American Dad Best Little Horror House In Langley Falls, &#8220American Dad&#8221

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Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls – S6-E3

Sharri: I”m getting my nails done. I guess I”m taking the pumpkin car since my Mazda”s blocked in. And get this facacta ghoul off the car. Buckle: That”s your navigation system, hon. Navigation system: At the corner take a fright. Sharri: Shut up.

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The 42-Year-Old Virgin – S3-E6

Continuity mistake: This episode reveals Stan has never killed anyone, even though he killed Jay Leno in Stan of Arabia: Part 1, killed Jackson”s Double in It”s Good To Be Queen, accidentally disintegrates one of his co-workers in I Can”t Stan You, and shot a hang glider in An Apocalypse to Remember.

Casual Person

Weiner of Our Discontent – S4-E18

Trivia: Roger has various weird objects stored up in the attic some used as furniture for his own means. One which contains the address to Roger”s spaceship, which is hidden away in storage as shown in this episode.


Tearjerker – S3-E10

Question: Who performs the cover of “Tears of a Clown” that”s played?

Captain Defenestrator


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Steve receives a Rowflux and five containers of protein powder. He takes one of the containers leaving only four still on the floor. In a subsequent scene, Steve is still holding the container but now five containers can be seen behind him, giving him six containers altogether.

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Chuck White”s number plate reads A113. This is a reference often used by alumni of California Institute of the Arts, referring to the classroom number used by animation students there.


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