight, it can have each pin for 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards. Depending on the distance from the target, you have to get the pin to hold dead on the target before shooting.

For the single pin sight, it will come with one movable pin. You will need to adjust it up and down by hand to get it to the tight position for a specific distance before shooting. The sight would have a sight tape, where the paper will have different yardages. You simply have to move the pin to the right yard and take the shot.

Choosing between them is often a matter of preference. You would get more archers going for the single pin as it gives a person a cleaner sight picture. It should be easy to concentrate when aiming.

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Use in low light

In most cases, you are likely to hunt during the first light or last light. It is all about making sure you do the correct timing. During such houses, you are likely to have trouble seeing the target. This calls for the best bow sights that can work great for the low light conditions. It is common to find that some of such bows would be illuminated depending on the material used to make them. The fiber optic pins are the common examples you could use for low light conditions, however, they will require a battery to light them up.

It is often a guarantee that when you miss on taking out a game because of poorly illuminated pins, you will never feel like using the sights again. Just make sure that the next time you are going hunting, you have a model with illumination for the sight. It is a great feature that will always help you take the right shot at the target. Some models might come with a knob or buttons for adjusting the illumination.

Materials used

The material used to make the bow sights often affect the usability of the sights. It is now important to understand the materials used for making the sights first. For quality purposes, you will get most of the bow signs being made from machine aluminum. The aluminum material is ideal for such applications as it is readily available, it does not rust and it is lightweight. With the use of the CNC machines, the manufacturers can create precise and impressive aluminum sight designs.

That being said, the aluminum machined bow sights are often expensive. It is the reason some manufacturers would make some types of sights to have plastic parts in addition to the aluminum. This should lower the cost thus making the equipment quite affordable for most people.

Depending on the plastic used, some plastics are actually quite durable. You will not have to worry about buying another type of bow sight anytime soon. You simply have to take the time to understand what you would be getting whenever you choose a certain type of bow sight material.

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Size and level

When it comes to size, it is always better to end up with a model that works and looks great. The size plays an important role in making sure that the model can actually fit on your bow. Not all bow sights come off a standard size. You need to understand how to measure if the sight can fit on your bow or not.

Other than size, we also have the bubble levels. These are new additions to what you would want to use for your bow. You simply have to make sure that it is the right level and in proper working condition. The work of the level is to help align your bow perfectly upright if you have to shoot. Depending on the type of shooters, most would want to know how there is oriented before taking a shot.


If you are going to buy the best bow sight, you will always have a budget in mind. This budget should guide you to choosing the best sight for your money. It is amazing how sometimes you can end up with the best bow sight, but you just paid for a fraction of the price. Not all the expensive sights would be performing well. Once you get to choose the right sight, then hunting should be easier and more fun.

Some of the things that are likely to affect the buying of the sight should be a brand, the material used, the number of pins and much more. What is important in the sight is to make sure that it lives up to your expectation. There are some core features that you can never be compromised if you want to have the best working bow sight.

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You could still shop around to see what other sellers can offer for the same type of bow sight. Some vendors can inflate the price so that you end up paying more than what is actually needed.

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