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Famous two drops have long defined Magic; everything from <> to <> to <>. However, a general consensus has formed over the 4 best ones. I am talking about Snapcaster Mage, Stoneforge Mystic, Tarmogoyf, and Dark Confidant, with the red version of the cycle sometimes <>. However, what does think is the best of the 4(5)? Does think Young Pyromancer deserves a spot in the Two Drop Hall of Fame?

EDIT: I meant two drop creatures. Yes, we all know that “creatures suck” but comparing Tarmogoyf to a Time Walk is like comparing a Fiat to a Lamborghini. One costs much less, but you will almost always want the other and the other is considered much more powerful.

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Personally, I'd say the moniker “best” should be reserved for Dark Confidant. It might not be the most powerful, but it's a perfect Magic card:

It was a unique and clever design

It's fun to play with and against

It encourages you to build around it, but doesn't restrict you to a single strategy

It creates excitement and memorable stories

It's powerful, but beatable

It's been a tournament-level card in multiple formats, but never banned

It has all the back story of an Invitational card


EDIT: I forgot the flavor text 🙁

It also adds some uncertainty to the game, which is fun in small doses. He shakes things up a bit, which I'd say is pretty important.

Bob's bad for the moment because there's a cycle of popular new cards with a cost in the top right that's higher than the one you actually pay. At some point there's going to be a cost in the top right that's less than the one you actually pay for some good spells that makes Bob better again.

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Snapcaster Mage is the most commonly played creature in:

Vintage (35% of decks play Snapcaster)

Modern (31%; also the second most played card behind Lightning Bolt at 42%)

Scars-Innistrad Standard (37.7%)

Duel Commander (44%)

Snapcaster is also the second most played creature in Legacy (23.9%) right behind Deathrite Shaman (25%), which also happens to be the card keeping Snapcaster in check. My vote goes to Snapcaster Mage not only as the best 2 drop creature of all time, but the best creature of any CMC across all formats.

Its just shunned because its banned in legacy and in goblins in vintage isn't really a thing. Its a shame.

so you can topdeck a really good good is this card really? im just not seeing it.

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Equps flameshield

To me the “best two drop of all time” would have to be something playable in almost any format. Something you could take and drop into a format and it'd be useable. Goblin Recruiter is worthless in standard, and probably in modern. It's a really freaking good card with the right combo pieces, but outside of that all he does is let you put a few guys on your deck.

Looking at the list of Snapcaster Mage, Stoneforge Mystic, Tarmogoyf, Young Pyro, and Dark Confidant, except for Stoneforge who relies on other cards being available, you could easily build a deck playing a 4 of in any format (and probably any standard rotation)

I've always thought Stoneforge Mystic was the best creature in Magic, hands down. I've heard good cases for Goblin Recruiter and Hermit Druid, but those just seem like unfair combo/synergy enablers conveniently attached to low P/T bodies.

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Kind of like Stoneforge Mystic.

Wait, shit.

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<> (assuming that you meant best 2-drop creature)

The ones you listed are the best 2-drops in modern


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