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Top 5 Best AP Top Laners in Season 11

The top lane is the most important role in League of Legends. This player has to be able to survive against two enemies while still doing plenty of damage, and it’s hard to find someone who can do both.

We all know that having a good top laner is crucial for success in LoL, but finding one isn’t easy because there are so many different play styles.

Our list will help you choose the best AP Top Laners based on your team’s strategy and preferred play style. Each champion was chosen by our experts after hundreds of hours playing each game mode with every character. They’re ranked by their ability to carry games as well as how fun they are to play!

Best AP Top Laners in Season 11
Best AP Top Laners in Season 11

Top 5 Best AP Top Laners in Season 11



Malphite’s rework was one of the biggest in the game, his new passive allows him to become extremely tanky after just 2 basic attacks.

Malphite is, without a doubt, one of the best top laners in season 11 currently and for good reason.

He has very little counter play when played correctly because he can negate your damage with his shield and mitigate all your poke with his ultimate.

His attack speed steroid along with armor aura makes him deceptively strong in duels too. Exceptionally powerful against squishy low-trade champions like Akali or Zed since they don’t have many tools to deal with him.

Malphite is not a champion for everyone because he suffers from mana problems early on and his attack speed steroid doesn’t work on ranged champions.

In conclusion, Malphite is definitely worth trying out in your next ranked game if you’re looking to play AP top and love to play tanks.

Can be countered by: Shen – The Eye of Twilight. His E allows him to dodge Malphite’s ultimate and stun him, making this match-up more even.



Kennen is also a very strong AP top laner. He offers a lot of damage and utility due to his passive and ultimate procs which make him one of the strongest early game champions in the game.

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A Kennen who lands 2-3 lightning punches deals a ton of damage, not to mention his Zhonya’s Hourglass will give him good protection from all-ins too.

Overall, an extremely strong champion that can zone you out really easily if you’re not careful.

Can be countered by: Illaoi – The Kraken Priestess.



Sylas is new champion, but he is extremely powerful and popular right now.

He synergises extremely well with AP builds since his passive deals bonus magic damage depending on your ability power and his Q gives him stacks of AD which allows him to easily go all-in on you.

A lot of people say that Sylas counters AD champions like Akali and Darius , however this doesn’t make much sense since Swain deals a ton of damage too and takes no damage from their auto attacks anyway.

If you do not have a gap closer, he is extremely hard to deal with since his W allows him to just run away from you.

Can be countered by: LeBlanc – The Deceiver , Fizz – The Tidal Trickster.



Cassiopeia used to be a very strong choice for an AP Top laner due to her ability to deal a lot of damage and make trades easily.

However, since the removal of Blade of the Ruined King , she has been continuously getting weaker. Nidalee is another champion that can punish Cassiopeia heavily if she misses her Q.

In addition, Malzahar makes it extremely hard for her to get any kind of kill pressure onto you since he will just use his ultimate whenever your ultimate comes off cooldown which negates all your damage from poison and Twin Fang.

Can be countered by: Akali – The Fist of Shadow.



Heimerdinger was once a popular AP top laner, however this has dropped off since the changes to his turrets. Now that they disappear after being in combat, Heimerdinger is far more vulnerable than he used to be.

However, having free damage on your opponent for 6 seconds every fight might just be too good to pass up on if you’re looking for someone with great laning phase pressure and damage.

Can be countered by: Yorick – The Shepherd of Souls , Kayle – The Judicator.

What is a top laner?

A top laner is the player who plays in the top lane. In League of Legends, a team consists of five players. As you can see from these images, each side starts with three laners: a jungler, mid laner and AD carry. The last two spots are filled by the support and top laner.

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What do top laner do?

A top laner’s role is to effectively push lanes. Their job is to win their lane, whether it be through killing the enemy top laner or by simply being a nuisance.

They are less reliant on teamwork compared to other roles since they are alone in the top lane.

The main goal of the top laner is to create pressure for their team by pushing into the enemy turret and forcing their opponent to miss out on experience and gold.

Anyone can play as a top laner. If you enjoy playing as melee champions and feel confident enough to survive the laning phase against 2 or even 3 opponents, then you’re good to go.

How to play AP top laners?

You take teleport, get tanky fast for the team to follow up your initiation with.

Your goal is to get as much farm as you possibly can while still getting kills early game by dishing out damage in team fights and taking down towers quickly.

Do not try to make plays on your own, especially during mid game. Stay with the rest of your team unless they are dead or will die if you try to save them.

Don’t go too far ahead, but don’t stay behind either. This usually means that you should be front lining right after a fight starts or following up someone else’s initiation, or peeling for your backliners, or diving their carries if needed.

Common mistakes when playing ap top laners

Common mistakes when playing ap top laners are usually, farming while your team is fighting or trying to win a fight when you shouldn’t be there.

Ap top laners are not supposed to get too many kills but rather have around 10 creeps more than the enemy top during laning phase.

This gives them an edge in the mid game since their items are more complete than theirs, giving them better stats and stronger abilities.


What are the best top laners in lol?

Choosing the best top laners is important in giving your team an advantage early game, whether its having a tank who can initiate fights or someone who performs well when ganking.

There are so many great choices for top lane champions that it becomes very hard choosing the best.

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If you are looking for some of the most common picks, i have listed them above with their roles and any synergies they have with them. I also told about some of my personal favourite champions that i’ve played recently in the position. Of course, that list is in no way definitive but these are just some champs i found that can be great choices for top lane and i’m not saying all these champs are the absolute best, their rankings might change depending on both player and team synergy.

Who is the best top Laner right now?

The most common way of deciding who is good at what position is by gauging them against Challenger players. However, this does not work in every situation because you cannot always tell how good someone is just by looking at their rank on lolskill.

One example would be Vexx, currently ranked Gold 3 in NA with ~70 games played over the course of 100 days. However, Vexx was not always gold and has shown he can be up to par with the best of them as his Megazero (Ryze) showed in his first game back during one of NLBL Season 2’s qualifier rounds.

What is a good top Laner?

As an AP top laner, you are expected to be a semi tank with huge damage. You must get the early farm possible while not dieing. Your team relies on you getting your build online before mid game so that your teams AP carry can start wrecking people in team fights and in the late game.

A top laner can be considered to be a good one if they have an ability to beat out the opposing team’s top laner in a 1v1 situation and make it so that their team has a large enough advantage going into mid game that it snowballs into a victory.


These are the top laners that have been voted as the best in their respective positions.

When you’re trying to decide which champion is right for your team, it can be helpful to know who’s considered one of the “best” at a given position.

As with any skill-based player, there will always be better players than others—but these champions are some of the most well respected by professionals and enthusiasts alike. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know! Which AP Top Laner do think is among the best?

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