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Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees is one of the newest, most talented players in baseball. He has a net worth of $4 million and he only earned his first paycheck last year. The 23-year-old rookie is attracting attention with his impressive play on the field and signed a contract worth more than $ 2 million before playing a single game.


Aaron Judge was born on April 26, 1992 in Linden, California. He is 2.01 m tall and weighs 128 kg.. He grew up with a single mother and four siblings and always played baseball in his backyard. He didn’t join an organized team until high school when scouts saw him during his senior season at Linden High. Aaron signed a letter of intent to play college football for the Fresno State Bulldogs but was eventually kicked out of high school by the New York Yankees (in round 1). Judge came to AAA before making his major tournament debut in August 2016 against the Tampa Bay Rays. However, his five rookies is what puts him on this list…

Aaron Judge’s popularity

Aaron Judge’s popularity is nothing short of amazing. From never playing at the AAA level, to doing whatever he wants in the big league during his rookie season, Judge is arguably the most talked about player not only in the Yankees but also in all baseball. However, Judge’s ascent has been so great, there are still some who wish he’d be dethroned as Home Run mountain bike champion. A lot of them appear to be pitchers.

One such pitcher appears to be the Chicago Cubs’ Jon Lester:

“If we made it to the knockouts and faced him,” Lester said (when asked if he would lobby NL captain Terry Collins for a game against Judge) “I would wear a literally if he beats us.” dress if I have to. It’s not in that box. “

That was said on May 25, when Judge led the AL with 18 hosts at the time. Fast-forward to July 9, and it turns out Mr. Lester wasn’t joking:

Jon Lester wears a dress – maybe – for his interview here in Houston – Brian McTaggart (@brianmctaggart) July 10, 2017 Jon Lester in Carson-level hot pink Kressley is easily my favorite athlete fashion moment of the year – Sung Min Kim (@sung_minkim) July 10, 2017

Professional baseball career

Aaron Judge’s professional baseball career has been a whirlwind of success since he was commissioned by New York in 2013. He’s risen through the Yankees’ ranch system to become more than just a player. of their top prospects but also one of their top players in his first season. in 2016. At 6’7” and 282 pounds, it’s not surprising that Judge can do some pretty impressive things on the court. A man at last night’s Yankees-Rangers game thought the same, which is why he decided to try his luck with Judge while he was practicing batting before the game.

Aaron Judge net worth as of September 2017: $500,000


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In 2017, Aaron Judge had a base salary of $544,000. However, he also received a whopping $622,300 for signing bonuses from the New York Yankees. In total, Aaron Judge made about $1.16 MILLION last year during his rookie season with the Yankees. He may not be paid that much by the team but he has made over $600k in endorsements and sponsorships alone: ​​With New Balance, BODYARMOR and Rawlings to date.

Aaron Judge’s 2017 net worth breakdown in baseball:

Base salary: $544,000

Endorsements and Funding: ~$600k (so far) [New and BODYARMOR]

Total Earnings in 2017: $1.16 MILLION

Aaron Judge is a power runner who has run home runs estimated at 495 feet! Judge is 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 282 pounds, making him the most prominent player in baseball history. He’s also really young to make this list with just one full season and he’s the favorite to win the American League Rookie of the Year Award, which would bring him the $50k bonus is different from Major League Baseball. Yes, Aaron Judge is probably already worth at least $1 million these days but it’s still entirely possible that he’ll be worth more than that before his career says and does.

Aaron Judge net worth 2018 (24 years old)

Currently, Aaron Judge’s net worth is $500,000. That’s an impressive number for someone who hasn’t even turned twenty! Even though Aaron has been in the MLB for a year, he could still add a LOT to his total bankroll over the next few years…especially if he continues to hit the home games with such precision. this:

At 24, it’s too early to estimate how much Aaron Judge will be worth by the time he turns 25, so we’ll just have to wait and see how things play out between now and then. We know that big payday days are coming for him as he signed a seven-year contract with MLB and the Yankees last year.

Aaron Judge Career Statistics, Awards and Trophie: s

Aaron Judge played two seasons. In 2017, he was named the American League Player of the Year twice and became the first rookie to win the award since 1913 (when it was founded). That same year, he also won the home cycling championship. His career stats so far are: Polished Average .282; 27 Homeruns; 66 RBI; 123 starts in 415 At Bats matches (as of August 15, 2018). *NOTE: All stats shown below are accurate as of August 15, 2018. For any incomplete stats, please visit Baseball Reference or Page Aaron Judge fans at!

AL Rookie of the Year Award:

Aaron Judge is fourth in the voting for this award (behind winner Aaron Sanchez, runner-up Andrew Benintendi and third place winner Trey Mancini).

AL Most Valuable Player Award:

Aaron Judge came sixth in the voting for this award. *NOTE: All stats shown below are accurate as of August 15, 2018. For any incomplete stats, please visit Baseball Reference or Page Aaron Judge fans at!

Judging by the number of records he broke in his first season as a professional baseball player, it is likely that Aaron Judge’s net worth will only increase in the following years because nothing seems to stop him! According to several online sources, Aaron Judge earns between $500,000 – $5 million per year solely on endorsement deals! Since he’s been playing for the New York Yankees since his debut, chances are he won’t be transferring to another team anytime soon.

Aaron Judge’s Personal Life and Philanthropy

Early Life and Education

He grew up playing baseball with his father at the local Little League field. In high school, he helped his team win a state championship in his junior year and broke the 30-year-old record for most home runs in a season by a sophomore. After graduating, he attended Fresno State University, where he continued to play baseball. He played well enough to be drafted by the New York Yankees after just three years of college, making him one of the fastest players ever to reach professional baseball.

Judge Aaron’s Probate Transaction

Besides his endorsement deals with Under Armor, Aaron Judge has also created his own signature New Era hat collection called the Judge Chambers Collection. He also partnered with MLB to design children’s t-shirts with 100% of the profits going to Urban Youth Academy programs for disadvantaged children.

Aaron Judge Charity work and philanthropy

In 2017, Aaron joined soccer star Odell Beckham Jr., race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and actress Kate Upton to organize a charity event during Super Bowl weekend. The reason they chose is to raise capital and awareness for food banks across the United States.


Aaron Judge has amassed a net worth of $4.5 million and is the latest American League sensation. If you want to be an MLB player, make sure your talents match your motivations and ambitions.

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