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10 Best 3 Doors Down Songs list takes a look at a great rock band who rose to fame in 2000. They sold over 30 million records worldwide. They have released six studio albums and have several hit singles. Let’s get to know the band named 3 Doors Down a little better. The band formed in 1996 with original members Brad Arnold (lead vocalist/drummer), Matt Roberts (lead guitarist/backing vocalist) and Todd Harrell (bass guitarist). They got their unusual name from a sign on a building. The sign read “Doors Down” so they added a 3 since there were three members. Harrell asked rhythm guitarist Chris Henderson to join the band in 1998.

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They released their first album The Better Life in 2000. It was the 11th best selling album of that year. It is the only album where the lead singer played the drums. The album peaked at number seven on the charts. Three of the five singles made it to the Hot 100 charts. The album features the singles “Kryptonite,” “Loser,” “Duck and Run,” “Be Like That” and “Better Life.” The album sold over six million copies.The band released their second album Away from the Sun in 2002. This album was just as successful as their previous album. It went platinum in just two months. The album peaked at number eight on the charts. It features the hit singles “When I’m Gone,” “The Road I’m On,” “Here Without You” and “Away from the Sun.” The album sold over eight million copies. It managed to sell more than their debut album.In 2005, they released their third album Seventeen Days. It reached number one on the charts. It features the singles “Let Me Go,” “Behind Those Eyes,” “Live for Today,” “Here by Me” and “Landing in London (All I Think About Is You).” The album went platinum one month after it was released. This is the only album to feature drummer Daniel Adair. The band hired him while they were on tour. He appeared on this album with the band. He left the band to join Nickelback.The band released their fourth album in 2008. It was a self-titled album. While the band was recording this album, they hired another drummer named Greg Upchurch. It was their second consecutive album to reach number one on the charts. It sold 154,000 copies in its first week. It features the singles “Citizen/Soldier,” “It’s Not My Time.” “Train,” “Let Me Be Myself” and “Feet in the Water.” The album sold over one million copies.
They released their fifth album Time of My Life in 2011. The album debuted at number three on the charts. It sold over 59,000 copies in its first week. This is the last album to feature Roberts before he left the band in 2012. The album features the singles “When You’re Young,” “Every Time You Go,” “What’s Left,” “Back to Me” and ‘Time of My Life.”Like most bands, 3 Doors Down went through band changes. Roberts left the band after their fifth album so he could focus on his health. Chet Roberts replaced Matt Roberts. Unfortunately his health took a turn for the worst because he passed away in 2016. Harrell was charged with vehicular homicide. He was driving while under the influence of prescription medication. He ended up killing a man while driving. He was sentenced to two years in prison and six years probation. The band eventually fired him when he was arrested again for another DUI. Justin Biltonen replaced him in the band.The band released their sixth album Us and the Night in 2016. This is one of the biggest breaks between albums. The album debuted at number 14 on the charts. It was number 2 on Top Rock albums and number one on the Independent charts. It sold 24,000 copies in its first week. It features the singles “In the Dark,” “Still Alive” and “The Broken.”3 Doors Down managed to have a successful rock career. In addition to having a successful career, they are also philanthropists. They released charity singles for different causes. They started a foundation called The Better Life Foundation to give children a chance at a better life. They supported several charities. There aren’t too many bands that are willing to take the time to help people like they do. They proved that they are more than just rock stars. They are actually people with good hearts. They also managed to have successful albums and singles throughout their career. There aren’t too many bands that can say that all of their albums debuted in the top 20 on the charts. This Top 10 3 Doors Down Songs list will feature some of their hit songs.

# 10 – Duck and Run

The first song on our Top 10 3 Doors Down Songs list is the social “Duck and Run” from The Better Life album. This rock song has an alternative metal and post grunge sound. This is an inspirational song about the world being against you. The lyrics are relatable to anyone who has felt that the world was against them. The music is great. It starts with a smooth and soft beat. Harrell does an excellent job with the soft riffs of the bass and guitar. The music quickly switches to a harder rock sound. The drums are really good. The bass and the drums really sell the music. Arnold does a great job on the lead vocals. His baritone vocals are crisp and pure. They blend really well with the music. He surprisingly doesn’t shout in the music. He also doesn’t get drowned out when the music gets louder. He doesn’t belt or hold any notes, but he doesn’t need to.

# 9 – Be Like That

The next song on our Top 10 3 Doors Down Songs list is the regretful song “Be Like That.” This is another song from The Better Life album. This ballad has a rock, almost Metallica metal and Nirvana style grunge sound. This is a meaningful song about following your dreams. It also talks about missed opportunities. The lyrics of the song are both inspiring and emotional. Here is some trivia about the song. This song was featured in the movie American Pie 2. The song was changed so it could fit the movie. This song is a nice change for them because it is a ballad. It still has a metal and grunge essence while it maintains a mainstream appeal. The band does an excellent job with the instrumentation. The bass and electric guitar are extremely appealing. The music isn’t too loud or overwhelming. Arnold’s vocals are soothing and comforting. His vocals make this song of regret sound hopeful.

# 8 – It’s Not My Time

This optimistic song is from their self-titled album. This song has a hard rock, alternative rock and post grunge sound. This is a resilient song about not doing what everyone else wants. It is about going against the world when it’s trying to bring you down. This song has a positive message about not giving up regardless of the obstacles you face. It’s a perfect message for anyone who is ready to give up on life. The lyrics may come off melancholy, but the music gives it an upbeat sound that keeps it from being depressing. This song is proof of their philanthropy because they wrote a song that would help people. It isn’t just a typical rock song. It has a deep and powerful message. They are in their wheelhouse musically. The guitars are masterful. They are hard and thumping. It makes you want to play air guitar. Arnold sounds amazing. He has a little grit in his voice. He sounds similar to Rob Thomas in this song. He takes vocals risks by holding notes. He also belts in the song.

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# 7 – Loser

This heartfelt song is from The Better Life album. This ballad has a post grunge and alternative rock sound. This is an emotional song about a friend who is losing his battle with sobriety. This song is relatable to anyone who has dealt with a family member or friend who is battling addiction. It can also be relatable if you are battling with addiction. The music is amazing on all levels. It relies heavily on the guitarists. It is the perfect melancholy beat for the subject of the song. The guitars and drums carry the music very well. Arnold is singing about a friend, but he is singing it from the first person narrative. He stays in character as if he’s the one who is addicted to cocaine. His vocals make the song sound even more touching and moving. He sings this song a in a lower register which works with the music.

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# 6 – Away from the Sun

This melancholy song is from the album of the same name. This ballad has an alternative rock sound. This is an introspective song about the dark times in his life. Arnold is introducing the world to what was going on in the dark points in his life. The song opens with slick guitar riffs and they set the overall tone of the song. This track is slower than their other tracks. Arnold’s vocals are strong and are a perfect marriage with the lyrics. He belts in the chorus. He also shows versatility when he attempts to hold notes in the song. The instrumentals are excellent. The bass and guitars are not as dominate in this song as they are in their other work. The song doesn’t feature a guitar solo, which was a good change. It gives the listener a chance to enjoy Arnold’s vocals.

# 5 – Here By Me

The next song on our Top 10 3 Doors Down Songs list is the heartbreak song “Here By Me” from the Seventeen Days album. This ballad has a soft rock sound. This is a touching song about losing a love and wanting the love to return. The music is soft and somber. This track is very radio friendly. It has a pop rock appeal. They don’t have too many tracks that sound like pop rock. Their hardcore rock fans can enjoy this even though it has a soft beat. It seems as if the goal of this song is to focus on Arnold’s vocals. His vocals are louder than the music so the listener can focus on how heartfelt he sounds as he is expressing his feelings for the woman he lost. He keeps his vocals soft throughout the track to match the soft music. He could have belted, but it wasn’t needed.

# 4 – Let Me Go

This break up song is from their Seventeen Days album. This song has an alternative rock and post grunge sound. This is a tender song about him breaking up with someone. Here is some trivia about the song. This song was supposed to be on the soundtrack for the Spider Man 2 soundtrack. The song didn’t make the cut so the band decided to keep it for themselves. It was a great decision because it fits for them. This is a traditional 3 Doors Down single. You will be hooked on the music the second you hear the song. It starts off slowly and then picks up the pace by the first chorus. This track sounds like something that you would hear on the radio. This was a great track to introduce the album to their fans. Arnold’s vocals are incredible. He belts throughout the song. He sounds very seasoned on this track. He attempts to hold notes in the bridge. He does get a little drowned out when the music gets louder in the bridge, but it didn’t hurt the song.

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# 3 – When I’m Gone

This pleading song is from the Away from the Sun album. This song has a post grunge and hard rock sound. This is a somber song about loving someone while they are gone. This is about needing someone to be there for you when you’re gone. The title of the song may mislead you and make you think it’s about someone passing away. This isn’t a song about death. It’s a song about someone going away and wanting to be loved when they get back. The music is for hardcore rock fans. The group is in their element musically. The guitarists get their chance to really shine in this track. Like some of the other songs on this list, the song starts off softly and then explodes when it gets to the chorus. Arnold’s vocals are like a good marriage with the music. The music is suitable for his voice. He sings in his signature baritone voice. His voice gets gritty when he belts the hook. He also holds impressive notes towards the end of the chorus, which are a pleasant surprise.

# 2 – Here Without You

This bittersweet song is from the Away from the Sun album. This song has a post grunge and soft rock sound. This is a passionate song about breaking up with someone. This is another radio friendly song. It has great crossover appeal because it can appeal to pop fans as well as rock fans. There are fantastic guitar riffs from the rhythmic and electric guitars that are outstanding. The drums can be heard in the first pre-chorus of the track. The simplicity of the drums gives the song a pop and soft rock sound. The strings add to the emotion of the music. It adds to the authenticity of Arnold’s heartfelt lyrics. The track takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster as he sings about what’s going on in his relationship. Arnold takes vocal risks in this song. He harmonizes with himself throughout the song. He belts and holds notes throughout, which sells the song. This could have easily been number on our Top 10 3 Doors Down Songs list, but the spot went to another song.

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# 1 – Kryponite

The number one song on our Top 10 3 Doors Down Songs list shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The number one song on our list is the energetic “Kryponite” from the Better Life album. This is the song that introduced the world to 3 Doors Down. The song has an alternative rock sound. This is a melodic song about him questioning someone’s loyalty to him. He wants to know if someone will be there for him regardless of whether or not times are good or bad. The unusual title of the song is synonymous with Superman, which is a lyric in the song. The music is upbeat and will have you bopping your head. You can actually dance to this song. The instrumentation is absolutely stellar. The guitars and drums are masterful. Arnold’s vocals are on point. He races through the verses and then slows down the pace in the chorus. His voice sounds melodic. This song rose to fame on MTV’s TRL and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great song with a great beat. It also lyrically tells a story despite the unique title. Everything about this song works. The song deserves its spot in the number one spot.


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