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This ski has got to be one of the best this season for tearing up the backcountry, whilst also being able to perform across the rest of the mountain. With a waist width ranging from 100mm-103mm, this beast will have no trouble powering through frontside crud, or powder in the trees. Armada have given it an early rise in the tip for even better floatation, but have kept a traditional tail for increased stability, resulting in a versatile ski then can get you through pretty much anything.

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Link: Armada skis

4. Rossignol Scimitar Open Ski


The Rossignol Scimitar Open ski is the newer better brother of last years Rossignol Scimitar, which was originally designed as a park ski, but a pretty hefty one at that. With a 99mm waist this ski smears the line between powder and park. Its fully-rockered twin tip technology allows it to float across the powder whilst being playful and maneuverable in the park. It’s also built with Minicap construction, so you can rely on it no matter where you are on the mountain.Link: Rossignol skis

3. Kästle FX 104 Ski


The whole of Kastle’s new FX series was developed with Chris Davenport, and as a result the FX 104 is a powerhouse of a ski. It features traditional camber, sandwhich construction and a woodcore made up of ash, silver fir and poplar, creating a stable, yet powerful ski that will carve your socks off! It also contains hollowtech technology that reduces the weight and vibration of the ski. The only issue with the FX 104 is that it lacks some playfulness due to its stability, but that’s a small price to pay for such a versatile ski.

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Link: Kästle skis

2. Nordica Soul Rider Ski


This ski has playfulness written all over it. Nordica have upgraded it from last years all-terrain freestyle ski. With its 97mm waist and early rise, Nordica have managed to perfectly balance flotation and tight turning to create a ski perfect for people looking to push their backcountry skiing forward. Nordica’s durable, light core gives it an extra playfulness making it the most playful ski of the five.

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Link: Nordica skis

1. Blizzard Bonafide Ski


Blizzard have merged bamboo and titanium to create a unbelievably stable do-it-all ski. Its 98mm width allows you to plow through crud, whilst giving you enough stability and a big enough turning circle to shred up the slopes. It seems outrageous that on top of this Blizzard have thrown in a tip and tail rocker to give this ski a playfulness through the park that makes it this years perfect all-mountain ski.Link: Blizzard skis

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