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Avani Gregg is a dancer and TikTok star nicknamed the “Clown Girl” because she became viral with the #ClownCheck challenge on TikTok, which garnered her millions of fans overnight. She’s one of TikTok’s resident make-up experts. 

The former gymnast is part of the Los Angeles-based Hype House with several other popular TikTok stars. In addition to her social media fame, she stars in a Brat TV web series which premiered in 2020. 

Avani Gregg was born on November 23, 2002 in Indiana to parents Anisha and Lewis. Her father is African American and her mother is Indian-Mongolian. Avani has two siblings: Shanti and Priya. 

As of September 2021, Avani has more than 17.8 million Instagram followers, 36.1 million TikTok followers and 1.3 million  YouTube subscribers. She does not have an official Twitter account.

Growing up, Avani was a trained gymnast; you can see elements of gymnastics in her videos on TikTok. However, she quit gymnastics due to a back injury. 

Avani first started her social media career when she was just 14 years old when she started posting on, which later became TikTok. At first, she wanted to be an actress and posted acting videos. 

However, Avani skyrocketed to fame on TikTok when she became popular for her #ClownCheck videos in 2019. She uses her make-up skills to apply a full face of make-up and then performs moody clown sketches. Once those videos went viral, she got more than 3 million followers in just a few days. It’s how Avani earned the nickname “Clown Girl.” She’s one of TikTok’s resident make-up experts.

On Instagram, Avani posts a variety of personal photos, dance videos and relationship photos. She also has a separate page for her merchandise collection. 

Avani also has a YouTube page where she posts make-up tutorials, vlogs, prank videos, Q&A videos and more. Her videos have millions of views. One of her highest viewed YouTube videos is a question and answer video. In a different video, she films herself putting make-up on her boyfriend’s face. 

In addition to her work on social media, Avani has her own line of merchandise. The merchandise collection includes more than two dozen pieces, including shorts, hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts, phone cases and more. 

Avani has been expanding her network outside of social media as well. The actress recently started her own shopping app called “Shop Avani,” which features some of her merchandise.  Avani was nominated for the 12th annual Shorty Awards. 

The TikTok star launched her acting career in 2020 when she portrayed the role of Gemma in the Brat TV web series “Chicken Girls.” 

Avani is one of the members of the LA collaborative collective named Hype House. The house is a collective featuring 20 of TikTok’s best and brightest stars working together to collaborate, cross-promote and create content. However, unlike some of the other members, Avani does not live in the physical Hype House in Los Angeles full time. 

When it comes to her personal life, Avani appears to be dating fellow TikTok star Anthony Reeves. The couple have been spotted in several TikTok and Instagram posts.

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