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Top 5 Best ADC for low ELO [Newest 2021]

Best ADC for low elo can be hard to find.

If you’re in the lower ELO brackets, you might want to consider playing a ranged champion with an escape ability.

If you’re a low elo player looking for the best ADC, we’ve got you covered. We’ll show you some of the top picks in this role and why they make such good choices. For more information on these champions or to get tips from other players, be sure to check out our blog post about “Best ADCs at Low Elo”. What are your favorite ADCs?

Top 5 Best ADC for low ELO [Newest 2021]
Top 5 Best ADC for low ELO [Newest 2021]

What is ADC

ADC (Attack Damage Carry) is a champion that can deal tons of damage with auto attacks and special skills to enemies.
Lots of people like to choose ADS, because they are really good in dealing damage and easy to play. Also, ADC’s usually have high attack speed which makes them do more(Auto Attack Damage) damage per second.

Why the best adc for low elo in league of legend is the most important role to have a good team

The reason for this is simple, if you have a good team composition, all of your players need to put the pressure onto the enemy as much as possible and pick up as many kills as possible. If each player on your team can do that it’s likely you will win majority of games because enemies won’t be able to defend against such high dps and sustain damage output by all 5 champions on your team.

What Makes a Good ADC?

The only thing that makes an adc good in low elo is their ability to constantly deal dps and last hit everything they can while not dying too often.

Every single champion can be played as an adc (not saying every champion should be played as one but generally speaking) so you can see why it’s important to pick one with high damage output.

The ADC’s Guide to Climbing Low ELO

Learn when to trade

Trading as a bot laner is not just about auto-attacking or using your Q on time.

It’s also important to consider how many minions are in the wave and what type they will be when trading with an enemy champion who has low mana pools after using spells around them since those types of skills require more resources than attack ones do.

Avoid trading auto attacks whenever the enemy has a big minion wave as they’ll always out damage you if your Support is back. I’ve seen countless ADC’s die and flame because of this mistake, so be careful!

Matches are won by besting the enemy. The key to winning hinges on positioning your Support so that they can trade with you and vice versa, but don’t forget about checking out what items each side has before engaging in combat- it’ll save time!

It’s important for both members of a team (or individual) have something valuable when trading because there is no way back whatsoever;

If their support cannot assist or fight alongside them during trades then do not engage either one too heavily as victory may just slip through threads due to lacklustre play from either party involved.

Know your matchups

Knowing your bad matchups is very important for every role. If you want to climb, then it’s vital that not only are the best counters of particular champions known but also how they can be played around so as not have too large an impact on game outcomes with good or unstoppable picks like themselves at hand!

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Not only will you die, but you’ll fall behind and make it harder for yourself to get back into the game. This could be avoided by knowing how to play against a champion like Blitzcrank – there are many other champions who can also fill this role in bottom lane so do your research on them!

The idea that ADC’s need an advantage early is outdated; after all, Clap Varus has been one of few success at finding openings with his poke combo before exploding later down the line (and he even builds like support).



He has tons of kill pressure in the early game, but don’t let his axe-centric playstyle keep you down! You can fight him when he’s dropped an ax or if it looks like he’ll be low on health.



A good way to stay alive in lane is by making sure that there’s always an minion between you and your opponent. Try not use any movement abilities unless his Q is on cooldown, or else risk dying too quickly!



The key to playing against tryndamere is by always having one minion between you and him. Be aware of his positioning so that’s an obstacle for any attack he may make, never use your movement abilities unless his Q (quickening god) deactivates first!

The Top 5 ADC Champions That Will Let You Escape Low Elo



A very (very) common pick: Sivir. Even though it is such a common pick, that doesn’t mean she can’t be perfect for you and your elo hell run to the top of the ladder.

The reason Sivir is such a good ADC champion is because she has an ultimate called ‘On the Hunt’ which speeds up everyone on her team and makes them do extra damage when running at enemy champions.

It isn’t just OP for ranked games either; if you should choose to play ARAM or other game modes, don’t be afraid to take Sivir along – She does still come in handy!



Caitlyn is a great ADC for beginners because she has an easy laning phase, strong positional objective control due to range and power in the late game.

Her kit also makes it so that you can have some freedom when choosing your items but there are certain combinations of runes/masteries which will give more success early on with Cait’s skillset as well!

In the early game, you need to be a Lane bully and constantly pressure on your counterpart when they try getting CS.

Abuse of long range can make quick work out even stronger opponents when given time for poking in lane with Yordle Snap Trap (W), 90 Caliber Net (E) or Piltover Peacemaker combo that will allow me take them down without too much trouble at all because my burst is very powerful!



There’s no doubt that Ashe is one of the most basic and common champions in League.

She has a great laning phase, like many other beginners’ favourite champion; but there’s something about her power level which makes people keep coming back for more!

Just take your typical Caitlyn – they both have excellent poke abilities with wide Area Of Effect at their disposal (W).

So when you’re stuck using Volley (W) every chance it gets during early game while cs-ing bot lane against melee carries such as Tryndamere or Drayanna then don’t worry too much because who can dodge those projectiles?

Poking enemies isn’t everything though…They also happen to be really good late game teamfighters.

The laning phase is pretty much the same as Caitlyn’s, so you’ll be poking and harassing your enemies with Volley while waiting for creeps to come.

Outside of that though? Be patient – don’t spam abilities or risk using them carelessly!

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The Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) can either initiate a teamfight at an opportune time by targeting someone out-positioned on map OR bait suicide from all sides if done right; watch where it will land before throwing this one into battle…Choose wisely who does what because their life might depend upon YOUR throw !

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is an AD Carry who has one of the best early levels. Her high damage output makes it easy for her to partiaize and kill champions, especially those at low elo like Ashe or Caitlyn in 1v1 situations at level 6 with Bullet Time (R).

The gameplan should be more about getting farm than anything else as you’ll want all your moves up by then; however if given enough opportunity Miss can still get kills too!

With how well she scales into midgame along side strong laners like Janna , Corki etc., there’s always potential late game too – just make sure not stay out.

A good Double Up (Q) can make you win the lane as it will take a chunk of their health bar. Try to last hit with your Q when they come up for gold and punish them by using Make It Rain followed by Strut, which increases attack speed.

Position yourself in late game fights so that after throwing E immediately go back on cooldowns or use R right away before disengaging if necessary because this combo is extremely powerful at bringing Joule into action from behind enemy lines!



Jinx is a hypercarry marksmen who excels at clean up fights with her combos and long range DPS.

She’s the most difficult champ on this list but also very rewarding if you learn how to play properly
Jinx has an excellent laning phase, where she can easily kill enemy ADC or even solo target them in some instances during early game stages which would give plenty opportunities for Objectives like Dragon Pit – Baron Nashor duo fight.

If she gets good supports backing up alongside of her then Jinx will become more powerful than ever before since they’ll help provide assistance when needed while still being able keep themselves safe by sticking too far away from any direct combat situations.

You will be farming while charming the enemy with your W, Zap!, and punish them when they walk up to farm by using Switcheroo’s Swap Glyph for Fishbones – a rocket launcher.

You can also look into getting some kills from afar with sick snipes using ultimate Super Mega Death Rocket!

Jinx is an hypercarry so if you’re well fed during lanes then there won’t be any stopping at all in late game fights caused by range high damage given from Crit items as well as passive Get Excited giving tons of bonus AD points upon levelling up or gaining full stacks after killing/assisting about 5 creeps within 2 seconds time frame.

Build the right items at the right time

Building the right items at the right time is very important. Building a synergistic combination of these components, and then properly analyzing how your champion can use them in their combo will lead you down an efficient path towards victory!

This provides insight into what pro players are currently constructing for our favourite champions.

Taking this knowledge with us as we evolve along with League’s meta gameplay style guides us through each match from start to finish while consistently getting kills or sealing away objectives before they become viable options when facing off against opponents who may have already adapted accordingly if not yet invented counter strategies altogether which might otherwise prove detrimental had he been caught unprepared.

Learn how to play from behind

Learn how to play from behind:

  • Build a BotRK as your first item. The lifesteal will make up for any poke you incured from trading with them before getting it. Poking is important to set up a good all in, which is why I recommend building a Bloodthirster second.
  • If they have a tanky team that can not be abused by you and your allies, try to focus on their squishies first.
  • Try to get a lead early game. By this I mean gain more cs than them or make them miss cs by dodging poke with Quickdraw (E).
  • When they engage onto you, kite back with E and hit as many as possible with your Q. Your E should be up again soon so you can kite back again.
  • Be careful not to get caught by their CC or gapclosers/knockups. If they have one, use Quickdraw onto a minion and walk away from them slowly while waiting for your cooldowns.
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Can ADC carry low ELO?

First of all I want to say that everyone has problems with something in League of Legends, whether it’s inexperience with a champion, or just not being able to play well in general.

You are not alone with your problems, everyone has them – they’re just usually different from player to player.

And this is my main point: If you have problems, it doesn’t mean something’s wrong with you, it means there’s something wrong with the champions you play . Or more precisely, it means there’s something wrong with the champions that most people at your elo have success with.

You may have only reached level 30 recently and don’t know many champions yet – so most likely your choice of champions will be limited (and for this reason new players should stick to neglected roles like support).

But if you still feel like some champion is hard to play against when facing him, and you don’t know why – it means there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just the way the champion is played at your elo.

Some champions are more popular than others for a reason (eg: Corki), some builds are more effective than others (eg: AD Tristana).

If you can’t fight against them without feeling like you’re doing something badly – then they’re probably difficult to play. If they feel easy to play – people have mastered them.

Other things that affect how ‘easy’ a champion feels in-game include player skill gap, champion skill gap and player familiarity with a certain build.

An example of this would be when a new ADC main tries out Miss Fortune support after seeing Doublelift play her in an LCS game, and ends up going 0/10/1 by 10 minutes because they don’t know how to use her.

How do you carry in low ELO ranked?

Well, you can’t just pick a strong ADC and expect to win. In low ELO, the enemy team always has a counter pick of some sort. This means that going with a not so popular champ is the way to go.

Is jinx good in low Elo?

Yes, jinx is good in low elo. One of the first reason to pick jinx is her poke and zoning power with her E, she can zone very well with it without taking too much risk.

Also, her fling can help you escape or bring that annoying tibbers into turret range. Her w deals true damage which helps alot if you are winning lane hard because it makes your trades really strong.

The only downside of the kit would be her q, but since it doesn’t scale too well into late game (damage wise), i think its fine for a adc to have a bad scaling spell on their kit(ezreal’s q).


If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a while and are looking to try out new champions, we recommend checking out our list of the best ADC (Attack Damage Carry) picks in low ELO. We know how hard it is to get past Gold or Platinum with your current champion pool so we found some ADCs that will help you carry games no matter what level you’re at.

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