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Top 7 Best ADC S7 of League of Legends

Playing League of Legends is fun, but it can be hard to climb the ladder.

We all know that getting better at LoL takes a lot of time and effort, but there are ways you can improve your game without playing more games. You just need the right tools for the job.

That’s where best adc s7 comes in handy. This blog has helped thousands of gamers get better by analyzing their gameplay and making suggestions on how to improve their performance!

Best ADC S7 of League of Legends
Best ADC S7 of League of Legends


In this article we will show the best adcs in League of Legends Season 7. We still do not know if there is a new ADC champion, but for now we can watch the current top players and their performance with them.



Tristana is a ranged adc champion what makes her special is the fact that she can scale for late game. Her q ability does an absurd amount of damage, and if you build enough crit, it’s not unheard of to one-shot someone with it.

She has high range, good speed on her w moving around map, but her main problem is that if she falls behind in levels early on, there’s almost no way back into the game for her.

Pokimane’s key strengths are – high damage throughout game – good at all stages in game – good scaling

  • Tristana main item build : berserker’s greaves > phantom dancer > infinity edge > rapid firecannon > bloodthrister
  • Tristana full item build : berserker’s greaves > phantom dancer > infinity edge or bloodthirster > rapid firecannon > mercurial scimitar
  • Tristana masteries : 21/9/0
  • Tristana’s easiest match-ups: kog’maw, ashe, jinx
  • Tristana hardest match-ups: lucian, ezreal, draven



Without a doubt, Miss Fortune has become one of the most popular AD Carry’s in League of Legends. With very few perceived counters and several strong build paths, she is an explosive damage dealer that puts out high burst against her opponents.

She can shred through any tank with ease and come out without a scratch (unless stunned). I’m sure you all want to know how to win easy games with her, so lets get started!

  • Miss fortune pros: good at all stages in game -can snowball easily if behind -has good wave clear
  • Miss fortune cons: weak against assassins and burst champions
  • Miss fortune key items: guinsoo’s rageblade, nashor’s tooth, rapid firecannon (if ahead), botrk (if behind)
  • Miss fortune masteries: 21/9/0 or 9/21/0
  • Miss fortune’s easiest matchups: vayne, ashe, kog’maw
  • Miss fortune’s hardest matchups: lucian, tristana, draven
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Caitlyn is a long-ranged sniper who takes down her opponents from a distance.She can keep safe from other ADCs’ harass due to her huge range and traps.

Her 90 Caliber Net can make a fast escape or reposition for a lane gank, while the Yordle Snap Trap stops minions and monsters in their tracks as well as slowing enemies.

The 1:1 AP ratio on Ace in the Hole scales very well into the late game, dealing massive damage to single targets from anywhere – even across the map if you’re lucky enough to land it!

Caitlyn’s biggest weakness comes from her squishiness and lack of self-peel since she doesn’t have any mobility spells at all, but she makes up for it in raw damage and range.



Draven draven is a very strong adc champion because he can deal damage throughout the game and scale well for late game.

He has numerous abilities that help him stay alive in a fight and dish out a lot of damage. His spinning axe is his main source of damage, which can hit up to two enemies at once, and it has a cooldown of only 4 seconds.

When draven catches an axe he gains movement speed for 2 seconds, making him hard to escape from. He also deals aoe damage with his blood rush ability which gives him increased attack speed when activated.

In addition, when you get a kill or assist the cooldown on blood rush is reduced by half, allowing draven to deal constant aoe damage during team fights.

Draven’s key strengths are – high damage throughout game – strong in all stages in game – good survivability for adc

  • Draven main item build:  phantom dancer > infinity edge > rapid firecannon > bloodthirster
  • Draven full item build:  phantom dancer > youmuus ghostblade or mercurial scimitar > rapid firecannon > lord dominik’s regards
  • Draven masteries:  21/9/0
  • Draven’s easiest match-ups: ashe, jinx, kog’maw
  • Draven hardest match-ups: tristana, vayne, lucian



Twitch is a sneaky little rat, he can turn invisible and unleash havoc on his enemies when they least expect it. His poison will make escaping difficult for anyone who tries to get away from him!

Twitch has been called the most likely champion you’ll score a pentakill on, with his ability to unleash extreme damage from afar.

With only 12% in ranked matches and an even worse ban rate (52%), Twitch manages to find himself playing very little of this game which is good news for your career as well bad if they’re facing off against him!



Ezreal is a champion who recently has been getting a lot of heat for being “trash”. For Ezreal to function well he needs items and levels.

In previous seasons ezreal was considered a lane bully who could all in and out trade almost anyone.

He was considered strong because he had his Arcane Shift which gave him much higher mobility than other ADCs and it would make trading much easier as well as secure kills.

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The removal of the old Ardent Censer meta however has made ADC’s significantly weaker in trades pre level 6, which is when the Censer was completed.

The removal of this effect has made trading significantly more difficult for ezreal compared to other ADC’s because he has no reliable way to go all in on an opponent until level 6.



Jhin jhin is a very underrated champion. He has some of the highest damage out of all the adcs, with his fourth auto attack being very strong.

He can deal insane damage to a single target with his curtain call which deals 4 high damaging shots. His w ability deadly flourish is very strong, as it marks all enemies hit and gives him increased movement speed when he is near the marked enemy.

Jhin is also able to root people in place and demand that they fight him by using his ultimate, curtain call again.

Jhin key strengths are – high damage throughout game – good at all stages in game – can kite well against adc

  • Jhin main item build: statikk shiv > rapid firecannon > lord dominik’s regards or infinity edge
  • Jhin full item build: statikk shiv > rapid firecannon or phantom dancer > lord dominik’s regards or infinity edge
  • Jhin masteries: 21/9/0
  • Jhin’s easiest match-ups: lucian, vayne, tristana
  • Jhin hardest match-ups: ezreal, draven, jinx

Pros and Cons of ADC


  • Good at pushing and defending towers early on, but it gets better with items.
  • Has an easy time farming and getting gold.
    Also team fights may depend on them to do some damage. And of course the ADC’s job is to get as many kills as possible, but not at the cost of throwing their own life away for no reason. And if the enemies are focusing the carry, you need to protect your carry with everything you have!
  • Kills give a lot of money, also they give lots of experience.
    If you can kill all 5 enemy champions, you level up very quickly which makes all other players cry because now they know that they will lose if against full out items ADC champion.
  • The new meta says only builds ADC items. So if you get fed early on, it’s GG for the enemy team since they won’t have a chance to win against you.


  • If ignored, this champion becomes useless because he can be easily killed with any kind of CC, or gap closer.
  • They lack mobility so getting to gank other lanes is impossible without using summoner spells like flash or ghost to help them escape, which will require good timing and usage. So overall bad gankers .
  • If ahead their damage output drops down significantly just because there are no items that would give them enough damage for them to be strong again. And usually the support role outscales an ADC in the late game.
  • Cannot push very insane, so you need to take objectives after around 20 minutes and start split pushing. Which makes team fights more difficult since the ADC role is not that good at it.
  • Your damage output will drop significantly if you don’t get kills/assists/objectives which means the enemy team will be ahead of you which means GG for your team .
  • Becomes useless if they can’t kill enemies or stay alive. Same thing as above: if someone gets 5 man ganked and your ulti doesn’t save him, then GG enemy team wins. So make sure to use it wisely!
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Tips on how to play each ADC effectively

When playing against a champion with skill shots, remember to hide behind minions. If they make that mistake and try attack you while standing in them use their ultimate!

Watch out for the position of your support as well – if he goes into bushes around river or jungle then be extra careful about where it is safe on map because usualy there will shill shot coming from his direction;

Elsewise stay far away from creeps but don’t get too close towards enemy tanks (unless its an obvious engage).

Best ADC for beginner or intermediate player

Tristana is a ranged marksman who can push her lane with ease, but it also leaves her more vulnerable to ganks.

She’s one of the safest ADC in League because of how much time she has before enemies get too close for comfort – and if they do manage to catch up? Well then there are always those pesky rockets.

For advanced players looking at subtleties such as timing jumps during enemy CCs or displacements so you don’t wind up silenced from mid range pickups after all!


We have been providing our readers with smart, in-depth articles about the best ADC champions to use for a long time now. In this article we went over some of the most popular ADCs as well as their strengths and weaknesses so that you can decide which one is right for your playstyle!

One important thing to keep in mind when choosing an ADC champion is how they synergize with other teammates on your team.

For example, if there are multiple tanks or supports on your team then it may be better for you to choose someone like Lucian who has strong early game pressure than something like Tristana who excels at late game damage but lacks mobility until level 6. Remember that each player should specialize in certain types.

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