What Are Total War: Rome 2 Best Archers In Rome 2, Best Archer Faction

Total War: Rome features a generous selection of units for each faction — today, we”ll examine the best of them.

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elephants and urban cohort rome remastered
Total War: Rome Remastered is very much the same game that was released almost two decades ago, although the new version has had a few balance changes made to its roster of units.

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Are the Cataphracts still completely broken? Are the Urban Cohort still the go-to choice for Multiplayer battles? Here”s a look at 10 of the best units in Total War: Rome Remastered, with the new balance changes taken into account. Much, you”ll be happy to hear, has remained the same.

urban cohort rome remastered
It seems fitting to start with a classic: the Urban Cohort, the elite Roman infantry unit that was a staple of Rome: Total War multiplayer battles back in the day. They are probably one of the most iconic units in any of the historical Total War games. These units are only available once the Marian Reforms have been passed in the campaign.

With the ability to form a testudo (the turtle defence strategy) and a total defence rating of 24, these guys are nigh-on impossible to take down. With their strong melee attack of 14 and a surprisingly powerful 18 ranged for their Pila, the Urban Cohort is undoubtedly one of the best melee units in Rome Remastered.

praetorian cavalry rome remastered
Rome isn”t just known for their superior legions, but also the indestructible Praetorian Cavalry, right up there with the very best cavalry units in Rome Remastered. They have a great set of stats: 22 defence, 11 armour, and 11 melee attack.

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Once again, these are only available in the later stages of the campaign, but for multiplayer battles, there is no better choice when it comes to Roman cavalry. Their only real counter is the Cataphract unit of the Seleucid Empire and Parthia.

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chosen axemen germania
From the civilization of Rome to the wilds of Germania, the Chosen Axemen boast one of the highest melee attack stats in the whole game: a whopping 18, second only to the Berserkers (also a Germanic unit.) Of course, they”re wearing literally nothing (except some fetching tartan chaps), so their armour rating is very poor.

These guys are all about shock tactics. With high morale, a decent charge stat for a melee unit, and the Warcry bonus to their attack, if you send a horde of these charging down the hill in a wooded area then the battle is pretty much yours to win.

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spartan hoplites rome remastered
The Spartan Hoplites were born to fight. This handpicked selection of elite troops could stand in practically any chokepoint and hold off against a much larger force. With a defence skill of nine and a very solid melee attack rating of 16, the Spartan Hoplites are the best spearmen in the game.

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It was a tried and tested tactic back in days gone by to form a defensive square with these troops. Their morale is incredibly high, so even against superior numbers they”d rarely run away. That phalanx is impenetrable. The Spartan Hoplites are why the Greek Cities are considered one of the best factions in the game.

Staying in the Mediterranean, the Cretan Archers are tied for the best archer unit in the game with the Egyptian”s Pharoah Archers. Cretan Archers can be recruited from anywhere in the Med during the campaign, either as a Greek City unit or via Mercenary recruitment.

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Why are they so good? It”s the missile range of 170 and strong ranged attack of 11 that set these archers apart from other units in the game. They”re fast, have decent morale, and have a combat bonus in wooded areas (strange for a ranged unit, but there you go.)

The Cataphracts might give you horrid flashbacks to completely one-sided multiplayer matches, and that”s a fair reaction. These heavily armoured cavalry units from the Seleucid Empire are a nightmare to deal with.

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With 24 defence, 18 armour, and a charge rating of nine, Cataphracts can tear through most other cavalry units in the game, and even fair pretty well against the sturdy legions of Rome. These are some of the best horse units in Rome Remastered.

If you thought the Seleucid”s Cataphracts were good, get a load of these Cataphract Camels from Parthia. They share the same awesome stats (23 defence, 18 armour, nine charge) but also receive a bonus against horses. Horses hate camels, apparently.

Parthia isn”t known for its brilliant units. The Eastern Infantry are notoriously useless and will run away at even the slightest hint of danger, but the power of this faction is heavily balanced on rushing Cataphract Camels as soon as possible. Even the heavy cavalry of Rome stands little chance against these units.

No list of the best units in Rome Remastered is complete without the menace of Armoured Elephants. Carthage can get these up and running very quickly in the campaign, and although they”re expensive, they cause terror on the battlefield.

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With incredible stats of 19 defence, 16 armour, and eight charge, and taking into account that they”re…you know, elephants, these are the jewel of any Carthaginian army. They tear through cavalry and crush melee units. Careful though, they can get spooked by the Incendiary Pigs and trample more of your own men than the enemy”s.

Perhaps the only real contender to the Spartans of the Greek Cities, the Sacred Band spearmen unit of Carthage is another strong unit from the faction that must contend with the might of Rome. They can form a phalanx too, and when they”re flanked by Elephants it”s a scary sight.

They have decent stats when compared to other Spearmen units, such as 23 defence, 11 armour, and 10 morale. Their main advantage over the Spartans is that superior armour rating, up from three to 11. A very strong unit, overall.

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Egypt has a great roster of units that are pretty well-balanced, although the Pharoah”s Bowmen probably stick out as the best in their arsenal. Much like the Cretan Archers, except with a bonus to combat in the Desert, these archers are deadly at long range.

With loads of ammo, great range at 170, and pretty good defence and armour for a ranged unit, the Pharoah”s Bowmen unit is a great complement to Egypt”s chariot swarm and heavy spearmen. Not to be messed with.

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