Best And Worst Dressed Vmas 2016, 2016 Mtv Vmas Best And Worst Dressed

The highly anticipated annual MTV Video Music Awards is here again, albeit with lesser drama as lisbdnet.compared to last year’s and without Tay Tay and her squad. Here are the best and worst dressed attendees at the awards this year.




You must be thinking “*gasps* How dare you list her as worst dressed!” Hold up, before you take your torches and pitchforks, hear us out. Queen Bey looks stunning as usual but we’re just not feeling the top half of the dress that looks very similar to a bird’s nest. Everyone does slip up once in a while right?

The Final Five 


The US Olympic Gymnastic team (sans Gabby Douglas) looks like they recycled their high school prom dresses. #SorryNotSorry

Rita Ora


You want to be couture punk, we get it.

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But this is just wrong on so many levels or should we say textures. 

Ansel Elgort


We’re as confused as he looks. His face says innocent boy while his outfit says Edward Scissorhands. At least stay true to the theme and go all out with goth makeup or don’t show up at all.



The outfit isn’t half as bad but what’s up with that yellow highlighter hair? If she’s trying to keep up with the times, we think she misinterpreted the word ‘lit’ too literally. 


Nicki Minaj

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Thank god she ditched those outrageous outfits, makeup and hair long ago – it seems like Ciara picked it up. Nicki looks regal as hell in this blue number. 

Zara Larsson


The Swedish singer carries off Fall’s latest trend velvet so well, we all might just start wearing it as well. Did we mention how obsessed we are over her gorgeous slicked back grey hair?

Ariana Grande


In the sea of over-the-top dresses and outlandish celebrities, it’s always nice to see simple yet classy pieces like the lacey off shoulder crop top paired with wide legged pants that Ariana is wearing. 

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