Top 18 Creative Advertising trends 2021

We are currently in the midst of a digital revolution that is changing how we shop, socialize, and live.

Marketers have to stay on top of these changes or they’ll be left behind. But it’s hard to keep up with all the new trends.

This report will give you an overview about the most important advertising trends 2021 so you can get ahead of your competitors!

The new advertising trends 2021

AI and Programmatic Advertising

As AI continues to advance into our daily lives, so will Programmatic Advertising.

We see interest growing in using AI & machine learning within digital advertising. More marketers are also discovering how these new platforms can enable them to deliver better, more personalised ads across multiple screens – mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

And as humans become even more accustomed to their mobile phones (which they already carry at all times), they expect even greater location awareness from advertisements delivered via that device.

To do so requires a combination of several different technologies: computer vision, deep learning algorithms, horticultural language processing and advanced data analytics. There are several different players within the industry delivering these solutions, including Google, Amazon and IBM.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing is a type of marketing which is done by communicating with customers in natural language.

This will be done via chatbots on social media platforms like facebook messenger or WhatsApp.

Conversational Marketing
Conversational Marketing

For example, if you want to know about some product then instead of searching keywords on Google, you can directly talk with the customer care about your need and get suggestions for products according to your requirements.

Using bots in ecommerce sites will also play an important role in conversational marketing strategies . So Advertisers must research ways how to use it properly on their sites to convert more traffic towards them.


Sustainability is a classic trend in all segments of business, including marketing communication. In order to keep up with this trend, sustainable communication strategies will increasingly prevail over traditional marketing.

This also means that more and more sustainable and conscious advertising will occur and be the focus of attention.

According to recent studies, consumers expect companies to deliver on commitments such as ‘brand responsibly’, ‘ensure environmental protection’ and ‘respect human rights’.

In addition, sustainability is now a priority for many brands around the world who want to increase their relevance in an increasingly environmentally friendly world.

Vertical Mobile Advertising

In 2021 it’s predicted that vertical mobile advertising will take off. Till now most ads have been horizontal, but in the future the trend might change to a more vertically oriented approach.

This is thanks to our new smart devices having bigger screens and also because marketing experts predict that people will be much more likely to click on a video ad if it is vertical.

Interactive Video

These are short, immersive videos that contain interactive elements. For example, a user can click directly on an item in the video to be taken to the relevant page for more information.

The Interactive Video Ads will be up 20% this year and reach around 43 billion dollars by 2021 or even before that.

It has been said that The US will be the biggest investor in 2021, followed by China and Japan. This trend has already had a great influence on media buying models of marketers who are seeking to get more engagement from consumers.

Growing Focus On Meaning And Purpose

The new advertising trends 2021 will suggest that the world is moving away from a focus on commercial and materialistic pursuits and more towards abstract and spiritual quests.

The move is expected to result in growing demand for meaning, purpose and connectedness as brands try to engage consumers by telling stories that relate to them at an emotional level – something which many believe current advertising fails to do.

More Social Selling On LinkedIn

Earlier this year, LinkedIn announced it would begin adding features to its site that provide consumers with additional information about products and services they are considering purchasing.

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The goal is to have shoppers be able to get more relevant, actionable data by leveraging the social media platform’s vast repository of user-generated content. It will use algorithms to help advertisers better identify which prospects are most likely to make a purchase, pay attention to ads on the network, visit their website or call them for an appointment or quote.

The new trend in advertising 2021 – It becomes more interactive between brand and consumer. With enhanced video capabilities throughout the site, users will soon be able to watch videos from brands directly on their newsfeeds.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming a trend, as Millennials have shown to prefer ads from their favorite bloggers over those from traditional celebrities.

Almost 4 out of 5 individuals trust word-of mouth recommendations from friends and family over other types of advertising.

Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing

The new megatrends are the pillars of future marketing campaigns specialized for this new generation, consisting of peer-to-peer sharing on social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

There is a growing number of businesses starting to use influencer marketing in order to increase sales or brand awareness, including big brands such as Coca-Cola, General Motors and Mondelez International.

In 2017 more than 50% of marketers will spend more money on influencer marketing than they did the year before.

The Death Of Cookies

For years, Internet users have been conditioned to purchase products online.

Large e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay are the main tools used by advertisers who wish to reach a large audience in one go. That is about to change due to the new advertising trends 2021 that will see more and more viewers diverting away from these huge shopping channels and returning back to their local stores.

The reasoning behind this is simple: “If you’re not watching ads, why should we pay for them?” was the basic principle of YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim when he launched his video sharing site in 2005.

Since then, Facebook has taken over where YouTube left off with its added benefit of being able to sell ad space directly on your news feed. The ads are served there by using cookies to track your browsing habits in order to direct relevant messages at you.

Advertisers will be forced to rethink their strategies after the arrival of new technologies that promise a better, less intrusive form of advertising in 2021 .

Growing Importance Of Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing is reemerging as an important marketing channel in 2021, according to the survey.

Direct mail has changed over time too, with marketers using its ability to target specific customers by geography and demographics.

The rise in use of social media will also lend itself well to direct mail campaigns that are targeted towards customers most likely to be interested in a product or service. With 90% of consumers using email every day, the power of brand building via direct mail has been multiplied as it now reaches those not on social media too.

New Alternatives In Social Media

One of the new trends in advertising 2021 is that social media will be used differently. The new approach to Instagram, YouTube and Facebook already promises a completely different way of communication with the audience.

In addition to targeted posts on relevant topics, it is now also about emotionally charged images and videos – as well as timely response to customer questions.

Finally, the big data generated in social networks should provide new insights into the customer behavior and allow a better targeted advertising. For example, product placements can be optimized interactively with the user.

More Focus On Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are going to be a major trend, without any doubt. They have already implemented the reel icon as one of their core features and it is quickly becoming an important part in how people utilize this app for photo-editing purposes.

Make sure you create your videos over standard long movies when possible because that will help ensure more followers see what content they offer!


The year 2020 was meant to be the Year of Artificial Intelligence in advertising. Indeed, many companies planned their strategies in order to stand out from the competition and gain more customers.

However, live-streaming will probably take over for this year. The best example is that Facebook revealed back in March 6th its plans about Facebook Watch.

Live-streaming is definitely the advertising trend of 2021. This concept implies that an event is broadcasted live on different websites, even though it seems to be prerecorded on first sight.

Nowadays, many companies are already using this technique in order to attract awareness and consider this strategy as a very promising one for the future years.

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Progressive web apps (PWAs)

Progressive web apps (PWAs) have been shaking the mobile app world. And, eventually, they will be the new normal for the industry.

But what is a PWA? It’s a normal website that functions as a traditional app. What makes them progressive is their ability to work across platforms and devices through browser technology. They can dynamically adapt to screen size or even internet connectivity, and they can update themselves independently, i.e., without requiring your intervention every time.

Among the more popular PWAs are Twitter Lite , LinkedIn Pulse, Google Maps Go, Facebook Lite, Tinder (although it is not always clear whether some of these should be described as progressive web apps or simply ‘websites’).

Drone software

Using drones to deliver advertising in the sky was first proposed as a concept by Matt Miesnieks.

Now that idea has become reality with companies like Skytango, an Israeli start-up which markets drone software used to broadcast on electronic billboards (e.g. on top of tall buildings). The drone carries a small, electronic billboard and flies around transmitting a signal to a display.

Drone software
Drone software

The drone can be pre-programmed to fly an optimized path for each ad campaign. The drones are programmed so that their routes avoid flying near airports, public events or stadiums.

At the moment advertising is broadcast only in two dimensions but soon it might become possible to use 3D billboards as well thanks to developments of new technologies like eBee drones from SenseFly. Also NASA is working on drones that would broadcast in three dimensions

Voice search

In a world where voice search becomes the norm, we will stop scrolling through listings to find our answers.

With this new technology speaking up is faster than clicking and waiting for results from text-based searches; so it’s only logical that people would rather ask their questions with nothing else needed but an address or product name on command.

So if you want those first five spots at least having said “Hey Siri,” then make sure your business knows how best reach out today!


Imagine a world where, when you walked past a poster advertising something, the ad would pick up your interest and chat with you. Or you walk into a shop and all products shout offers at you – even for products that aren’t in your typical shopping list.

It’s not far away. Chatbots are learning fast to chat like people. They’re programmed to respond in the same way that humans do, so advertising with artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to work for brands.

This could be very useful indeed because it would allow you to interact with the adverts. If you dislike them, you could turn them off and if you like, they could be programmed to make suggestions for other things you might like. They would respond to your whims and tastes.


We know that everyone’s different, but most of people have the same needs and expectations at certain times. For example: When you go to a party, you want to feel confident and sexy without spending too much time on it.

That is when personalized advertising comes into play for you to buy your favorite dress with a couple of clicks without any effort on your end.

The personalized ads are now very popular all over the world. Some of the biggest companies use them, for example: Netflix, Google, Amazon and Uber.

It is because they know that there are no more billboards or banners which work. It is because if you want to stand out from everyone else, personalized advertising is the best choice for you and your company.

Why should I advertise my business

Advertising is the best way to get your business in front of a large number of people in a short period of time. The more people that know about you, your company and what you have to offer, the better chance you have at growing your business and increasing revenue. No matter how big or small your company, advertising can help take it to the next level.

Tips for creating an effective marketing plan

One should bear in mind that creating a campaign takes time and patience because it needs to stick with their customers long term. Highlighting something different about your business gives customers a reason “to pick you over the competition.”

Furthermore, the author states that creating a successful ad campaign is about building up your company from where it started.

For example, if you are just starting out and have a large social media following, see how many people would be interested in what you have to offer.

Although there are companies who go over the top with their ads by being overly aggressive, the author discusses how important it is to be genuine and do research so that the ads are not only effective but also honest. This helps bring customers back for future products or services.

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Finally, the article ends with statistic on how 82% of people believe in the power of branding and how 50 years ago people did not feel this way, but over time people have become more familiar with being advertised to which in return has made them more open to receive the advertising.

After reading, I personally agree that branding is a very important factor when marketing a product or service because it allows your company to establish themselves from the competition and truly stand out from everyone else.

What are some creative ways that companies have used their ads in the past

One way is companies will double their ad spend. Another tactic is to diversify the campaigns between social media and television. Other ways include branching out into different markets (social, digital, mobile), creating catchy jingles or using celebrities in commercials that people like or can relate to.

Every year there are trends that people look towards in terms of what will be in upcoming ads. A few years ago, apps like Snapchat and Instagram were only used by their loyal base of users (i.e., teens). Now they are selling products to a much larger demographic, which is why you’re seeing them in commercials for food products aimed at adults.

Another trend is companies might hold contests where all you have to do is follow them on social media, take a selfie with the product, and post it. Whoever gets the most likes or followers will win some free swag.

How can you create a strategy that will help your business grow and thrive in 2021

Advertising has been radically changed by the internet. The traditional method of communicating to a specific audience was replaced with a new way of reaching consumers where they spend most of their time: online.

How can you create a strategy that will help your business grow and thrive in 2021
How can you create a strategy that will help your business grow and thrive in 2021

Nowadays we see more and more people spending their time on various mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. This means that digital advertising is becoming more relevant than ever.

Digital advertising is already dominating the market, which has led to innovation in alternative methods of reaching consumers.

43% of companies now use video ads as part of their marketing, which goes to show how relevant this medium has become over the last few years. We’ve also seen an increase in the use of influencer marketing and virtual reality, which is creating some very interesting results.

FAQ advertising trends 2021

What are the major trends in advertising 2021?

This article takes a look at what the future holds for us in advertising. The studies show that with an increase in mobile phone usage, there are now more people using mobile phones than using PCs to view Internet advertisements. It is now time to explore future trends that advertisers should be aware of.

What are the current advertising trends?

In 2021, wearable hats became the next big trend in advertising. These hats are attached to shirts or hoodies with a small button on top to turn them on and off.

As you walk by people, ads flash across the front of the hat for 3 seconds before going back into a low power mode. You can change your favorite products easily by pressing the button. This is a more interactive way to reach your customers in their everyday surroundings.

What content Works in 2021?

With the current creative process, what you see in the future is that by 2021, brands will need to become more creative than ever.

At least that’s if they want their content to be seen on digital media channels. The new way of creating ads isn’t just about telling a story with some creative work anymore – it’s about combining creative work with the right content.

What kind of content works in 2021? The kind that gives news, entertains and provides information! It’s the type of work that will get people talking about it in social media channels – especially since brands are embracing influencer marketing.

If your brand wants to be big on digital media channels, then creating shareable content is the way to go.


Advertising trends are constantly changing, which means it’s important to stay on top of the latest developments in order to keep your marketing strategies cutting-edge.
We can help you get started with advertising trend predictions for 2021 by providing a few insights into what we might see over the next year or two. Let us know if any of these ideas sound interesting and how you want to use them in your own business strategy!
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