A Tornado Threat Is In Place For Southern Ontario Today With Large Hail & Heavy Rainfall

Southern Ontario is in for an eventful weather day, which means you may want to pack a raincoat before heading out of the house.

Across southern Ontario today, there is a threat for severe thunderstorms rolling in this afternoon and later tonight with the possibility of damaging winds, large hail, heavy rainfall, supercells and possible tornadoes, according to The Weather Network. In fact, TWN is warning of a “tornado threat” throughout the day.

The warm front moving into southern Ontario already brought “some rain showers into the pre-dawn hours Tuesday. An initial round of showers and thunderstorms will also sweep through the Nickel Belt region Tuesday morning, north of a low-pressure system,” according to The Weather Network.

Throughout the day, the warm front will build “instability” by Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, “as a low-pressure system cuts across the Great Lakes,” bringing “a widespread threat for severe thunderstorms across southern Ontario in the afternoon and evening.”

The Weather Network warns of one to two possible tornados by the shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay early this afternoon or tonight.

According to The Weather Network, Goderich, London, and Barrie are under a “severe likely” thunderstorm warning, and Toronto, Windsor, Bancroft, Kingston, Ottawa, and Sudbury are under “severe possible.”

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