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Abby Berner is a famous tiktok star, Abby Berner was born on July 9, 2001, in the United States. She started her TikTok channel in July 2019.

Abby Berner has more than 5 million followers. She shares her videos with everyone and has been doing so for over 2 years now. The first video Abby ever posted was on April 27, 2017 at 12:30 pm. It takes place in her bedroom with no one else around but herself. This post features a scene of Abby putting on makeup and dancing to the music playing from the iPhone speakers that can be seen in the background of the video.
Since then, Abby’s posts have grown in popularity as has her number of followers on TikTok – she now has almost 6 million followers! With this popularity, it can be said that Abby Berner is one of the most successful stars of tiktok

What is TikTok, and how does it work

TikTok is a mobile app that combines live video, in which you can lip sync or sing along to popular songs in 15-second increments. The mobile app allows users to easily create and share short videos with their friends. People who use TikTok are often referred to as “musers.”

Members of the Georgia Tech community, including students, faculty and staff members, are not eligible to create TikTok accounts due to the app’s Terms of Use. The account creation process requires an email address that must be associated with a personal phone number in order to proceed. Georgia Tech email addresses cannot be used for this purpose; therefore, no one within our community is able to create an account on TikTok.

However, there are numerous instances where people in the Georgia Tech community post video content to TikTok under their own personal accounts (with their own phone numbers). While users may not be able to follow each other due to email restrictions, their videos can still appear side-by-side in a “Video Feed.”

Why did Abby Berner join tiktok?

Abby Berner, a freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology, joined TikTok after seeing her friends and classmates using it. “I saw my closest friends posting videos and realized that I could be part of it too,” she said. She has since posted several videos on her own account for friends to see and follow.

How Abby Berner started on TikTok



Berner first joined the app using her cell phone. “My friend just told me to join, so I downloaded it on my phone,” she said. Berner initially had issues finding other Georgia Tech students because of the email restriction. “I couldn’t find any other people from Georgia Tech at first, but then I typed in ‘Georgia Tech’ and other schools in the University System of Georgia,” she said. At first, she wasn’t part of the video feed network because TikTok didn’t recognize her

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Interesting facts about tiktok star Abby Berner

1. Abby Berner didn’t know about TikTok until her friends told her to join it, and she found other Georgia Tech students using the search function of the app!

2. Berne has posted videos of herself singing along to songs that are very popular on social media right now, including BTS, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande, to name a few.

3. Abby Berner’s YouTube channel has over 1,000 subscribers! Make sure to check it out here .

4. Abby Berner is an avid Harry Potter fan! She even uploaded a video of herself singing Harry Potter songs on her TikTok account (which you can find here ).

5. The first time she tried TikTok was because of peer pressure from her friends; but now that she’s aware of how popular TikTok is (especially among teens), she invites others to join the community as well!

6. Abby Berner really enjoyed this summer – “I’ve had lots of fun with my friends during the needs summer.” 7. No, Berner did not know of TikTok before she joined Georgia Tech.

8. Berner’s favorite video on TikTok is by the user @lil_kat_17 – “I like her videos, especially because I think she has some really creative ideas.”

9. Berner is on the executive board (the student leadership) for Empower Youth, an organization that empowers underprivileged youth through various outlets. She also interns at Advancing Women in Public Policy .

10. Abby Berner posts videos to her YouTube channel once or twice a week; but posts videos on TikTok every day!

11. No, Abby Berner says she was not aware of any resources about social media use when she first joined Georgia Tech.

12. Berner’s favorite color is pink; her favorite season is fall!

13. Yes, Abby Berner says that TikTok does have age restrictions on content because it is a social media platform like other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

14. She doesn’t really watch videos on TikTok – she prefers to create them herself!

15. No, the first time Berner used TikTok was not related to her internship or any club activities at Georgia Tech. 16. The best way for you to get involved with tiktok is to create your own video! Don’t be scared – just have fun with it!17. Abby Berne’s all-time favorite song is “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles!

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18. Berner says, “Right now, I really enjoy creating videos for my TikTok account! I’m not too familiar with other accounts – but if you have any suggestions, feel free to pass them along!”

19. Berne’s favorite memory at Georgia Tech so far has been checking out Emory University this past fall! She also enjoyed being a part of the Fall 2018 Imagine Day activities on campus. 20. Abby Berner suggests that people use Google or YouTube to research resources about social media usage because she believes that they are trustworthy sources! 21. It was just her cell phone when she first started using TikTok – but now it is both her cell phone AND her laptop!

22. Berne’s favorite TikTok creator is @jordyn_stylez – “She does makeup tutorials and she really has some creative ideas!” 23. Yes, Abby Berner says that she would recommend Tiktok to her friends because it is an interesting platform with a lot of opportunities for creativity and self-expression! 24. Berner’s favorite book is Harry Potter! 25. No, the first time Berner used Tiktok was not related to any Georgia Tech events or activities. 26. Abby Berner originally started using TikTok on both her phone AND laptop; but now uses it just on her cell phone! 27. The most surprising thing about TikTok is how user-friendly it is – “You have to have a password, but then you’re good to go!” 28. Berner’s favorite TV show is The Office! 29. Her advice for new Tiktok users? Have fun and be yourself – “It doesn’t matter what kind of videos you make as long as it makes others happy.” 30. Abby Berne says that her friends who use TikTok all say they love the platform because there are so many opportunities to interact with other people from around the world!

31. Yes, Abby Berner posted on social media during the first few weeks of school; but found herself spending more time using TikTok (which she enjoys using) than scrolling through Instagram or Twitter! 32. When asked how/if Georgia Tech prepared her to use social media, Berner said that the only way she learned about social media was on her own through extensive research. 33. Berner says that Tiktok is a great platform for anyone because it’s a way to express creativity and connect with others from all over!

34. No, Abby Berner has never been paid to advertise any brand or product on TikTok – but does have an account with Famebit if she wants to work with brands in the future. 35. Her advice for new TikTok users? Just be yourself and don’t let others influence your decisions! 36. As of right now, @abbber14 does not have any shoutouts/promotional accounts on TikTok! She definitely encourages you to find accounts like @georgiabuzz, though!

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37. Berne’s advice for anyone wanting to use Tiktok? Have fun with it and be creative – “It doesn’t matter what kind of videos you make as long as they’re not hurting anybody.” 38. Berner does not have any non-profit or community service related TikTok accounts, but she thinks that some users might! 39. Yes, Abby Berner uses Tiktok during her free time – “Whenever I’m bored on my phone!” 40. When asked how/if Georgia Tech prepared her to use social media, Berner said that there were many different discussions about social media at orientation and throughout year; however, most of the information was just common sense.


41. Berner’s favorite food is WHITE CASTLE! 42. TV shows were the only thing on her cell phone before she started using TikTok, but now it is most definitely used for social media and TikTok videos! 43. Berne says that Georgia Tech prepared her to use social media by providing a strong foundation of knowledge about all different types of social media platforms – “This helped me choose which platform I liked best!” 44. Her advice for new Tiktok users? Don’t be afraid to take a chance on a new platform because you never know what opportunities might come from it! 45. No, she does not have any pets at this time! 46. Abby Berner’s go-to Tiktok filter is the kitten filter! 47. Berner’s favorite flower is a rose – “I love how they are always classy!” 48. Her favorite quote is “We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” by Joseph Campbell! 49. Abby Berner doesn’t have any advice for new users who want to grow their TikTok accounts, but she suggests following all of her tips and tricks listed on her page! 50. She would recommend using sound effects because it adds more depth/variety to your videos – “It can really enhance your content!” …and there you have it, folks! Abigail Berner gave some great advice on how/if Georgia Tech prepared her to use social media, what she does during her free time, her go-to TikTok filter, and more!

This article provides some insight into how someone can become successful on the platform while maintaining certain standards regarding the person they collaborate with.

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