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AP Naut Build – A Complete Guide 2021 – Season 11

AP Naut Build - A Complete Guide 2021 - Season 11

Nautilus is one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends. He can be played as an off-tank or a tank, so he has to decide what kind of build he wants to do before starting the game.

It’s hard to choose which build you should go with because it depends on your team composition and whether you’re playing solo queue or not. The best way to learn how each AP Naut Build – A Complete Guide 2021 works is by watching videos that show you exactly how they are played out in real games.

AP Naut Build - A Complete Guide 2021 - Season 11
AP Naut Build – A Complete Guide 2021 – Season 11

This guide will teach you everything about AP nautilus builds including runes, masteries, skill order and item builds for all stages of the game (early/mid/late). You’ll also find some tips on how to play AP nautilus effectively along with examples from pro players who use this champion often.

Nautilus in the Mid Lane

Nautilus is a powerful mid laner because of his ability to never fall behind. Champions like Syndra, Orianna and even Twisted Fate can bully him in the early levels but that means nothing when Nautillus lands his Q – Dredge Line on them! The rest of his kit scales exceptionally well with an excellent rounded AP/defensive build so he doesn’t have too much risk either way while playing top or jungle position for your team’s balanced gameplay strategy.

Nautilus has a lot of different abilities which all have their uses. His passive, Staggering Blow is an auto-attack root that can be used at any time and his W – Titan’s Wrath gives him shields to help survive fights throughout the game while also being one of Nautiluss stronger spells with its large size for area damage or healing depending on who he targets when using this ability in battle between 1v1 duels where it deals extra magic Damage over Time (MTTH) as well! Another great thing about these two skills from Riptide & Depth Charge respectively are how quickly they clear waves making him excel not only against teams but single opponents too.

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The Nautilus is one of the best junglers in League because it has a substantial advantage when fighting for objectives like Dragon and Rift Herald. With enough AP, this ship can burst down even multiple targets at once!

Nautilus is a powerful champion in the right hands. He has great potential for solo queue, and if you are new to playing him just don’t worry! You can learn his kit quickly with enough practice against AI or friends that play League of Legends on their computer too (not allowed). But as always: It all comes down what rune page, items build order – so here they both are!

Best Items for Nautilus Mid – AP Naut Build Guide


Best Items for Nautilus Mid - AP Naut Build Guide
Best Items for Nautilus Mid – AP Naut Build Guide


Aftershock is a keystone specifically made for Nautilus! It gives him Magic Resist and Armor every time he hits an enemy champion with one of his CC abilities. The runes has a relatively short cooldown (20 seconds) as well, which makes it easy to utilize late game when you start building AP instead of MR or AR because that’s where the bulk will be needed most-especially if fighting multiple enemies at once since these stats can help keep yourself protected against them while dealing damage back without having near enough protection built up yet from other sources such us Randuins Omen.

Shield Bash

Shield Bash is a great choice in the second row of Resolve. It works wonders with Nautilus’s W because whenever he uses his ability, Shield bash provides him with even more Armor and Magic Resist! Plus, this rune also buffs your next auto-attack to deal Bonus Health damage so it’s an automatic must take for any warrior who wants their health getting buffed too!?.

Bone Plating

Bone Plating is the next logical step after armor. It allows a player to remove themselves from danger by protecting their vital points, such as an arm or head– and it’s perfect for Nautilus during laning phase when he is at his most vulnerable time getting pressured!


With Nautilus, unflinching is the first step to becoming unstoppable! It increases your tenacity and slow resist which becomes necessary as time goes on. The most vital point for nailing enemies down are their lock-downs so they can’t get away or be out range-able while locked into place with supreme precision through catching them quickly before anything else happens; slowing yourself will just make this process take longer than it needs too (not to mention how dangerous that would potentially leave you).
The only other thing worth noting about our fearless fisherman: He has really fast movement speed right off of whiff punishing opponents who try going around us when being pressured from all sides–this makes him invaluable in battle situations where one might find themselves overwhelmed.

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Biscuit Delivery

Nautilus is a melee champion, which means that he’s naturally going to get poked in lane. Biscuit Delivery can come handy for making sure you don’t recall too frequently and are able sustain your health pool so when the hits do start landing it’ll take less of an impact on Nauts life bar!

Cosmic Insight

With enough cooldown reduction, you can spam your Nautilus stuns every few seconds!


Nautilus’s best bonus in the mid lane is a single adaptive force. This will provide him with more damage, but at a cost of some mobility and shield strength for his opponents to exploit
Bonuses are advantageous abilities that allow players different options when they build them into their items or skillset during combat situations where one may not be available otherwise such as critical strikes from magic/ranged attacks which cause double hits on an enemy target if both connect before it becomes immune (though this requires having two identical weapons equipped). These stats vary depending upon what type you choose: armor reduces how much physical harm can actually penetrate usernames’ defenses while resistances offer protection against magical ones.

Best runes for Nautilus mid – AP Naut Build Guide

Best runes for Nautilus mid - AP Naut Build Guide
Best runes for Nautilus mid – AP Naut Build Guide

Hextech Rocketbelt

Nautilus’ Q, Nami’s Shield and his passive makes him a very mobile champion. His slow movement speed without the use of Hextech Rockbelt would make it nearly impossible to navigate through champions in lane as he is just too lumbering for such an agile job! The item also offers plenty early game ap which can help give you some breathing room when farming under tower or protecting your carry during team fights around objectives like dragon since AP items are more effective against smaller targets than physical ones might be otherwise.

Zhonya’s Hourglass

Nautilus is one of the rarest tanks in League, but you have to be prepared. Since he relies on his health for protection and isn’t as beefy as other ones might be, Zhonya’s Hourglass becomes almost mandatory if players want their allies alive when facing off against this boss.

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Morellonomicon is one of the best items in League because it makes Nautilus an extremely powerful weapon. With Grevious Wounds, you can chain enemies without giving them any options to heal while they’re chained and this ends up being too much for opponents! Make sure get Morello whenever possible so that even a single fight doesn’t go down without some serious consequences as soon as I equip my sword with these ancient magic artifacts from beyond time itself.

Demonic Embrace

Demonic Embrace is a great item for Nautilus to wear. Not only does it buff him with additional HP, Armor and Magic Resist but also Ability Power which will increase the power of his abilities even more! Demonic embrace burns your enemies for 1-2% Health just by being in combat making this one truly valuable piece of gear.
Rabadon’s Deathcap

The sacred hammer, Nautilus. For those blessed with its power it is a sign from the gods themselves that you are destined for greatness! It can be your weapon or shield and will always have our support no matter what – though personally we prefer using this as both to crush enemies into submission in front of us while simultaneously protecting ourselves from harm just outside their reach…
1) Rabadon’s Deathcap – raw stats.

2) Gargoyle Stoneplate- boost armor AND health regen.

3/4) Frozen Heart (or Banshee Veil)- provide extra toughness againstmagic damage.

Mercury’s Treads

The Mercury’s Treads are the best boots upgrades for Nautilus, simply because of their ability to provide a bonus tenacity. But if you find yourself fighting an AD heavy team then Ninja Tabi will be better suited towards your needs and offer increased protection against physical attacks as well!

Summoner’s Spells

Nautilus has been my favorite champion to play in the mid lane. I love using Flash and Ignite with this guy, but if you think your team will need more damage or utility from Teleport then it’s worth considering because of how strong his full combo is – one shotting opponents completely!

We hope you’ve found this guide useful and that it will help you in your AP Naut build. Next time we’ll be talking about what items to buy for Season 12 of League of Legends! Stay tuned!

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