Sony'S Best 75 Inch 4K Tv 2015 Is From Last Year, Sony Prices 2015 4K And Android Tvs

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*New for 2015. The top rated Sony XBR-75X940C X940C series is Sony’s best 75-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D LED backlit TV for 2015. Aside from the beautiful picture, what sets this TV apart from all others are the powerful speakers (90 watts total power) and they are high resolution audio compatible. 4K TVs have four times the resolution of Full HD (8 megapixels of resolution vs. 2 megapixels for regular HD). 4K is the same resolution as a movie movie theater, only now you can view it at home. The XBR-75X940C has the new 4K X-Reality Pro™ Image Processor, X1 4K Chip, and TRILUMINOS™ Panel (Sony’s version of Quantum Dots ), and Full Array Local Dimming which will provide for best picture quality.

Sony is a leader in 4K TV technology, and has Sony 4K Projectors installed at most movie theaters.


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Sony”s 4K image processor upscales HD to 4K Ultra HD

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Latest 4K TV Standards: The Sony XBR-X940C Series has the latest 4K standards including the HEVC (H.265) decoder. HEVC is the latest compression technology which allows streaming video and 4K video to fit in a much narrower bandwidth, allowing for higher framerates (up to 60fps). This will allow Netflix and other providers to give you 4K quality video using current systems. This model also has the latest HDMI 2.0 standard, which can also support the highest framerates in 4K. This will allow action movies, 4K camcorder video, and sports to operate at the higher 60fps for smoother image quality. This set was upgraded with the latest Dual Band WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz) a/b/g/n/ac for the fastest wireless streaming of 4K content.

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Dimensions: 67.25″ x 35.875″ x 11.5″ (105.8 lbs.) with stand Dimensions: 67.25″ x 34.375″ x 3.625″ (104.2 lbs.) without stand

Available Sizes: 75-inch Sony 75-inch 2020 Model Upgrade: Sony XBR-75x950H 4K Ultra HD TV


Smart-Review Commentary: For 2015, Sony’s top rated 75-Inch 4K XBR X940C Series is one of the best LED TVs made by Sony. Aside from the terrific picture, Sony has put its best Magnetic Fluid Speakers on this TV with 90 watts of power. This 4K TV will give you 4 times more pixels than normal HD TVs (8 megapixels of resolution vs. 2 megapixels for regular HD). This allows you to sit much closer to the TV without seeing the individual pixels. By sitting closer, you will have an immersive movie theater experience. Sony has over 10 years of experience with 4K cinema 4K Projectors, as most theaters today have a Sony 4K projector installed. We previewed the X940C series at CES 2015, and the picture was outstanding. This TV is also a 3D TV and uses active 3D glasses (Two pairs included). It has the latest Dual Band WiFi standards for fast 4K video streaming and Smart TV function, Android TV, a TRILUMINOS™ Display (Sony’s version of Quantum Dots ) , Motionflow® XR1440, and Sony’s 4K X-Reality™ Pro Engine.


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The XBR-X940C Series 4K TV has a TRILUMINOS™ Panel

Full Array LED X-tended Dynamic Pro Is this the best price? (Click for Reviews)

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