7Th Saga Best Character Tier List! (According To My Opinion)

What's your favorite team? Obviously there are combos like Esuna/Lejes or Valsu/Lejes that let you abuse the Elixir spell that Valsu gets late in the game.

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Are you drawn to Lux's clanging and lasers? Do you prefer Olvan's unique dungeon? I'd love some feedback from people who've played this frustrating and challenging game.

I'm interested in feedback for this over something like Breath of Fire or Tales of Vesperia where you can pretty easily outclass enemies with an party at any point in the game. In contradistinction, the 7th Saga punishes you for your choices and lets you die a horrible death.


I beat it my freshman year in college. It almost made me fail my first semester in college after owning it for 11 years, I decided to sit down and crank out the last 30 percent of it. That being said, I beat it with Lejes/Kamil. It worked well. Kamil did all the leg work, Lejes did all the magic. Also, I tried rebeating it this past summer on my SNES, and I ended up getting stuck with Lux because I had to face Valsu after killing the dragon. The level up difference and the ice spell were too much to overcome. Then I realized I'm 27 and I need to beat Earthbound, so … yeah…

Thanks for the reply. My first playthrough was Lux. I found it hilarious when Valsu became the tyrant in my playthrough. I know how you feel about Earthbound. 29 here, just did Lufia 2 for the first time (with emulator speed to save time). Everyone has priorities and limits on their gaming time.

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oh man, 7th saga. you're testing my memory here, it's been ages. XP

um…i think i chose big robot man…and some kinda cleric/healer guy…and got stuck when i fought demon magic guy you could've chosen at the beginning. game was hard.

it's like early games in that pretty much everything was a threat. i regularly died to enemies on the overworld map. being able to keep your wealth in gems was a godsend.

i was about to say, “why don't games today let you keep half your wealth in non-loseable gems?” but then i remembered that games today don't warp you back to the last inn you slept at with all your money gone.

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The game was hard because it didn't level you up properly relative to enemies. I could be wrong, but: there's a broken growth algorithm. I believe the change in the American version is something like stats are supposed to grow 1 to 4 for levels 1-9, then 3 to 5 for levels 10-19, then 4 to 6 for levels 20-29. Instead they just go up 1 to 4 points regardless of what level you are gaining.

Valsu and Esuna is a difficult combination with a great late-game combination. I'm of the opinion thfat they're the two most powerful characters, though Lejes and Valsu can probably dish out more damage, and Lux's high HP per level can take advantage of Valsu's healing. It just doesn't matter as much that Esuna and Valsu have somewhat low physical stats when the defensive and offensive buffs are so vital to dueling with other apprentices.

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Wow, awesome post, I haven't played this in years. I usually started with the Demon (Lejes) and then picked up the Knight (Kamil) around level 10 or so in town as a partner. The demon is my favorite class, and the Knight has some healing spells as well to help out. I remember something that if you pick Lejes as your partner instead of starting out with him, he'll stab you in the back at some point in the game and leave with one of your runes.

There's a hidden cave in the game too which can only be opened by the Dwarf (Olvan.) He's not a bad choice to pick as a partner for Lejes since he has some healing spells as well.

Replying to this four months later ( noob, forgive me)

Love 7th Saga, and beat it when I was a kid. Picked Kamil and teamed up with Lux, and then Valsu (very luckily, it would appear, checking into it nowadays) in the endgame.

The music I found very haunting.

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Thanks for the reply. I wish that composer had done more work. It's such a serene soundtrack that manages to still be compelling and active.

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